When I play a lick, I'll hum it at the same time
It pisses me off cause I can't stop doing it

Am I alone?
How do I stop singing while playing?
ur not alone but i only do it sometimes. Actually i mostly do it when i have headphones on and am playing making it; weird for the person im trying not to disturb by wearing headphones...
A lot of jazz players I know do that. Keep doing it, it'll be helpful for improvisation. You'll soon start to associate whatever you sing with a note on the fretboard. That'll get you to the point where, when soloing, etc., if you can hum it, you can play it.
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A lot of classical pianists do it, such as Glenn Gould and Alfred Brendel (on certain recordings). It's considered a negative trait so I say work on it.
Yea it only happens when im improvising blues stuff.
Its like my brain is connected to my mouth.