Hi all. I'd like some tips on mic placement to record my 212 amp at home. Is it better directly placed in front of the cone of one speaker or in the middle of both, angled or straight? I usually add in reverb in post so I usually put the mic as close to the speaker as possible, but would like to hear other methods.

Also, what are the pros and cons of adding compression in post? I use Cubase to record and have mixed fealings about it. Sometimes it's good others not necessary and a little tone sucking.

I use a Shure SM57 mic and Lexicon audio interphase.
I just posted on this very subject in Kr0n1c's "How to record at home?" thread.
Closer to the cone = brighter tone.

The farther away you go from the cone = more bass heavy tone.

On axis (straight) = slightly brighter tone.

Off axis (slanted) = slightly more resonance and bass-heavy tone.

You can google mic placement and look at the different mic positions (from cone to edge) and listen to how they sound, on and off axis.
Get a friend to play through your amp and then take your mic and move it around the speaker while your monitoring your friend playing. You'll be surprised how much difference an inch makes in mic placement.
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