Anyone had the chance to try out this guitar? I want buy it since it fits all my specs, but I can't try it out before buying. (online guitar shop) Also, the espguitars.com seems to give wrong information about this guitar...

it says that it has 24 frets, but in the pic I can clearly see that it has 22...
25.5" Scale ? I thought explorers had 24.75. Some sites say that this model has 25.5, but others say that 24.75. Wtf?

Yes, it's 22 frets.

I haven't tried it but it seems pretty good spec-wise, so go for it if you really like it.
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Ok, but what about the scale then? I choose this guitar mainly because it's almost the same thing as my xiphos, but 6 string. (solid bridge, neck-thru, mahogany, etc.) The xiphos neck is literally killing my hand and I need something with a similar feel but with 6 strings. (and the ltd seems to be perfect, I like the esp necks)

I also thought about swapping the 81's with 85 in the bridge and 89 in the neck position. It would make it sound exactly like my XPT (which has THE BEST sound I have ever heard. Seriously, no other guitar could ever compare, maybe only the Ibanez Prestige series.)