I've been at it most of the day and it's not working.

Why do humbuckers have a black ground and a silver ground aswell? Do I just solder them both to the volume pot.

The electronics kit I got had 3 pots and all of them say 250k so I assumed it didn't matter which ones I used.

It's HSS with the neck pickup being a noiseless one and I got all the parts from Guitar Fetish.

At the moment none of the pickups respond to me touching them. The different coloured circles are sorta just to show which set of cables are which.
volume should say a500k, tone should say b500k

one ground grounds the baseplate, one is the end of the south pole. tie them both to the volume pot.

pictures too big to see anything, but i think that should answer your questions.
The photo is a bit big. Go to Seymour Duncan's website, they have helpful diagrams.

Tone pots usually have resistors (I may have the wrong word for them, anyone feel free to correct me) soldered on to them, like the pot on the left of the photo has. Pups with 4 wires can be coil tapped, the wires taped together are the wires you attach to some kind of switch. Keep them taped.
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