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Album: Dirt
Band: Alice In Chains

Layne Staley: Guitarist and Vocals
Jerry Cantrell: Guitarist
Micheal Starr: Bass
Sean Kinney: Drums

1.Them Bones
2.Dam That River
3.Rain When I Die
4.Down In A Hole
9.God Smack
10.Intro (Dream Sequence)
11.Hate To Feel
12.Angry Chair

Alice In Chains formed in early 1987, in seattle. They were labeled a heavy metal band in for a while until the Seattle Scene started becoming big, so then they switched to "grunge". In April 1987, after being pursued by several record companies, Alice In Chains signed with columbia records.

In November 1990, Alice In Chains started playing some of their songs soon to be on Dirt, in concerts. They toured with Iggy Pop in November and introduced the songs "dirt" and "Rooster" to audiences who didn't give a flying ****. In May 1991, "Clash Of The Titans" tour with Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth. The band's debut song "would?" at the Starplex in dallas. The crowd responded by tearing up the grassy knoll. In April 1992, Alice In Chains started recording on Dirt, with Dave Jerden and the bands co-producer, they recorded through June.

In August 1992, "would?" becomes Alice In Chains biggest AOR hit to date, setting the stage for Dirt. Dirt is released in September 1992, written entirely by the band. Dirt paves a grim desent into a fine and private hell. Clearly Alice In Chains is on a collision course with some dark destiny. Later Layne Staley runs over himself while popping a wheelie with his 4-wheeler, undaunted he completes the Ozzy Osbourne tour in a wheelchair and on crutches, never missing a date.

Dirt is probably technically their best album, music talent wise. It has a lot of their more more known songs like; Down In A Hole, Rooster, Them Bones, Angry Chair and Would?. The albums dark lyrics make it what it is a dark album. The album focuses on death, anger, war, and conflict. With lyrics such as "Bury me softly in this womb, I give this part of me for you", "I want you to kill me and dig me under, I wanna live no more", "I have been guilty of kicking myself in the teeth". Very dark and disturbing lyrics but they are still unbealivably good.

Jerry Cantrell gives some of guitar lines in this album; the riff and solo of Them Bones, The solo in Angry Chair and the solo in Rooster are all great. You can forget Micheal Starr and Sean Kinney, Micheal puts out a nice bassline in Would? and Sean Kinney puts out a cool drumline in Angry Chair. You also can't forget Layne Staleys Vocals, like in Rooster "yeah they come to snuff the rooster, ow yeah". He puts so much feeling and passion in his work, that it is nothing short of brilliant.

The album is a excellent, masterpiece. Layne Staley wrote and song some great songs. Jerry Cantrell had some great guitar work in this album, mybe the best work he every did. This album is truely amazing and i would recommend this to anyone who, likes the sound of the Seattle scene.

sources used:
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Album: Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Anthony Kiedis (Antoin the Swan / AK): Lead Vocals
Flea (Mike B the Flea / Michael Balzary): Bass guitar
John Frusicante: Guitar
Chad Smith: Drums

Non-members participation:
Gail Frusciante & Friends ? Background vocals
Brendan O'Brien ? Mellotron/Keyboards, Engineer
Rick Rubin ? Producer
Peter Weiss ? Juice harp (Jew Harp)

Dedicated to:
Mike Watt

1. Power of Equality
2. If you have to ask
3. Breaking the girl
4. Funky monks
5. Suck my Kiss
6. I could have lied
7. Mellowship Slinky in B Major
8. The Righteous & The Wicked
9. Give it away
10. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
11. Under the Bridge
12. Naked in the rain
13. Apache Rose Peacock
14. Greeting Song
15. My lovely man
16. Sir Psycho Sexy
17. They?re Red Hot

Originally released September 24th, 1991, this album was arguably the one that drove to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to level of mainstream success they are today. With ?Mother?s Milk? (1989), the Red Hot Chili Peppers had gotten a level of fame, but had still not reach becoming a house hold name?

In Mother?s Milk, the Red Hot Chili Peppers got two new members who each added their own style to AK?s crazy lyrics and Flea?s delicious funk rock bass playing. With the 3 years in between the two albums released, most of the time was spent touring and getting all the members to find themselves in each other musically.

