Hi guys, basically I need a good, reliable and accurate tuner pedal. I did have a Behringer one, however after a few gigs it took some cosmetic abuse due to being plastic (crappy) and the second guitarist in my band (has an american strat but cant splash out like 20 quid for even a cheap tuner?) would want to borrow it. It was slow to recognize you'd even played which was also annoying. Anyway long story short, we played a gig in Manchester and I lent it to be used be our other guitarist on stage as I had a second guitar for the tuned down songs, and someone stole it when he wasn't looking afterwards. Lesson learnt, don't lend out gear. However, whoever got it, sucks to be you that tuner is shit.
So i dont want to spend a lot as im looking to getting a new amp this summer and recordings costing me too. I'll go used as long as its decent, don't want to spend more than £50 really. Thanks
I use a polytune. You strum all the strings at once and it tells you which one is out of tune. You can then tune that string individually. I'v had success using it for drop tunings because it's sort of chromatic. It also features a usb port for updates.
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i have a GFS (guitar fetish) tuner. 40 bucks. works amazing, huge bright screen. seems to be as accurate atleast as a boss.

perhaps not as quality as others, but FAR bove quality of behringer pedals (atleast its all metal with a metal switch). but at 40 bucks i expect less than a polytune....cause that thing is 100 bucks
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The Sonic Research Turbo Tuner is one of the best tuners on the market, and is only $40 more than the Polytune, and is more accurate and faster.
Well worth the price.


Tho I still prefer being able to check all my tunings with one strum.

A cheaper alternative is the Digitech tuner... it has the capabilities of the PolyTune too.
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I would suggest the Polytune, or to save a couple bucks, the Korg Pitchblack.
The only real downside to the pitchblack for me was it can be a little harder to see in bright light (outdoor daytime shows).
The Poly is plenty accurate (more than the korg or a Boss) very bright, easy to read screen, can do the whole guitar at once, but I used that option less and less. EVEN without the polytune function, I would say the TC Polytune.
I can't see paying anymore for a tuner than $100 for a polytune. Anything more accurate is overkill. Notes on a guitar start sharper, and go flatter...it's not a perfect instrument. How hard you press on the frets, and even how hard you strum will affect your tuning.
Even for setting up a guitar and doing intonation, the Poly is plenty good.
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Korg DT-10 is my choice. Sturdy and reliable, works very well and very accurate.
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Ive been using Boss TU-2 forever, great tuner and tough. Korg Pitchblack, Polytune or the new Boss TU-3 are all great choices as they work well and are tough.
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I have a TU-2 and a korg rack tuner but, if I were going to buy another one it would be the polytune. Thing is ridiculous.
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