Can you guys recommend me some of Alter Bridge's best songs to help me get into them? The only song by them that I've really listened to so far is In Loving Memory, and I can't wedge myself from listening to it to find some good songs by them. Cheers
Show Me A Sign
Wonderful Life
Watch Over Me
I Know It Hurts
Open Your Eyes

They're my personal favourites.
Well, the two songs that got one of my friends into Alter Bridge were Metalingus and Ties That Bind. Though if you're up for it, take a listen to the entire Blackbird album. Just go to youtube and give some songs a listen..

personal faves (random order):

Ties That Bind
White Knuckles
Wayward One
Still Remains
Down To My Last
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Go and see them, forget their records. Good live band, boring otherwise IMO.
Open your eyes
Down to My Last
Rise Today
Ties That Bind
One By One

and check out the Kashmir cover.
Basically everything on Blackbird (Especially the Title Track and Ties that Bind). I didn't dig their latest album but I second Isolation. Also check out Wings without their Meanings.

As for the first album, Open your Eyes, Broken Wings, Down to my Last, Shed my Skin and Metalingus (which you'll find very familiar if you ever watched WWE)
-Slip To The Void
-I Know It Hurts
-One By One
-Watch Over You
-White Knuckles
One Day Remains
-One Day Remains
-Open Your Eyes
-Burn It Down

Just some personal favorites but you really can't go wrong. Also, yes see them live if you get the chance, awesome show.
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Also check out Wings without their Meanings.

Words Darker Than Their Wing, you mean? good song, but imho, there is no bad AB song. I think they're incredible. live they're so good.

song wise I think it's been pretty much covered. Metalingus lured me in and got me to buy their debut back in 04 not long after it was released. loved the whole album and I'm definitely a die-hard now. right now AB III is my most played of their albums.

I'll just add one or two more suggestions for each album:
One Day Remains
Find the Real

Brand New Start
Come to Life

All Hope Is Gone
Coeur D'Alene
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Just buy their first Record "One Day Remains". Listen to it over and over again and it will become your favorite record ever.
I got into AB from someone handing me a copy of a CD with 6 random tracks from the 'One Day Remains' album on it. I played it to death,and then they were playing in Sheffield, UK so I went along. There was probably 300 people maximum, so you could walk more or less to the rail.

That night I found the best Rock band I have ever seen live. Ever. Still stands.

Song choices depend on what mood you're in. They do radio-friendly stuff, heavy stuff, middle of the road. Some have really shreddy solos, some don't have any. I'd second the comment of 'go see them live', and then look around on YouTube. There are some HD vids from the 'Live in Amsterdam' DVD on there - White Knuckles is pretty cool.

I absolutely LOVE 'Words Darker Than Their Wings' from ABIII - but then listen to something like Come to Life and you could be forgiven for thinking they were different bands
One Day Remains:
Burn it Down

Ties that Bind

Slip to the void
A Titan, A Deity

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