I just purchased a slightly used Peavey Vypyr 120 combo / sanpera ll my question is, I

have a full stack of full sized, marshall 1960 a/b cabs with vintage 30s in both cabs.

equals = 8 12s.. each cab is wired @ 16 ohms total.
i can run one cab out of the 16 ohm jack on the back of the amp, no prob.. is there a

way to unplug the 2 internal speaks, and have a 2nd 16 ohm out so i may use my 2nd

marshall cab?? Both cabs are wired at 16 ohms each. and if i am thinking correct?? the

2 8 ohm speakers in the combo, are totalling 16 ohms. so it would seem i could make a

small mod, that would let me disconect the internal speaks, and connect those two leads

from the amp, to another 1/4 inch output jack for my 2nd cab. I could not find any info

on the head version of the vypyr 120, to see if they already come from the factory with

2 16 ohm jacks?? i just know that my combo only has one output, + the internal... I

know never to turn the amp on without a load, ie: no internal speakers plugged in. I

just cant find any info, to see if i can do this. i realize it is a waste to not use

the two vypyr speaks, but am thinking the overall addition of the extra 12s in my cabs

would be worth trying. any help is greatly appreciated... thanks...

main question: are the two lead speaker wires going to the 2 internal speakers rated at 16 ohm??

I want to run 2 full sized 4x12 marshall cabs, that are each rated at 16 ohms. and disable the 2 internal speakers on the combo.

I looked at the pdf manual that goes with the amp, and it does not say much at all about disconnecting the internal speakers, to allow use of a second 4x12 ext cab. I dont want to damage the amp, that is why I am here, to ask the guitar godz for help. I appreciate any/all who may help..
PS> I bought the combo rather then the head, because I got it slightly used with the sanpera ii pedal for way less then 1/2 the new list price... thanks in advance...
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this is so hard to read

Lets see.... First off, theres probably some other way to do it than disconnecting the combos speakers....
They way your thinking of doing this won't work, and I don't think you wanna be messing around with this stuff unless your fairly sure you won't **** it up...

also, if you look at what you said there, your amp has 8 ohms and you got 2 speakers which totales 16, then you got 4 speakers at 4 each that equals 16, but 16 + 16 is 32...

EDIT: just saw that you had 2 stacks, so that's even more for this thing^^^^

forgive me if i'm not making sense, i'm pretty tired

Best thing i can say is, don't do anything yet, rephrase the question and post it again when more helpful people are on
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If you run a full stack like that (2 cabs) then the 2 cabs would be seen by your amp as being wired in parallel so 16ohm + 16ohm = 8ohms total. Set your amp head to 8. With most Peavey's the internal speaker is disconnected automatically when an extension cab is plugged in. Just plug your second cab into the first one (daisy chain) as I think you are making this too difficult.

If in doubt, send Peavey an email.

PS: I have a Vypyr 60
DON'T DAISYCHAIN IT!! Instead of running 2 16ohm cabs in parallel & getting an 8ohm load, you'll be running 2 16ohm cabs in series & get a 32ohm load, which could do some serious damage to your amp!!
^that may be true with bass amps. idk

I know it is counter-intuitive but I've been schooled that daisy chaining two speaker cabs together still acts as a parallel connection and gives the amp the load it is looking for.

I'll find a diagram.

I'll start with this-

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