When Mother?s Milk when gold in the April of 1990, other record companies started looking the Red Hot Chili Peppers way. Deep within the record deal to EMI, it was shown that due to a ?personal-service clause? the contract would become void after seven years (although the band still owed EMI one album). Those seven years would end in 1991, so the hunt for a new record company began. Everyone from Warner to Geffen to Sony to Island Records made their pitches at them. After many bidding, two record companies headed up the race for the Peppers: Warner and Sony.

Originally, Sony had won this war (bet you didn?t know that!). Taken from Anthony Kiedis? book, Scar Tissue:

?We decided to go with Sony, with the proviso that they buy us out of the last album due to EMI. The entire brass of Epic/Sony records flew out to the Four Seasons in L.A. for a lavish brunch to celebrate the decision and do some photo ops. We were ready to go to work as soon as they could extricate us from the EMI contract. But even though they told us it would be only a matter of days, the days dragged on and turned into months.

?shortly after that, I got a phone call from Mo Austin at Warner?s. ?I heard about the deal you made with Sony,? he began. ?Congratulations, it sounds like a fantastic deal, and Sony?s not a bad record company, so just go out and make the greatest record you can make. Go get ?em.? I hung up the phone, genuinely touched. The coolest, most real person we had met during all these negotiations had just personally called to encourage me to make a great record for a rival company. That was the kind of guy I?d want to be working for. I called up Flea, and he had gotten the same call. He felt the same way.
We called (the band manager) and asked for an update on the Sony/EMI situation. Apparently, Sony was hitting a wall with EMI. That was all we had to hear. We begged him to get us out of the Sony deal and go with Warner?s. We let Mo step up the plate, and in one phone call to his old friend who ran EMI, we were off that label and signed with Mo. And we were ready to record the greatest record we could make.
?-Anthony Kiedis

For producing the ?greatest record they could make?, the Chilis chose Rick Reuben. They had met him at the Freaky Styley recording sessions years earlier, when he was working with the Beastie Boys. Impressed, they selected him.
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The entirety of Blood Sugar Sex Magik was recorded in 30 days in an old abandon ?haunted? mansion in Laurel Canyon (most of the songs were written in jam sessions played before the recording of the album.) The mansion is now owned by Rick Reuben. The album itself, is a through and through masterpiece.

Blood Sugar Sex Magik opens with one of the deeper lyrics on the album. Power of Equality is obviously about ending hate and? well, the power of equality. I personally believe this song is much better live than in the studio, but here it gets the album off to a quick start.

The next song is much funkier and shorter. ?If you have to ask / You?ll never know / Funkymotherfuckers will not / be told to go?. It?s a very catchy song, but not my personal favorite or all that meaningful. All of the songs on the album hold their own place within the album, moving it forward or building it up or carrying the album. This song is good enough to be one of the greats, but its surrounded by so many other greats I don?t qualify it as one of the best of the album.

The next song has more meaning to it. ?Breaking the Girl? is about Blackie, Anthony Kiedis? Dad. The song reflects how Kiedis and his father felt at the end of the day with no mainstay of a woman after all the f?d up drug parties they?d have. ?Raised by my dad, girl of the day / He was my man, that was the way?.

Funky monks is another track I don?t like that much, but it?s still a good song. Pushes the album forward. It features more of AK?s typical funk weird lyrics that groove with the song.

Suck my kiss, however, is one of my favorites. Flea?s bass part makes this song, and it totally kicks ass (lol). It?s simple, catchy, and everything fits the groove with each other. While I dislike the music video to this as it?s? pretty simple and basic, the music is what albums are all about, and this song rocks to the core.

I could have lied is another one of my favorites. It?s one of the few rock songs I know of that uses an Acoustic Bass Guitar, the riff is catchy, and the song is meaningful. Anthony Kiedis wrote the lyrics about his love at the time? who that love was?
Sinead O?Connor. (Source is his autobiography.)
They were dating and getting closer, when Sinead left a message on his machine that it was over and to not call back. Kiedis? response was this song.

