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If you could be one musician that isn't famous for playing guitar, who would it be? I personally would go with Thomas Gansch. That man can play the HELL out of the trumpet.

Liam Gallagher <troll alert
Okay, in all seriousness I would be a singer, like Meat Loaf, or Freddie Mercury, even though he's dead. Good topic TS, one of the Pit's finest.
tom waits.

hes not really famous for being a musician but i love his grungy voice and the way almost all his lyrics tell a story in some way
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Simon Barere. Man knew his shit.

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Deamau5 and Skrillex: 2 of my favourite electronic artists recently. Absolute beasts.
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Stephane Grapelli

Some crazy ass jazz musician on trumpet/flute/piano
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Christian Älvestam, dude's vocals are awe inspiring
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if i couldn't be thomas gansch, i think i'd def go with charlie parker or miles davis (i guess i like jazz a loooooottt more than i thought i did) there's just something about wind instruments that makes me feel like you can get more power out of them.
Maurice Gendron (cellist). I find the cello to be THE most beautiful sounding instrument in music.
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Mr. Taking-a-dump-face...I mean Chris Wolstenholme!

Matt Holford from Darediablo.
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Hugh Laurie. The man is a musical genius.

this, although he plays guitar
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Ahhhh Yuck Fou.
That guy from The Script, great voice, and decent keyboardplayer.
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Dero from Oomph! Amazing vocalist!

lololol its billie joe armstrong
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This, although we'd have to race a certain unnamed asian Berklee student and he won't give up without a fight.
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Willies. Fuck the lick and fuck you too.

Damn, after I saw him, I wished I played the drums.
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Brann Dailor: I have no doubt the ferocity with which he assaults a drum set would probably be all we'd need to repel an alien invasion.

Or Trent Reznor, dude's very well-rounded.
Cedric Bixlar-motherfucking-Zavala

And if we're counting bassists as non-guitarists, I'd be Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, when he was in De Facto. Or Flea, but then I'd have to be in RHCP and ugh.
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