I posted a thread similar to this before, and yes I've decided that I am going to buy a floyd rose guitar, as my first electric. I've narrowed it down to these two :

Schecter Damien 6 FR
Emg H4\H4A pickups, Licensed floyd rose trem, rock-maple neck
Arched Basswood Body, Satin Black Finish
Price I have to pay : $500

Schecter Damien Elite FR
Emg 81/85 active pickups, Floyd rose special tremolo, maple neck
Quilted Maple top with mahogany Back
Price I have to pay : $700

I was sure I was going to buy the damien 6 fr because it seemed like the better deal, but then I read online that the satin black paint wears off quickly and it dents and chips easily, and I NEED a durable guitar, one that with proper care, will last me 2-3 years! So which should I go with?
Go on eBay and look up schecter and there is a seller named Maury21804 he sells schecter 2nds. I got a hellraiser with 2 almost invisible blemishes on the back. You may get mire for you money if you get a factory 2nd. You may be able to get a hellraiser or blackjack for the price of the Damien if you can handle a couple of tiny blemishes that don't affect Te guitars playability and sound.
might as well get the elite if you have the cash. the extra features are worth it. I love my Damien 6 though. Ive had it three years and the finish is still intact so idk why people worry there. But i also take care of my equipment