I made this cover of "When You Were Young". It's quite different from the original. I play the bass, sing, and play the guitars, and the rest is done with a MIDI keyboard. Let me know what you think, both performance, mixing and arrangement-wise

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I love it man! It's hard to even find anything to point out that needs improvement other than i think it would be way better live than recorded, even the recording has a "live" sorta feeling about it.
Vocals remind me alot of live Dylan, fan by any chance?

I really don't mind if ya crit back, theres some songs in my profile if ya want to, if not de nada.

Edit: really dunno where i got that Dylan thing from your voice is quite different i just hear it somewhere.
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This sounds good dude. You have a lovely voice. Are you doing this live? Respect dude if you can play guitar and sing at the same time.
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I didn't like it =/
There was nothing particularly wrong with it, just didn't sit right with me.
there were some pitch problems with the vocals. but otherwise it was recorded really well.

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First off, your guitar is really well recorded and played, it sounds great!
Secondly, your vocals are alright in the sense that they were usually pitched right. You did go off a lot though with the high notes (he doesn't look a thing like jeeesus ), and stuff like "we can go easy if we take it slow". So I'd say try to work on that. Also, it seems like you can get a little more into it towards the end. I bet that if you play only your vocals you don't hear any dynamics whatsoever. Try to make your singing flow with the song. When the song reaches a climax, you have got to sing a little more passionately than in the beginning.
Finally, the quality of the arrangements was very good, but when the song reached the final verse it didn't really live up to the build-up. There should've been a bass there or something. Something to make it sound more "full".
Now I don't mean to blow you off, because this was high-quality stuff, but you need to work on your singing. Try to be a little more dynamical. Other than that, keep up the good work

Vocals could definitely use some work imo, your voice is cool, but you were off at points. Great work on the instruments though! I really liked the ending, the way you added in the heavily distorted guitar (That I believe), wasn't in the original. I haven't listened to the original in forever, but it sounded great!

yeah dude that was sick. I felt throughout the whole thing that it needed something "more" as people have mentioned - then the drums and bass and distorted guitar came in ....awesome.

However, it still lacked emotion, both vocally and in the guitar. Vocally it definitely sounded like you were holding back. you have a great voice, very akin to Mumford and Sons, but you were definitely cautiously trying to hit the right notes rather than belting it out confidently. Same thing with guitar. You gotta let loose a little but overall pretty awesome. Keep it up and if you have time...

Cool cover, and i like the layering of all the instruments. Vocals seemed mixed way higher than the guitar in the beggining. I like when all the instruments come in, nice change. Maybe try and get the vocals to sit in with the more rather than way on top, try some EQ'ing
Awesome job dude! You show us a whole product, not only the usual cover of a song. I am not that big fan of Killers, but I like everything you did in this video. I am mostly impressed by your work over the track, the mixing and editing. It sounds very professional and clean. Great playing on the instruments. I like your voice, not sure if everything is fine with the vocals, but I like it, really! Great job, again!

C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tr4SGBY2V3g
I dug the guitar, though I wasn't a massive fan of the electric tones you use. I'd say it would sound better acoustically if the drums weren't so well done, so kudos for that. And this is an awful thing to say, but the accent of the vocals really grates on me! :P Apologies, but there's certain ways of singing that really rub me the wrong way (the song "On and On" by The Answer is another), and this is one of them.

C4C if you get time! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1452699
Different, but very good, it gave a new dimension to the song! The vocals could be better but they're good enough, the acoustic is inovating, the midi is right to the atmosphere of song, so very nice job mate!
it was recorded nicely, but your vocals need a lot of work, the pitch was everywhere, and your melody was sloppy.