Hey, i'm currently working on a recording of overlord by black label society & its killing me.... i've spent all day on it and parts are still out of time and it sounds weak. any tips on quicker ways to get parts in time + make it all sound bigger?
Literally killing me
I was just going to say the left right thing FireHawk just mentioned.
I shouldn't really recommend it, as it is satanic and blasphemous in nature (I jest, sorta ), but if you are really struggling to play the whole track/parts of the track, you can get one perfect take of the section you're struggling with (even one repeat of it, if it is a repeating riff etc.) and you can copy and paste with a bit of cross-fading between the repetitions (some DAW's even have a 'loop' feature for regions).

But, I mention this merely as a last resort if you're stuck for time... there's no substitute for great passion in a track, and copy n pasting will lead to the same emotion all the way through the repeats and kind of gives it away if you're not careful.
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Play it with a metronome?

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i didn't play it. a friend recorded all the parts & wants me to mix and master them. its awful
okay its not actually as bad as i thought it was, after taking a few hours away from it and going back to it, sounds alright =) 7 hours of working on it was killing me
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7 hours of working on it was killing me

Thats called Ear Fatigue. You sit there and work on a session for a long time, your ears get tired and you cant mix as well. Even the pros take a break
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