guys, i am trying to download the kontakt factory selection which is for free on their website but 540mb is too big for my internet, could anybody just be kind enough and send me their bass guitar (electric bass for rock or metal only, not all the huge thing) samples to my email? or post it on rapidshare or something?

im not asking anything illegal, cause it's available for free on their website and i just want bass guitar only
You'll still be downloading it though, unless you want it compressed. I can do it for you.

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so guys again ive been trying to download it and that thing does work... gets interrupted. gues it's cause of their server or something cause i can download anything else even if it takes hours. if anybody's kind enough to send me the selection via https://www.yousendit.com/ to v.shred@yahoo.com

cmon guys i really really need this!!!
540 is too big for your internet?
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He's just asking for the BASS PART of the program's samples, that's less than 540MB for sure. He obviously has slow internet, else he wouldn't be asking. Just send him some files. I don't have the thing he's asking for.
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^ bingo, yeah i only wanted the little parts or if it's ONE HUGE FILE then jsut send it to my email via yousendit.com their server keeps interrupted my download without a reason, and my internet is 512kbps (downloading at around 60kbps) so you get it's no the best connection right? and pus their server and you get a combination of an interrupted download