Hi! I am thinking about upgranding my MiA Fender Blues Junior with new speaker.
I am trying to get that classic Fender clean tone with nice breakup.
I read other forums too.
I checked out Celestion Vintage 30 (does that one has good cleans?), Greenback, Jensen C12N, Eminence Swamp thang (a bit harder find that one in Eu )...
Which one do you recommand?
What about vintage JBL speakers or other speakers that Fender used in past?
Check out Bill M. He has a site devoted totally to the Blues Junior. If your answer is not on there send him a message, he answers pretty quick. If it is a mod to the Junior he has done it so he could answer the question you have about the tone your looking for and the speaker you will need in the Junior.


Just saw this so it might help


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