I had this guitar painted by a guy in merseyside. He charged me £80 quid !!! Look at the work it is amazing

He is well worth checkin out!!
Nice, what company?
Yeah, now you're gonna die wearing that stupid little hat. How does it feel?

Help me to live.

I make custom guitar wiring harnesses and I'm pretty damn good at it!
He has a car bodyshop and does these as a side line you can get him at his email at or he is on Removed by mod just type in guitars sprayed in classifieds to see his work... his email is Removed by mod
It's cool to show off your customized guitar, but joining this site just to advertise for the guy that did it isn't cool. I've edited out his email and the name of the forum because that kind of advertising is against the rules. You can tell people in PMs if they ask you, but you can't post it in the forums. If you do you'll get banned.