Mellowship Slinky in B Major is also a sweet funk song. It features a great intro, and some of the funkier (read: weirder) lyrics on the album. The whole song grooves quite well, and I find it hard to get out of your head once it?s stuck there.

The Righteous & The Wicked is probably my least favorite song on the album. It?s got a catchy intro and basic riff, but it just doesn?t hold my interest for long.

Next comes what was the first single and driving hit of this album. ?Give it away? lets Anthony revisit the early, rapping days and groove with one of the best modern funk riffs. Flea got the riff in a groove with Chad, and Anthony Kiedis spat out the words ?Give it away, give it away, give it away now? to it. Frusciante was the last of the band to put his piece of work in, and even the guitar part fits and grooves perfectly with the song. To explain how Kiedis got the idea for the lyrics, I will (once again) quote from his book:
?That line had come from a series of conversations I?d had years earlier with Nina Hagen. Nina was a wise soul, and she realized how young and inexperienced I was then, so she was always passing on gems to me, not in a preachy way, just by seizing on opportunities. I was going through her closet one day, looking at all her crazy clothes, when I came upon a valuable exotic jacket. ?This is really cool,? I said.
?Take it. You can have it,? she said.
?Whoa, I can?t take this. This is the nicest jacket you have in there,? I said.
?That?s why I gave it to you,? she explained. ?It?s always important to give things away; it creates good energy. If you have a closet full of clothes, and you try to keep them all, your life will get very small. But if you give it to them, the world is a better place.?

?I was busting out on that mike, going, ?Give it away, give it away,? and Flea was flying down the length of his bass, and Chad was laughing hysterically, and John was searching for his spot on the canvas to put his guitar part, and we just didn?t stop. We all came away from the jam convinced we had the makings of a great song.

The next song on the album is another great song (they all are great songs, really.) This song gives the album its name, Blood Sugar Sex Magik. The reason this song was chosen for the album name was not because one of the band members felt it was the best song- infact, none of the band members did. However, all the band members and even producer Rick Reubin agreed that ?Blood Sugar Sex Magik? carried the feeling of the whole album, and was the coolest name.

The next song is something special. I view it as not only the best song on this album, nor only the best Red Hot Chili Peppers song? I view it to be the best song ever. You probably disagree with this (hey, there?s a lot of songs and a lot of opinions out there), but the common ground is that we both would agree it?s one of the best.

On the way home from one of the jam/rehersals, Anthony Kiedis was freestyling some lyrics in his car. What he came up with by the end of the car ride, was Under the Bridge. Rick Reuben came over Anthony Kiedis? house roughly a month later, and was immediately impacted by these lyrics. Reuben insisted that he show it to some of the band to try and make a song out of it (thank you Rick Reuben!). Upon hearing the lyrics, John Frusciante had the basic guitar part for the song as it is right now; and him and Anthony changed a few of the chords around till it sounded perfect, but most of the song is the same. Chad?s drum part is simple but adds to the song perfectly, and Flea?s bass part mesmerizes me considering the guitar part he?s playing with. It truly is a beautiful song.

After ?Give it Away? was released as their first single on the album, the band was (obviously) touring the album. At one of the performances when they were selecting the next single, Kiedis had a soar throat and couldn?t sing well throughout all of it. When his time to sing Under the Bridge came, his voice shot? but the audience knew all the words. That?s when they decided Under the Bridge would be the next single for this driving album.

Naked in the Rain is another one of my favorites, and is probably one of the few they could?ve put after Under the Bridge without making me feel let down in quality. As you can tell just by the title, the song is about being naked in the rain and enjoying yourself. Evidently, it tells the story of a man and his killer whale? but you get the gyst.

Apache Rose Peacock is another one of their funky feel good songs. It tells another weird story about a man and his animal / home / town / marijuana / instrument / whatever funky object AK comes up with. The lyrics groove, and it?s catchy and rocking. I love the song through and through, from start to finish. It opens with one of the better intros (not the best, but one of the better) to rock songs on the album.

The Greeting Song is another one of the ones I don?t like so much, and I can?t force myself to write a long paragraph on. I will say I absolutely love the intro, but once Anthony?s vocals come on I lose my love for it.

