hi guys, i really need help with my singing, i think i suck, i have tried looking at several threads here, but none of them really help, i am 15, so my voice isn't that good, could you guys please give me some advice on how to improve my voice?

PLEASE DONT SAY "TAKE LESSONS" i cannot afford lessons right now...
on both songs i tried to fix my voice with melodyne, but you cant really fix bad singing....

please post your techniques on how you get your voice to sound good, i try to warm up my singing before i sing, but it still doesn't work so well...

My goal is to sing either Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade or Be My Escape by Relient K...

if you could please give me some ideas or tips it would be appreciated!

Here are my songs...

My Songs

1) Buy a keyboard for 90 bucks
2) learn how to play a few scales
3) match your voice to the scales
4) Play 15-20 minutes a day
5) Repeat that and you'll see improvement within a month
I assume you have a guitar, so learn the major scale and sing along. Just go up and down scales, warm up, and practice a lot. You're also only 15, so your voice isn't fully matured. Be careful not to strain your throat while you're singing, and give it time.
Hey there

I have recently started to try improve my singing and this is exactly what I am doing (all free of charge in the comfort of my own home)

1. Keep well hydrated
2. Using an instrument (Preferably a piano or a guitar) and hit any note within your vocal range and practice going one note higher or lower (whichever takes your fancy, I personally start on fret 3 of the A string and go all the way up to 12 on high E) I find this a very good warm up and doing this daily, as your ears start to hear the sound of the note and you can put your voice to it, you should start to be able to do this with songs.
3. Find songs within your range! Whether they are the songs you want to sing on stage or not, it always helps to practice on songs you are really comfortable with and then push the boat out slowly.
4. Don't try and sing like the artist. This makes your voice do all sorts of weird things but make it better it does not. So if you are into artists with distinctive voices (Placebo or Suede for example) try and sing in your range not theirs, as long as you are hitting the notes it will sound fine.
5. Have somebody else with an opinion you trust to help guide you along. I hate the sound of my voice even now but my band members have said I have definitely got better and it should start to show after a few months

If I think of any others I will message you but for now, these should do fine, any questions drop me a message

maybe you should just pick a song that more suits your voice...im a big fan of nirvana but kurt wasnt a great singer it just went with the music perfectly...do that, how ever your voice sound, pick something that goes with it...or just scream your head off until your voice gets stronger...
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Voilets are blue
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No i'm not happy to see you
you are very young...your voice isn't so clear now.. maybe later it going to change!
for now I think you should sing for a while,maybe half an hour just 'aaaa,ooooo..'
you'll see that it can help you!
Your holding back, your singing very quietly and simply trying to not be off.
You just need some confidence.

Definitely sing along to scales with your guitar, eventually you will drill the tones of a key into memory and know you can sing them at will. This will give you a lot of confidence.

Also, add a little boost to your midrange (eq, tone controls) that is where your tone sits but it's a bit muddled in those recordings, It will add a lot more presence to your voice.