I have deployed before and taken my acoustic guitar with me. It is so loud that I rarely have the opportunity to use it. So on this deployment, I am thinking of getting a Traveler Guitar Pro. I hear they can sound good or bad and it really boils down to the amp that you use. I cannot, for the life of me, find a review or comment from someone that has used this guitar with Ampkit+ by Peavey on an Iphone/Ipad. If any one has ever used these two together, please hit me up and let me know if it sounds decent or not.
i cant speak for the guitar but i can speak for the ampkit.
dude i have played all my guitars through the ampkit and they all sound good but its all the same. it doesnt matter what settings you have the ampkit on granted im only using the valve king that comes with it, its generally gonna sound the same. either way id say go for it. i wish the ampkit was out when i was in the navy. i brought my prs se custom with one of those fender blonde mini amps on deployment.....it was horrible.
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