Recently, I have been playing my guitar through garageband and have been enjoying it. I currently own an Epiphone Les Paul Special II and a Line 6 Spider III 75W. I was thinking of selling the line 6 and buying a new amp and stompboxes to get a better tone along with a new guitar. Should I buy a new amplfier or just keep using garageband as my amp? By the way, my budget is around $500-1000 and I play hard rock, alternative, grunge, and some metal.
if you are planning to do gigs or could possibly do gigs in the near future i'd go with the better and bigger amp. (although my friends line 6 spider III 75 w is powerful enough to be heard over drums and what not)-----------i you go this route make sure you try out amps before you buy one

if you're just recording things or just playing around and practicing i would get a new guitar and keep the amp.
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sell the line 6, on thier own they sound ok, but after hearing anything alse, you realise they sound like this guy

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if you still want a modelling amp i'd recommend a vox valvetronix
The Line 6 sounds pretty good to be, but there are much better choices out there. And as far as guitar goes, that's up to you; everyone has a different taste when it comes down to it.