Ok, there seems to be a lot of these pedals kicking around the bay for good prices. Does anyone have any experience with them? Are they pants?
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I have their delay and it's meh with distortion but pretty good with clean. Obviously it's shit compared to things like a Memory lane or el capistan but they're pretty good for the price.
I have the Mouse ds8 distortion pedal which i really like and use live. The 1st setting gives a nice Mountain/Leslie West tone, fat and fuzzy. Its well built and you can get all different kinds of tone and drive out of it, it's pretty versitile once you get used to it and play around with the different settings.
They are the same as the GFS pedals I think.
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^They're sold under plenty of names, actually. For Europeans, Fame and Collins come to mind.

I've got the delay, and it's okay. I like to use it for thickening up lead sounds, or for subtle use on cleans; nothing too exciting. Seeing that most delays that are twice the money aren't any better, it's a pretty good deal, I think.
i have a couple... the fuzz, phaser and od. They sound pretty good, but the reliability (with mine, anyway- maybe i got unlucky) has been terrible. And that's only with home use.

Out of 3 pedals, 2 had to be sent back. and one of the replacements was dodgy too (i cut my losses at that point).

if you ask me tonerider is a better bet for cheap pedals which sound good and which are actually reliable. They don't have quite the versatility/mini switches of the biyangs, but then they continue working when the wind changes direction. Of course, they only have 4 or 5 pedals in their lineup so they have to make a pedal you want, lol.

Other options might be some of those smaller uk-based pedal builders like made by mike, big knob etc., but I haven't tried them, so I don't know how good they are.

EDIT: ^ yeah they're rebranded by a couple of the big european stores- that'd be the way to buy them, as they're a fair bit cheaper from them. musicstore cologne sells them under the fame brand for around 30 euro, and woodbrass in paris sells them as eagletone for around the same, maybe even a bit less. who's collins- musikproductiv? musikschmidt? I forget

only problem is neither does every single model in the biyang range, for some reason.

And also considering the reliability you'd want to make sure they pay for return postage if they break
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