Sweet cover, but you should have a go at singing instead.
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Holy Crap.

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yeah, the vocals werent bad but you could have really taken the cake nailing all 4 aspects. I have no real critiques on the instrumentals, not a very hard song overall, and everything sounds tight and of good quality. as for the vocals, idk if there was reverb or what but the overall tone didnt fit the song in my opinion. it still worked fine for the first half of the song but from that one high note on i noticed a little drop off in quality. the high note was just a no. for me and from then on i was just hoping the melody wasnt going to lead back up to it. its less concrete at that point and i could be wrong but it seemed to me like she didnt look totally comfortable when there was a little more room to improvise.

care to give mine a look?

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Sounds good to me. My only problem with it would probably be the vocals. Firstly, they get a little too low in the mix at times, mainly when the other instruments get louder. Easily remedied, though. Secondly, I think they were a bit boring, as in, not very dynamic. It didn't feel like she put enough "power" in them, if that makes sense. Could be partially remedied by working more with effects on the vocals (Maybe some chorus or delay), and with arranging them (some harmonies wouldn't hurt)

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Thanks for the comments guys. I'll admit it wasnt the best singing take, we had quite limited time to record and could have used a bit more time to figure it out.
I'll do all the crit backs now