So i was playing away on my guitar this afternoon then i accidently hid my headstock on my chair, my high e string snapped but now all of my strings have a buzz. This only happens when i play a string open. If it is fretted it won't buzz? It was completely fine a few minuted ago.
I once had a similar problem. Turned out that one of the washers (might be the wrong word, but they are the tiny rings by the tuner) had got a bit loose and was causing the buzz. When you change the strings next time, try tightening all of the tuners
That was quick! Thanks alot though, im buying some strings tommorow and i will try that.
I second that. After a while my bass got all rattley and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. It was two of the washers on the headstock :/
Yeah, Same happened to me My poor fender! I was glad it was okay.

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strum the guitar acoustically.

at the same time, touch parts on the guitar until the rattle stops.

if you can get it to stop, then you found the loose part.

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