My lovely man is an alright song, but one that doesn?t stand out to me. The drums stand out to me in this for whatever reason, and I like how the song goes from heavy to lighter quickly.

Sir Psycho Sexy is one of my very favorites. I think it should?ve been released as a single. It starts off with rock song with Kiedis doing some of his best crazy funk lyrics, with Flea, John, and Chad switching grooves several times. This song features George Clinton (?Meet the man that I met one time / Meet the man that?ll love me blind? and such? George Clinton.) It?s his first appearance on album of the Chilis sense Freaky Styley, in which he had a few appearances. It also ends with a groovy instrumental-like ending that I love the crap out of.

The album concludes with a perfect closing song. ?They?re red hot? is short and sweet, with a bouncy little rhythm and a catchy little melody. It tells the story of a man selling tamales, but that?s not the point. The song itself is excellent even if the story told is not, and this barely over a minute song always puts a smile on my face.

Overall, this is my favorite album by what is probably my favorite band. It is the album Flea started doing mostly finger style instead of mostly slap and pop.

Sources used:
Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis (his autobiography)
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Album: Siamese Dream
Virgin Records America Inc. (1993)

Band: The Smashing Pumpkins

Billy Corgan- Guitar
James Iha- Guitar
D?Arcy Wretzky- Bass
Jimmy Chamberlain- Drums

Track Listing:
1. Cherub Rock
2. Quiet
3. Today
4. Hummer
5. Rocket
6. Disarm
7. Soma
8. Geek U.S.A.
9. Mayonaise
10. Spaceboy
11. Silver****
12. Sweet Sweet
13. Luna

Siamese dream was recorded by the Smashing Pumpkins in 1993 in Atlanta Georgia. This was the follow up to their semi-successful debut album Gish. The subsequent tour left many ill feelings and the recording of Siamese Dream marked a low point in many of the band mates lives. Songwriter and guitarist Billy Corgan contemplated suicide after the breakup of a long time girlfriend which led to severe writer?s block and therapy. Drummer Jimmy Chamberlain had acquired a drug addiction over the tour and frequently had to miss recording the album to attend rehabilitation. The relationship between guitarist James Iha and bassist D?Arcy Wretzky fell apart at this time as well. The band was in danger of breaking up but their new record label was pressuring for a new release. The album was a huge success (over four million copies) for the Pumpkins which threw them into the mainstream. The band was often categorized with other grunge/alternative groups like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but outlived this period of music by changing their unique sound over and over with other celebrated albums such as Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and Adore.

Cherub Rock (9/10) - This opening tack beginnings with powerful drumming with and a memorable chorus, and a face-melting solo. Overall a very dynamic song that has the ability to make your head bang.

Quiet (7/10)- This is quite the misnomer; the song is packed with grungy guitar riffs and Billy?s lulling voice that shows its agility.

Today (8/10)- The big single from the album and is quite radio friendly. It beginnings with a soft riff but blasts your ears with charging guitars if you?re not prepared, very catchy and somewhat uplifting, accompanied with a crazy music video with Billy as an ice cream truck driver and James in a dress.

Hummer (9/10)- Another heavy riff but fits well with Billy?s more casual voice, I really enjoy the lyrics in this one, surprisingly emotional.

Rocket (7/10)- Another big radio hit for the band, pretty straightforward rock song, nothing especially great, but very enjoyable.

Disarm (10/10)- This changes the flow of the album in a big way. The orchestra, church bells, acoustic guitar, and Billy?s heart felt lyrics make this a very moving song about his childhood. Also a radio hit, one of the best on the album, a great indication of diversity.

Soma (10/10)- This song begins with soft guitars and a dreamy voice. The lyrics are beautiful; the song picks up in a heartbeat with a long guitar solo and continues with a powerful chorus, quite the epic.

Geek U.S.A (8/10)- This song follows the style of the earlier tracks on the album but reminds us that these guys can really play their instruments. Very intense then breaks off into a gentle segment, and then reenters with Billy singing his heart out, Chamberlain at his best.

Mayonaise (11/10)- A delicate guitar intro that blazes into Billy?s exquisite poetry. Acoustic parts and an electric guitar solo, this song has it all. In my opinion this is not only the band?s best song but one of my all time favorites. A rock ballad suffering no rival.

