I know work isn't the best excuse for not picking up the axe at say weekends or even an hour in the evening and playing, but I find it hard to get any practice done in the week, so I was thinking would reading tabbed out things on my commute in a morning help with being able to learn and visualise things?

E.g. I'm currently trying to spam the hell out of modal positions, and my tutor (when I was still on lessons) tabbed them out using diagrams coupeld with tab, so if I constantly looked over this then put into practice of an evening, how feaseable do you reckon this is for memorising?

If I'm chatting complete bull also, feel free to tell me so!!
I believe this would fall under vicarious learning. I utilize this when I don't have access to my guitar (away on a trip or something). I can picture writing tablature, and am very familiar with that and note/chord sounds so I can picture it very easily in my head. If you can read music very well and can create the tone in your mind, that it should be no problem helping you in some way while you can't pick up a guitar. Granted, don't expect the same results as if you were actually playing the guitar; but it's better than nothing.
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I used to learn from tabs. They don't really work for scales though, in my opinion.
As long as you're just learning cover tunes, tabs are great. They're easy to read and write, and you can effectively just mindlessly copy the song from the tab. However, that last part is what makes them a terrible medium for anything that will benefit you in the long run.

I do however still tab self-written songs out the moment I can.
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That's very true! I love playing and now it's noticeable that I don't play as much as I seem to be sloppy. Hopefully this will help, and I intend on picking the guitar up whenever I get the chance now!

Thanks for the feedback
I see what you mean, short from taking my guitar to the office haha, I'll have to pick it up whenever I get the chance and make use of the spare time I do get, to practice!
If I'm lazy or curious I'll occasionally look up tabs for certain songs (after all, what else is this site for ) but just skim over the first verse or the intro or something, and not bother to sit and learn it. Days, even weeks, later I'll pick up my guitar and find myself playing it from an almost photographic memory of the tab page
Still a shit guitarist though
Thanks for the responses guys!

Hopefully I can at least help with the memory, just down to me to put the leg (well hand) work into it when I can haha!