My guitar "ESP LTD V-50 (stock)) makes horrible hum when plugged into my amp, I've tried different gutiars with the amp and it's not the amp or cable. And also whenever it touch anything metal, even the tone knob or tuners the hum goes. When i plug it in there's only hum, no matter what channel, can't here anything i play, not even faintly. The pickups are passive btw. Any ideas guys?

Check out all the wiring. A wire might be loose. Maybe a ground or output jack wire.
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Well it sounds like you're not grounded, but idk if that would fix not hearing yourself playing
check the guitar input wires.
see if they are secure.

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Check that your ground wire is soldered to the back of your volume pot. Also check that all the wires to your input jack are soldered well, like JJ said.
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