So I recently tried out a used ovation ( Celebrity Deluxe CDX44) and its SO WONDERFUL>< but the last 2 frets(high E) close to the attachment on the neck has the 2 fret 1 note problem.

Later he called back and said he simply raised the bridge and fixed the problem. To me it's not making much sense... Could it be:
-Loose fret?
-Common fret wear?
-Other things i'm not aware of?

I understand that ovations are not made with just wood and has a lot of funky materials going on. I like to stay on the safe side so any pointers would be appreciated!

Link to guitar info: http://www.amazon.com/Ovation-Celebrity-Deluxe-Mid-Depth-Acoustic-Electric/dp/B0014656UI
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Raising the bridge would fix it, it raises the angle from the fret to the bridge so the string doesn't hit the next fret.
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I'm paying $450 for this. Would like to make sure it's worth the money. Is there a way of telling a potential loose fret, neck problem or even cracks or other thing that may develop? I've seen a number of ovations splitting (then there are a bunch that lived happily ever after of course)

Also I recall someone telling me the the fretboad that attaches to the body usually has a small shim(sort of like a triangle) on most guitars to give space for wood to expand and shrink as a precaution to humidity issue, but this one is just straight... just thought i'd note on that.