Christian Muenzner recently released a solo album, and I feel that a thread should be made to discuss said album and any future individual releases outside of Obscura/Spawn of Possession/Terrestrial Exiled.

Many different influences and sounds in this album, ranging from Tech Death, to Fusion, to Neo-Classical and 80's metal, and all with a blend of progressive. Also, despite this being an extremely shreddy album, I feel that it still retains quite a bit of tastefulness.

Various artists have contributed solos and material to this album, most notably the addition of keyboard to the mix.

I feel that the entire album is great, and is now on my "Need to buy" list. Here are a few from the album...

Timewarp - Progressive Shred

The Tell-Tale Heart - Technical Metal Shred

Dawn of the Shred - Metal Shred

Soulmates - Fusion Shred
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I have to thank you for posting this, I'm a big fan of Christian's guitar playing. I've been checking this out and it's just fantastic, this man is a musical genious.
I was listen to some of the songs on youtube this morning, cant deny the talent. Christian is a fantastic player.