I've been looking at the Fender Blacktop guitars and I'm looking for some feedback on two of them. The Telecaster and the Jaguar. The tone of the string through on the Tele is always a nice tone, but the short scale on the Jag means I can put heavy strings on and it will feel like butter and have good tone. Oh, and they both have contoured bodies. So does any one have experience with either?
A couple of weeks ago I played the Tele in a store while trying some pedals and it felt very well, with a pickup change it can be a great guitar.
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I've played the Tele and I think I played the Jag once. I still like the Jazzmaster better xD

Doesnt the tele have coil taps or is that the strat?
The scale length is the only real difference and nobody can tell you what scale length is best for you, you gotta play them and you'll know for yourself. There's no point buying a Jaguar for lower tension ont hicker strings if the frets are too close together for you to play properly. There's no point buying a Tele for the snappier string tone if the frets are too far apart for you. We don't know what your hands or playing style are like, only you can tell which scale is best for you.
The shorter scale length is a bit peculiar. I used to own a Jag (24") and I honestly found it hard playing at the higher frets (>12), and that's with my hands which are small and I have thin fingers. Up at the lower frets chording (I think I just made up a word) was really comfortable though. For me there wasn't a good enough balance.

I'd definitely say try one as soon as you can.