So, i recently bought an Ampeg Ba115.
nice amp so far, first bass amp.

The tweeter has a fuzz, not supposed to be like that. Already googled...after playing with googles guitar thinie. Most people disconnect the tweeter. My question, does this damage, or affect the amp in any way? Does the speakers life shorten? so on, so forth.

2ndly. Wtf is the point of leaning the amp back?

If the tweeter is rubbish, disconnect it. There shouldn't be any difference with the main speaker.

Leaning it back is to direct the song out and up instead of just out. It makes it seem lousder if you're standing right next to it or to project to the back of a room better.
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I wouldn't have thought disconnecting the tweeter would damage the amp, all the tweeter does is add some of the higher frequencies to your tone that the main speaker doesn't. Most tweeters hiss abit anyway.
Secondly, you lean it back so you can hear it better, rather then aiming the sound waves at your feet. Because of the way bass frequencies operate you won't get the entire frequency range. Bass spreads out from the source, where as the higher frequencies (guitars for example) goes straight ahead. Try standing to the side of your amp, it sounds really bassey and probably undefined, then sit in front of it at about speaker level. You'll notice you can hear the treble and mids far clearer.
Thats everything i needed to know! Thanks alot guys! now to figure out how to disconnect this shit without voiding warrenty or ****ing something up