Sorry if this isn't in the right place; I wasn't sure where to post it.

I haven't played guitar in almost half a year. I bought a Martin LXM about three days ago, and I've been playing it a lot to get the feel of playing guitar again. I needed to redevelop my calluses after not playing for a while, so my fingers have been hurting, but I know that comes with the process.

Anyway, I noticed today that the tips of my fingers are green. It looks like a totally external mark from the strings; I use my thumb a lot to hit the low E and there's a faint hint of green, too. Still, it had me a little worried. Is this a normal occurrence for playing new guitars? I don't remember green fingers when I got my first guitar. So thank you for your help!
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I don't know if you ever got an answer, but if you're still curious: It has to do with the type of strings and their age. Some steel guitar strings (especially larger, wound strings) are coated with copper. When copper interacts with oxygen and chemicals on your fingers, it turns green, like the Statue of Liberty. If your fingers didn't turn green before, it's possible that you were using different strings with a different coating.

It's harmless, and in my experience washes off easily.

I've had an LXM for years and still love playing it.
Bronze oxyde is green. My finger are always green after acoustic sessions.
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