ive been wondering whether i should get the ESP LTD EC1000 or an ESP LTD EX360. right now, i have an epiphone les paul and i play alot of Bullet For My Valentine, Metallica, Atreyu, A Day to Remember and so on. so tell me what you think?
If you can afford a 1000 Deluxe series then there is no reason to buy one of the Standard series.
the EC is a better quality guitar.
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Well, when i have the right amount of money, im going to sell my les paul, so it will be more affordable
You know that with most ESP and LTD, the higher the number the better the quality, right? So 1000 is better than 360. Go with the EC if you can afford it.
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EC. The EX series is really neck heavy for some reason, and every one I've played just feels really awkward. The EC is an awesome guitar and plays and feels so much better.