Spaceboy (8/10)- This is a re-taste of ?Disarm? about Billy?s brother, a string-laden piece that hints toward future Mellon Collie tracks,

Silver**** (6/10)- A rollercoaster of dynamics, this song is 9 minutes long, yet I never really got into it, still good though.

Sweet Sweet (7/10)- A nice little flowing song, with a ?sweet? acoustic guitar.

Luna (9/10) - I truly love this song, very similar to the preceding track. The song breaks off with Billy chanting ?I?m in love with you?. A very peaceful track that ends the album in the finest fashion.

This album defies genre assignment. The band barrows from many different styles to create something genuinely unique. As good as this album was and as much as it pains me, this style had vanished by the band?s next work. Unlike most people, the Smashing Pumpkins took their misery and transformed it into a masterpiece overflowing with strong emotions (not cheesy though) that has changed lives. The Smashing Pumpkins were told they?d never make it and then were supposed to die with Kurt Cobain, yet they pushed on and gave the world inspiring music. Hopefully I needn?t tell you to buy this album, but just enjoy your music no matter what it is, this album just works for me.

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Album: Too High To Die
London/Pdg (1994)

Band: The Meat Puppets

Curt Kirkwood- Guitar/vocals/songwriter
Cris Kirkwood- Bass/ Vocals
Derrick Bostrom- Drums

Track Listing:
1. Violet Eyes
2. Never To Be Found
3. We Don't Exist
4. Severeed Goddess Hand
5. Flaming Heart
6. Shine
7. Station
8. Roof With A Hole
9. Backwater
10. Things
11. Why?
12. Evil Love
13. Comin' Down
(Hidden track- Lake Of Fire, '94 version)

Too High To Die was released on January 25, 1994, less than six months after the Kirkwood brothers shared the stage with Nirvana at thier landmark 1993, Unplugged In New York concert.
Throughout the Meat Puppets 20 + year career, they kept a loyal fan base, but failed to acheive mainstream success, until the song Backwater was released. The song became a mainstream radio hit, and the album was certified gold soon after.

Violet Eyes (8/10)- The song manages to be heavy and soothing at the same time. Amazing soloes, and great lyrics.

Never To be found (8/10)- A catchy, almost funny, guitar riff opens the song, and Beautiful clean guitars throughout the song, until the solos. These are classic Kirkwood solos. Very fast in the beginning, then they slow down and become spacey. This song has a very relaxed feel to it.

We don't exist (8/10)- Amazing opening riff, which leads into a heavier verse. There is a very catchy chorus. This song is very similar to Violet eyes and never to be found.

Severed Goddess Hand(8.5/10)- A slower, more melodic song. Beautiful lyrics.

Flaming Heart (9/10)- The main riff is, in my opinion, one of the best riffs ever. Memorable chorus, impressive solos, and as usual, great lyrics.

Shine (7/10)- A great song, but it just doesnt do it for me. The lyrics are amazing though. The kind of song that gives you goosebumps.

Station (9.5/10)- This song was written by Cris. Very wierd lyrics, and a great main riff.

Roof With A Hole (9/10)- A great blues based song. Great lyrics. The outro is amazing.

Backwater (10/10)- The hit single off this album. funny lyrics and as usual, very impressive guitar.

Things(8/10)- Nothing special. Just standard Too High To Die

Why?(7/10)- A great acoustic song. Changes the tone of the album. Gives it a more mellow feel.

Evil Love(10/10)- One of the darker songs on the album. Cool intro. Written by Cris, so the lyrics are very wierd.

Comin' Down (9/10)- A country song showing the many influencesof the Meat Puppets. Perfect song to end the album on.

