"Curl Up And Die":
I really like the vocals and the guitar rhythm. Could make the playing more tighter as there are some mistakes I catch here and there. I love the way the line "curl up and die" is whispered/said. Lyrics are interesting. It's a good song, but i'd say you should double track the acoustic. It'd give the song a more 'full' sound. Acoustic solo at 4:02 could have been played a bit better and maybe a tad more complex(?), but it sounds good for what it is. I also think that at the end with the acoustic, you should say "curl up and die" just like at 5:20 for the rest of the track. It would sound cool. Just a thought. Awesome song!

Crit for crit?
I like the guitar lines - could be played a bit tighter, but the riffs are great. Double-tracking would help a lot, I think.

Regarding the vocals, I like the melodies and the lyrics, but I think you should sing them more softly. Right now, the vocals sound a bit out of place, because they're all metally over the acoustic backing. Singing in a more "ballad"-y or pop-ish way would give the track a different vibe. Possibly there could be a progression - soft vocals throughout the track, then the grittier vocals come in at the end, or something like that. Some harmonies wouldn't hurt either.

As stated earlier, the guitar playing could be tighter at the intro (it gets better as the song plays, for the most part), but I like what your playing. Vocals remind me a bit of Kurt Cobain, though they are pitchy at times. Could use some polish, but the songwriting is good. Please review my music at this link: