I have been playing my Dean From Hell for I think a few years now and have always been plagued with dead notes in spots. I figured this was from my action and got fed up with the tinkering and just bright it to my local shop and they said it was something wrong with my frets 9 through like 14 on the e and a strings. Another Dean guitarist I gave played with recently said she had similar problems. Now I'm concerned that my higher end ML has similar problems to a lower end ML... What's the dealio, yo?
Poor build quality is the answer. The problem will probably cost less to fix then buying a new guitar, so just ask the shop what to do.
The shop says $10 a fret... I'm asking if this is normal for Deans, cause if so, guess who ain't buying another Dean lol
As much as I dislike Dean, I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say you purchased a "dud", unfortunately. You've always had this problem?
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I have a dean razorback (Korean from 2007 or so) and it doesn't have that problem... I'd say get the frets re-done. The problem I had was the dean licensed floyd being totally awful... and I replaced it with a gotoh and the difference in sustain, stability and tone was so amazing that i'd recommend the swap to every dean owner with a LFR. Though extra routing has to be done for it to fit.
Gotoh? Is that like tuners or a trem system? Because sustain is another concern with it I have
Ok, found the wank bars... Are they really superior the FR? I know they are to the stock ones, the licensed, but to the higher end FRs as well?
I have a hellraiser FR(with original floyd) and the dean with a gotoh floyd... and to be honest I don't really have a preference they are both good and are both a billion times better than the dean LFR. I haven't looked after the gotoh as well as i should have and it really needs a clean... and I'd suggest going chrome instead of cosmic black as cosmic black looks great but seems to lose its shine fairly quickly but as a functioning floyd its great. I always wondered why i could rarely do the dimebag whammy squeels and I thought it was my technique and it did my head in... as soon as I changed to the gotoh and did the exact same thing the squeels were really easy as it was the inferior floyd causing the problems.

I hear the original floyd is a bit brighter than the gotoh because the gotoh has brass sustain block but the hellraiser has a mahogany body and emg's and it doesn't sound too bright and to be honest i can't be bothered trying the OFR in the dean to see the difference but I really like them both.
I had never even heard of Gotoh... Well this got off topic...
So the two MLs with f'ed up frets in the same spots is just a small screw up? Well that's good to keep in mind
Though you may have a problem changing the trem posts with the dean as there isn't enough body for the massive gotoh locking trem posts to anchor properly so you will have to use the dean ones... Though I actually just got send 2 replacement posts from dean because I said I needed new ones and i didn't know the size due to the LFR and I wasn't charged for them.