I have learnt about guitar theory up to the point of harmonising the major scale & modes, constructing chords, arpeggios etc and applying this to cadances i.e. simple blues / jazz etc i.e. V7 - I progressions etc / basic key changes.

I thought it would be a good idea at this point to apply what ive learnt to understand how a 'real world' song is structured (i.e. back-engineer a song - figure out the root note, and then understand how the tensions and resolutions are set up in the song).

I have decided to chose Meatplow by Stone Temple Pilots - I'm working on the Guitar Pro tab.

After looking at the tab I am now a bit lost - everything ive learnt about guitar theory seems to have gone out the window?!?! The Tab is in the key of C which i'm pretty sure is the wrong key signiture, however I can't figure out the root note - is it F#? If so The first 4 notes of the song seems to be built on a b7th - would this suggest the song is in a minor key?

Btw I'm mainly working through the Tret Stetina theory / technique books.

Any help for a way forward is appreciated!)))

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The Tab is in the key of C which i'm pretty sure is the wrong key signiture [...]

Quantum, I use TuxGuitar to look at Guitar Pro tabs (since Tux is free), and in my experience Guitar Pro tabbers almost never put the key signature in a song, which means it always looks like C. It might just be a lack of compatibility between Tux and GP in this particular case; I've never used the Guitar Pro program. Try Power Tabs, the key is usually notated there.

I'm not familiar with the song, but look for your cadences and leading tones to really help you find the key. Keep trying, I'm sure you'll get it.
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First of all, what you learned is probably what I learned: all the jazz chords theory and stuff... :-D, which is absolutely awesome to know....
But you're trying to tab a metal song, and I listened to this song, which I kind of like btw,... and I have to admit that at first I found it really hard to define the key, so I just took my guitar and started to play, which led me to the conclusion that F#Blues works really well on the verses of the song.

F#Blues means Amaj/F#m key =) which means you have 3# in the key.

But that isn't it all of it... in the chorus there is a modulation, and I didn't really figure it out because I was to lazy and it would be to no use for you since the modulations are short and it's probably not worth it to change this in your tab. If you get the notes, which are pretty easy to define, you will certainly succeed in tabbing this song.

In the future you might also want to try this tool to help you define a key.

And btw, never ever trust tabs on any site. They can often mislead you. The only thing that you should trust is you own hearing. If it sounds good to you, then it is...

Hope this helped!
The key of a song is determined by where it resolves, not the first 4 notes of the introduction.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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The key of a song is determined by where it resolves, not the first 4 notes of the introduction.

Yup, all notes can be used for tension... =D
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I think it's F# phrygien.

excuse me, i'm going to go cry.

i don't know the song. how about writing it out and figuring it out with what you've got? of course, if you don't know the first thing about sheet music, this is a problem. tab will work just as well, if you know the notes on the fretboard. if you don't know that, use your ear. and then if that fails, well, you're shit out of luck.
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