Lake Of Fire(hidden track)(7/10)- Remake of thier 1984 song. Much "better" vocals than the original and the guitar work is some of Curts best. I prefer the Meat Puppets II version though.
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AOTW: Muse - Absolution

Album: Absolution
Band: Muse

Matthew Bellamy - Lead Vocals, Guitars and Keyboards
Chris Wolstenholme - Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
Dominic Howard - Drums and Percussion

Song Listing
1. Intro
2. Apocalypse Please
3. Time Is Running Out
4. Sing For Absolution
5. Stockholm Syndrome
6. Falling Away With You
7. Interlude
8. Hysteria
9. Blackout
10. Butterflies & Hurricanes
11. The Small Print
12. Endlessly
13. Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist
14. Ruled By Secrecy

Muse are an alternative band, based out of Devon, England. In the early nineties while Matt grew up playing mainly the piano and guitar, Chris and Dom both played drums in their respective bands. The guitarist in Dom's band quit after a while, they asked Matt to join, but soon after, the bassist and vocalist left, leaving Dom and Matt on their own. So they asked their friend Chris to join and play bass for them, an instrument he was just recently beginning to pick up. At first, they called themselves the Rocket Baby Dolls, but shortly after they re-named the band to Muse.

After playing many gigs out of their high school, and local pubs, the band gradually gained local popularity, which led to word getting out to external locations. They ended up signing with a mediocre label (called Mushroom) and wrote and released the album Showbiz in 1999. They toured around the world and became a big hit mainly around Europe. In 2001 they released their second album Origins of Symmetry. They continued to tour afterwards but eventually settled down for a few months to concentrate on the writing process of Absolution, but not before releasing the live C.D. set Hullabaloo. On the 22nd of September, Absolution was released, and sold millions of copies worldwide. After the release of the album, the band set off on tour and have been playing shows universally ever since.

Song Reviews

Intro - N/A

Apocalypse Please - This song starts the CD off with a shot of heavy piano and strong vocals from Bellamy, as well as experimental background sounds and a relaxing, almost soothing chorus of harmonic chant. The lyrics are also inspiring, not to mention fitting with the style of song, and very meaningful. 9/10

Time Is Running Out - To kick off this number (the first single off of the album), Chris provides a somewhat jazzy bass intro drowned in a nice synth effect. A nice quiet verse and a slow yet suspenseful palm-muted/crescendoed build-up at the end make for a great energy driven chorus, complete with a new-found accent of every second beat that continues through to the next verse, as we experience a harsh spiteful lyrical rant from Matt. When it gets to the bridge, the bass riff from the intro plays for it's proper 4 bars, before a nice piano accompaniment joins in, then kicks off to another build-up, and ends with another loud, layered chorus. The lyrics to this song, although a bit repetitive, follow a strict rhyming scheme that goes with the song perfectly. 9.5/10

Sing For Absolution - This song is nice display of relaxing vocals and piano work from Matt. It's one of the slower songs of the album, although that isn't a very fair statement considering a good chunk of them are. This song, is from my interpretation, is an abstract love song with varying fixations on subjects when it comes to the different stanzas. The chorus is driven by a lightly distorted guitar, with a bridge that contains a purposely overdone solo, that flows with the tempo of the song and blends into the finals verses. 8/10

Stockholm Syndrome - This song is simply stunning, and by far my favourite on the album. It begins with a very fast distorted guitar riff that is heard frequently through the song. The verse starts out fast with great octave-shaped chords and strong vocals that seem to want to be unleashed. The verse repeats then goes into a thundering chorus of power chords, that contains an absolutly spectacular keyboard ascending score, that adds an element of magic to the already strong guitar and vocals. After the second chorus, the song breaks down into the guitar intro riff again that evolves into full band. The riff itself is taken on a ride of a very slow yet effective flanger effect. It then breaks down into seperate riffs of the same style that play off of each other, until the thundering chorus power chords boom in again and take us on another ride through the brilliant piano and vocals, teamed up with the guitar/bass's loud rythym chords, and the explosive percussion.
I love every aspect of this song. To be frank, if I could marry this particular track, I would. But I'm not really into the freaky type of lifestyle, so for the time being, I give this song a well-deserved 10/10.

