Hey guys, i really like the sound of the bugera 333xl,
I was planning on getting the 212 combo and another 212 cabinet for underneath.

I have Around £500 to spend, i dont have any cabinets areound the home,
I would prefer to buy new,
I live in SW uk.
I will be gigging.

I play, Classic rock, and metal, Metallica and pink floyd are my main influences.
I enjoy playing metal at home more than i do classic rock.

Are there any other Heads and Cabs or combos I can couple together for a similar price with plenty of gain on tap, takes pedals well, and good-brilliant cleans?

Had to change budget to £500
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Don't bother with a 2x12 combo and a 2x12 cabinet underneath. Especially if you're going bugera.. the bugera speakers suck but in general its not something i would recommend, 2x12 combos with the exception of a few classic amps (none of which are high gainers) are more of a pain in the arse then anything else since they are really unwieldy, heavy, most of them are open back which isnt ideal for high gain and if you try to resell you wil have difficulty.. Go for a head and 2x12... That will be fine!
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Look into this head it'll get br00tz with a boost and could probably do the majority of what you want without.
That should give you around 250 quid used for a nice 2x12 cab used. The only disadvantage is that its single channel. It won't be the best at cleans but you should get some passable sounds atleast the vh100r you could probably pick up for slightly more is the 2 channel version of this amp but it'd probably limit your cab fund which is actually quite an important part.
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what Angus said, the GH50L is a seriously nice amp with a hell of a lot of gain on tap

brand new you arent going to be able to get any decent amp for what you want, if you look used you can get some very good deals.

however i would like to recommend the Line 6 Spider Valve. now its odd for me of all people to suggest this amp but honestly it is a very good amp and used you can easily get one under £500

your only other option is to save up some more cash and get something like a Marshall JVM or an Orange Rockerverb
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brand new you arent going to be able to get any decent amp for what you want

traynor ycv50b on thomann?
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For masses of gain, you can't go wrong with a peavey 6505+. Otherwise, blackstar would be a way to go, if you could stretch to £550 you could get a blackstar ht40, which is pretty good
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