In the last months, i have almost only focused on lead guitar (in several generes). Im manly a metal guitar player. What im looking for, is a couple of hard metal riffs to practice, and try to get them tight an perfect. I search for some riffs with downpicking, galloping, sync between left and right hand etc... The riffs dont need to be that catchy, im just looking to get the tecniques down. The riffs can be in any tuning, but the best is if they are in a standaed tuning (Dstandard, Estandard etc...)
So can any of you guys help me out?
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Great album, but i raise you this...

That ablums got some seriously awesome and very technical riffing

Both of these
I agree with the guys who said Metallica - Master of Puppets

From MoP I recommend...
- Battery main riff
- Every riff in Master of Puppets
- The 2 main riffs from Orion

Other metal riffs...
- Raining Blood by Slayer. Every riff in that song
- The main riff and verse riff from Holy Wars...the Punishment Due by Megadeth
- Any Iron Maiden gallop riff
- Learn the whole of 1776 by Iced Earth to practice your gallopping


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Ok thanks! I have tried bleed by meshugga, but i always fall out when the bend comes lol. Im mostly into prog metal, but i gues trash metal have alot of the basic right hand tecniques etc...
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Prog metal you say?


Or anything else from that album.

Awesome band and album! But i dont think it has a lot of rypical right hand stuff like fast downpicking, galloping etc...