Im setting up a guitar for a friend. Its an RG with a fixed string through bridge like this

Iv set it up pretty well and got the action down to a nice height but the problem is that now that i have lowered the saddles there is a lot of excess screw sticking out the top of the saddles, like it kinda hurts to play/you wouldnt want to hit your palm into them for fear of ripping your hand open (im a little bit exagerating here but its close enough).

I adjusted the neck to have only a small amount of relief in it as well so the only thing holding it back from having nice action was the saddle height.

So, what do i do?
Quote by supersac
less relief on the neck higher saddles?

i was thinking that but the truss was starting to get a bit firm when i set it up before. Ill try it though

aside from putting in shorter screwes or somhow smoothing over the screweslike by cutting them or something

hmmm im not too keen too attack this girls guitar with a file or anything. I might be able to convince her to get shorter screws...
My Indie Telecaster has the same issue and being in a Post-Hardcore band i do allot of palm muting but Ive never had an issue with the screws hurting or cutting me. maybe I'm just used to it?
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