alright, well i have no access to sprayers or anything, so looking around online i found you can use leather dye for wood, so i purchased some Fiebings black and green dye.
i started playing with diluting in denatured alcohol, which made it dry wayyy too fast, so i just used a bit of straight water after watching a few videos for tips.

i sanded down to 400 grit to start, which seemed pretty smooth, but of course water changes that quick...
so first i did a little green in water, and went over the whole board, rubbing with the grain (used a piece of t-shirt rolled inside another piece of t-shirt and rubber banded to a ball).
then i did black in some water, and started at the edge rubbing with the grain. and i tried slowly working my way in. i spent about an hour trying to work this burst out, and it just isnt working all that well.

first of all the grain makes it rough to work with... i tried rubbing with the grain, i tried circles, etc. i just cant get it quite right.
has anyone done this method successfully? heres some pictures of where i got it to, it really didnt capture the color well, the color is pretty full, it just looks dull in the photos.

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Fiebings black and green leather dye.
Seems to work fine on the wood, judging by your pic. I'll have to try that next time. I just googled it, and it's selling an assload cheaper than the overpriced stuff Stewmac sells which I have been using, and Stewmac was the only site I could find that sold colored dyes (not just different shades of brown). But I wasn't looking for leather dye

Thank you.

Unfortunately I've never tried a burst, so I can't really help you at all. :p
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fieblings on ebay, super cheap, and super bright!
but the method is tough. i was reading both these for a semi-how-to:


the first one is more of a full walk through im using for the guitar finish, the second i just found for more details on method for the burst part

i got a perfectly round applicator pad from what looks like a shoe polish kind of bottle. its about a 2 inch perfect circle. that seems to have helped on getting it even, the pics above were using some pretty shady homemade applicators.. lol
i think practice is a big part.. and getting a method down. i was doing it all in one shot, the webpage above indicated letting the first color dry, then doing the outer color, i could see how that would help from just smearing it all around
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dude! that actually looks really good! but if you did wait and do the black after the green dried i think you would have alot more control over the burst. but besides that i think it looks bad ass.
wellll i started the green, its drying now. im scared lol

it seems to be raising the glue from my bookmatch seam? =/ it wont be a big deal, i just dont know if the water is softening the glue? that wouldnt be very cool

on the actual guitar wood this green looks SUHWEEEETT!
heres a secret about those "tiger stripes" that dont look quite like tiger stripes... theyre saw marks from being bookmatched lol. they look kinda sweet i think. theyre on the back, not the front though.

heres the progress. green will be muchhh darker, but for now it looks pretty rad!

and one pic has the applicator i found that works great. and dont mind the ghetto hole for the jack =p

i dont like the "tiger stripes" as you put it lol. if it were my build, id sand them out for a completely smooth look. but its not my build :P

srsly though, that green looks super rad. ive always wanted to do a celtic style guitar with that dark green burst on it. will have to look into the leather dye cuz that looks awesome
well i suggest having a lot of wood around to practice on lol
its not the easiest to use. maybe its just me. im nervous for going after the burst tomorrow. i had a brief moment of temptation to just leave it all green =p