Wrote and recorded this pop/rock-ish song some time ago. I'd be happy to hear what people think of it, both performance, mixing and songwriting-wise. I play the bass, sing and play the guitars, and the rest is done with a MIDI keyboard.

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"Pretend": Singing reminds me a little bit of Neil Young (good, even if a tiny bit pitchy at times), as does the whole song now (except perhaps the lead synth) that I think about it. Can't think of anything much to gripe about, it all sounds quite good to me! Good melodies all around. Please review my music at this link:

Hey man thanks for giving Flowers By Irene a crit

First off man, nice setting using the weather noises, gives it a cinematic edge. The touch of the hammond organ around 1:50 is awesome as well, for some reason this song gives me a nostalgic feeling, it's like if Dylan and The Strokes done a song together.

It's produced really well, it fades in and out, you do some harmonies as well and it has a real . . . honest feeling if that makes sense? The little touch of synth for the middle 8 break up the song as well and makes me tap along.

Nothing bad man and I've already started humming along to it when the music stops (that in my opinion is the sign of a good song.)

I'm gonna listen to some more of your stuff, I'll leave comments in this thread
Ooooooo I really like this stuff man. The lead sounds awesome. Good use with the rain and harmonies. Haha thanks for criting mine btw.
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Very interesting, liked the rain effect. It kind of had a folky vibe. Maybe a different synth sound for the synth solo...idk. Not much to pick apart here, nice work! Thanks for your crit on my track! ("Curl Up and Die")