Finally sorted my amp issue. I posted a thread the other day asking for options and peoples opinions on things and I finally found the perfect amp.

Long story - Went to try every different valve amp I could, first shop had a Peavey Valveking which was quite nice then a Laney Lionheart 5 watt combo which sounded excellent, and loud enough to gig with despite being a 5 watt. Sounded great - broke up nicely on the clean channel and howled on the lead.

After I found out the price I moved down the road and tried a Blackstar ht20 which I didn't like the distorted sound of at all which makes sense because I haven't liked any of the other blackstars, a Marshall MA which sounded very sibilant and hissy in the distorted phase and refused to break up on the clean channel, and then a Marshall haze 15. That was much better and was definitely loud enough but just wasn't that great a sound. It really had to be driven.

I was pretty much thinking that I'd have to settle and accept that no amp sounds the way you want them to when I tried an orange dual terror. It's perfect, tried it on the 7 watts and 15 watts phases and it's loud enough for gigging on both. It broke up at a useable level, and it doesn't sound like distortion, it sounds like a growl. It's fantastic. The tone knob, while not a 3 band eq is very useable and the control layout is simple. It weighs a tonne.

I love it and I'm very happy with it. I would have gone with a tiny terror but I like having a second channel for solo boosts.

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Long story short - Tried lot's of amps and this one sounded the best.
Nice, never tried a dual terror. I used to have a TT but it got old pretty quick. Bit of a one trick pony. Sounded great for what it did do though. Kinda regret selling it to be honest.

Yeah, I can't see this thing really doing anything other than exactly what I need it for, but thats all I've ever wanted. I'm very 2 dimensional =D It has the best sound I've ever tried . . . If anyone wants to buy a 1989 JCM800 50 watt combo . . . I have one thats surplus to requirements. =D
Good pick man and glad you happy with it! I'm looking to try the Dark Terror - very intriguing.

Also the Laney Iron Heart (is that what it's called? I forgot - the one demoed at NAMM anyway)

I really like Laney - but you got a great amp there for your needs so happy noodling!
Is it just me or is the picture not working?
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The picture isn't even working for me. I just presumed my computer was being a bit rubbish. I'll put the flickr link up.

It's just sort of a stock photo anyway really, but I'll put it in for anyone who wants a close up

Heh? No review?
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i absolutely love my DT. i use the first channel for a on the brink of a breakup with picking dynamics, and have the fat channel set up for a lot of gain. which is growly and slightly fuzzy. i sometimes boost it with a light fuzz or an OD and it gets really nasty.

i play it on 15 watts in the late hours of the night, and 30 most of the time. i rarely use the 7 watts though.
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