Hey, can't find a review for these amps on musicians friend or Thomann. AM looking at a MB150 does anyone have any experience with these amps? Which would you recommend?
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because UGers are smarter than the average human being
You don't really WANT to find reviews in those places, most of the time with lower-end gear it's inexperienced people who have no business reviewing their own socks or just people not wanting to admit to themselves they bought a piece of shit so they sing praises about it to make themselves feel better. You really have to wade through the shit no matter what review site you go to, but Harmony Central's a little better than the rest.
GK Backline stuff is bad. They're not very well constructed and they just don't have a good sound at all. My recommendation is to look into the MB Combos (different to the MB150 you mentioned, which I've never played before) the MB112, 212 and 115. These ones.
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+1 on harmony central, just be very specific and read close, sometimes people put reviews of the wrong thing, like the 1x15 on the 1x12 etc.

Also thanks E for letting me know the backlines suck, I see a lot on craigslist and considered them multiple times
The Backline 600 is ooooookay... kind-of a not-as-good sounding GK 400rb... but it's totally a gig-able amp. I wouldn't waste much time with any of the other backline stuff.

On the other hand, the MB stuff is really nice. The MB series is 'hybrid', beaning that the pre-amp is tube driven, while the power section is solid state (btw, the backline is all solid state).

I agree with consecutive e, look into the combos. They may be more than the MB150... but you really are setting yourself up for a REALLY nice gig-rig. I would suggest the MB210 above ANY of the other ones though, but...

...my opinion on each:

MB112... get this if you plan on only playing in your bedroom. A VERY good practice amp.

MB212... Get this if you plan on only doing smaller-venue clubs, or are going to be mic'd each time.

MB115... Same as the MB212, but if you like the 1x15 sound more than 2x12s.

MB210... THEE best value. Why? It has an additional speaker output!!! It's amp is also 500w while the other 3 are 200w (IIRC). But the speaker output takes the cake. Use it as a 210 for practices, and add an 8ohm 1x15, 2x10, 4x10, 2x12, 4x12, or 6x10 and you have a VERY compotent gig amp setup.

FWIW... i have and HAVE had a TON of different pieces of gear, and an MB210 is probably THEE only amp i would consider buying for myself at this point.
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Looked up the MB115 and it seems to be the one for me, realistically in my price range and suiting the gigs I'll be doing in the near future. Thanks very much for the input!
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because UGers are smarter than the average human being
Stay far away from GK's Backline series of amplifiers. They have a very questionable reputation for quality control. The Micro Bass heads seem to be pretty good. I played a 500 watt version and it had a great tone.
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Yeah, the MB combos are all around pretty awesome. I'm gonna try and get an MB212 later this summer.