I want to learn I wanna Go to the sun by Peter Frampton
it's one of my favorites the solo and everything... this will be my first full song. i dont have time to explain it but I've been playing for 7 years and haven't learned a full song and it's sad i'm familiar with the board though so I can take a challenge.
if you know of a video lesson/ tab or what key it's in or scale or anything that could help me play this i'd appreciate it.

Ps: I got this incredible guitar for my 18th birthday and my dad told me if i didn't learn a song he'd return it (he probaly wouldn't) but anyway this song i know would just blow him away if i could play it. so any help and I'd be so grateful thanks
I'll get the ball rolling. It's in the key of G major. The intro is G, with a melody going g a c b c# d. The verses go G C D.