Just wondering if anyone has one of these stompbox modelers and what you think of it.

2011 PRS CU24 (Black/Gold), Carvin Legacy 3
I have the M13 and the effects are great. The M5 is hard to beat at $200.
I just got the M5 and it's great. I love the Fuzz and that's unusual for a digital box. Of course the M5 is just a single box, so I would imagine that you are combining it with other pedals. That's what I'm doing.

I just got it last weekend, so I haven't even been through it completely. I like the Chandler Tube Overdrive model as well. I plugged an expression pedal into it and it worked great. The ability to control all the parameters at once is pretty cool. You set the expression pedal to toe down and set all the parameters, then set it to heel down and set all the parameters again. The the pedal basically morphs the parameters in between. Pretty killer.