I came across a Yairi DY-91C for sale that I'm thinking of buying. Can anybody tell me anything about these guitars? How do they compare to Martin or Talyor?
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I have heard great things about alvarez guitars, especially the Yairi series..it looks pretty sick!
There's a few local musicians that use Yairi guitars, as the store I work at used to be a dealer. I've gotten the pleasure to play a few shows with these guys and in the after hours we would sometimes get together a jam. Hearing them from both a listener and a player's perspectives I can attest that they are quite good guitars.

They sound different that Martin and Taylor do. They don't quite have the same "boom" that everyone loves Martins for; though it also doesn't have that bright tone that people seem to go nuts for Taylors because of. But they had a good all around tone. Like so many of the expensive guitar brands, they have a sound all their own.

I was always quite impressed with them. I would definitely get a sit down with it, if its at all possible. That's going to be the absolute best thing you could do.
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