Hey, guys, what's going on?

I'm new to playing guitar and even newer to the effects side. Does anybody know of a pedal that can change your tuning for you?

What I mean is: your guitar is in standard tuning, a lead goes into a box (say the box is set for open D tuning), another lead comes out of that and into your amp and out the amp the sound is open D tuning. Does anyone know of anything like this?

I love playing Goo Goo Dolls songs (Iris for example: BDDDDd), but I can be stuffed changing the tuning ever time I want to play a new song.

Thanks for any help!!!

Cheers Matt.
Nope. Closest you can really get is to buy something like a Line 6 Variax, or at least the electronics of one. There are pedals (the Morpheus Droptune comes to mind) that do a good enough polyphonic pitch shift to simulate downtuning the guitar, but alternate tunings? You'd have to have a separate output for each string.
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only lots of guitars or individual string out puts to droptune pedals
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