I personally didnt like all the distortion but the stylistic stuff is to your tastes not mine, haha. i think the only actual thing to change would be it seemed like when the backing chords kicked in around 30 or so it kind of drowned out the lead. might want to turn it down a little or turn the lead up higher there.

c4c? heres my latest cover if you want to check it out, but you can comment on any of the videos i have on my channel. im not feeling picky

Not bad at all. Rhythm section is a bit dominating, and I have to say that the drums are utter gash. But the guitar is cool, and I love it when people cover Pokemon themes, so kudos.

(Your cover or the G/S/C Gym Theme is ****in' immense, mind.)


That or anything on my channel will do.
This was really enjoyable to listen to. Now clearly you are into heavily distorted guitars, but remember that you don't need heavy distortion for a climax. The guitar was a little out of tune in the acoustic part. If that happens, just record it again, don't use material that is off.
Aside from that, I really liked what you did with the whole thing. The intro was great, the dynamics worked well and the sound was really full. It was also good that you used keyboard for the background in the breakdown, because the instrumentation used was starting to get just a little dull. Great use of background & arrangements btw.

Dude, I love your Pokemon music covers, the guy who wrote tunes for each part of the game must be a genius, because they're all so fitting to the place.

I thought that your guitar might have been slightly out of tune, which threw me off a little bit, and the rhythm was indeed a bit overpowering, especially in the intro section, but other than that, nice job.

I have plenty of acoustic covers in my profile, the newest of which is this one, feel free to return the crit, if you like: