Hello all.
I am very serious about what I am saying.
I have a normal sized standard acoustic guitar(Yamaha F370).
I play it quite a lot.
I am right-handed.

Here is the issue.When I run real hard,while playing something,(like a 100m sprint,something that demanding),my right chest aches.I feel a sharp pain when I inhale after running like that,for sometime(the pain exists)(like 10 mins).It is the right chest only.
It has been like that since about 2-3 years and I've been playing guitar since 4 years.

The thing is,I have noticed that when I play guitar,an edge of it is pressed hard on my right chest.
So I thought the two might be related and guitar is the cause is the problem.

Has this happened to anyone?Could they be related?
Please put your opinions.
it sounds more like asthma to me, get your doctor to check for it.
a gentle exercise regime won't hurt though
heres news for you

nobody in the pit has a ph.d, so dont ask us stuff that requires a ph.d for diagnosis
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jimmybanks youre a genius

See a doctor.

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