I just picked up a BBE boosta grande (clean boost). I was wondering, where is the best place to run this pedal in my chain? Also, should I be running it through the effects loop of my amplifier? Any advice would be appreciated!
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You dont want to run ant kind of overdrive/boost pedals throught the effects loop.
I would try it as the first or second pedal in the chain.
what are you wanting to do with it?

boost the preamp tubes for more distortion (if the amp is already distorted, or on the cusp of distortion) -> run it in front of the amp. you can play around with where you put it, some people put it before other drive pedals so it stacks with/boosts the drive pedals, some people put it after drive pedals so it doesn't boost the drive pedals and just boosts the amp.

volume boost (as long as the amp is below power tube clipping) -> run it in the fx loop.

run it as a buffer -> probably first pedal in the chain, unless you have pedals (e.g. fuzz) which don't like coming after a buffer
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I run mine in front of the amp (HONESTLY the BEST sounding boost I have found for this. For me....BETTER than a tube screamer!). I only really use it on my "crunch" channel. This lets it go from crunch to high gain...I use it much like a 4th channel.

But it IS designed to run in the loop to boost your overall volume (for solos and such).
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