From what I understand, seth lovers are not potted and Gibson 57 classics are potted. Other than that do these pick ups have any differences tone wise?
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There's plenty of difference. The Seths have a lot more complexity and just sound a lot better overall. The 57's are the pickup equivalent to that knockoff soda you get at Wal-Mart. In theory it's the same stuff, but in practice, "Mr. Pepper" is a mouthful of piss.
aw man couldn't help but laugh at that.

fwiw i think the '57 classics are my favourite gibson pickups, but i'd still agree that (like pretty much all gibson-branded pickups) they're very, very expensive for what you get. they're alright as stock pickups, but i wouldn't be buying them for retrofit.

i'd go with seth lovers too unless you have some reason why you need the pickups to be potted. But if you do, the vast majority of aftermarket pickups are potted, so it's not like those are your only two options.
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Gibson 57 Classic = SD Alnico II Pro
Gibson 57 Classic Plus = SD Pearly Gates
Gibson Burst Bucker = SD Seth Lover
Gibson Burst Bucker Pro = SD 59

They're not perfect duplications of each other but that's pretty much how they line up. The only major difference between the Gibson and SD lines is that SD pickups always use matched coils but Gibson use mismatched coils on their Burst Bucker pickups. It gives them a slightly richer tone with a little more treble and it makes them more responsive but it means they're not quite as good at cancelling hum. The 57 Classics do use matched coils.

Tone-wise they're basically the same as the pickups I lined them up with.

If you're set on using either the 57 Classic or Seth Lover basically the 57 Classic is ever so slightly more modern sounding though it is not a modern sounding pickup by any means. Personally I think '75 Classic would be a better name for it, it's more like that first hard rock era than a total vintage or a total modern sound. The Seth Lover has just a tiny, tiny bit more treble and a tiny bit less lower-mids.

Gibson pickups are good but they're not worth the price tag. Buy the SD equivalent, you'll get the same tone for less money. For the cost of a Gibson pickup you could have something wound specifically for you by a boutique pickup maker. I don't understand people who take Gibson pickups out of the guitars they come stock in and replace them with Bare Knuckle pickups or the SD PAF copies but I also don't understand anyone who buys Gibson pickups to put in a guitar. They're great if your guitar came with them but otherwise don't think twice about them.