Falling Away With You - This song is a touching love ballad of what i've interpreted to be a look back on a long, rough relationship. The great acoustic guitar in the verses are quiet and follow the vocals, helping to showcase the lyrics. The chorus is also somewhat quiet yet louder than the verse, and void of harsh sounds, making this another relaxing ballad and easy on the ears, yet interesting at the same time. 9/10

Interlude - N/A

Hysteria - Another one of my favourites from the album, and another great bass intro riff by Chris. The intro goes by itself for the first little but, but after a little is accompanied by some nice octave chords from Matt. The bass riff lasts throughout pretty much the entire song, except for the chorus, which gives nice structure to the song. The chorus features nice layered vocals that flow perfectly with the music and sound amazing. 9.5/10

Blackout - This song begins with a beautiful keyboard and vocal duet, accompanied by a trilled acoustic riff that sounds like something you might hear at a greek birthday party. The keyboard and smooth droning chants last throughout the course of the song, and are overlapped by Matt's sad vocals, promoting lyrics that seem to be about a person talking about how short life can be. The lyrics are short, yet powerful, and flow beautifully with the song. This slow song as a whole is another nice break between "headbangers", when listening to the album a whole. 8/10

Butterflies and Hurricanes - In the intro of this track, a cool keyboard riff that descends slowly, accompanies the calm vocals, and is then followed by a crude bass riff that descends twice as fast. I really like the vocals from this song because of the pure subject matter, which is seemingly about a symbolic situation in which someone is put on the spot and given a chance to prove theirself before they die. Another great, beautiful, soft number. 8.5/10

The Small Print - And to totally switch gears from the previous two slow songs, a loud mechanical intro riff kicks in and grabs your attention. The lyrics to this song are of plenty and layed out perfectly with the many other different sounds, including a few abstract breakdown parts. Some of the best guitar work from Matt is displayed on this track, and Dom provides us with well done but not over-done drum parts. This is one of the only songs where the bass doesn't really shine, but just helps keep the ryhtym (which isn't a bad thing). The vocals, as usual, are extremely well done and make you want to sing along, especially in the chorus. 10/10

Endlessly - This one starts off with a nice jazzy piano score and drums played with jazz brushes. Yet it doesn't turn out to be an entirely jazz-driven song. Like a few others on the alum, this song is mainly piano driven, and does it's part to help balance out the spotlight of different instruments on the album. Another soft love song, that's shines lyrically and musically. 9/10

Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist - This song starts out with some very cool repetitive arpeggios, that also play throughout the verses. The chorus features some good chanting background vocals that team up with the lead vocals and instruments to make the chorus a very good listen. This song also features a slow distorted guitar solo in between, that fits in somewhat nicely. I'm not extremely fond of the lyrics, as they come off as a bit repetitive, but are sung well as usual by Matt. 8.5/10

Ruled By Secrecy - And to finish off the album we have another slow beautiful piano ballad in a minor key. Some really brilliant piano parts are shown off in this song, and while I usually prefer an album to end with a bang, this is still a perfect way to fade it out. The calm piano and vocals make for a nice end to an overall thrilling album, and one of the favourites in my collection. 8/10

Overall Album Score

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John Frusciante - Niandra Lades & Usually Just a T-Shirt

1. As Can Be
2. My Smile Is A Rifle
3. Head (Beach Arab)
4. Big Takeover
5. Curtians
6. Running Away Into You
7. Mascara
8. Been Insane
9. Skin Blues
10. Your Pussy's Glued To A Buliding On Fire
11. Blood On My Neck From Success
12. Ten To Butter Blood Voodoo
13 - 20. Usually Just A T-Shirt: Untitled Tracks

Background & Review:
After departing from the Chili Peppers, John found himself in his LA house,strung out on drugs and severely depressed. Friends such as Gibby Haynes (Lead singer of the Butthole Surfers), River Phoenix (Talented young actor, died in 1993 from a Heroin Overdose at Johnny Depp's club, the Viper Room) & Perry Farrell (Lead singer of Jane's Addiction & Porno for Pyros) persuaded John to release a solo album, saying that there wasn't good music anymore.

John went ahead and released his first solo album, Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a Tshirt, through Rick Rubin's (producer of BloodSugarSexMagik) American Recordings label. "Niandra", (actually two albums. Niandra LaDes: tracks 112 & Usually Just a Tshirt: Tracks 1325 combined into one) is a journey into one's mind, in this case, John's. That might be a plain thing to say, but by the first minute into Niandra, you quickly know this is not just anyone's mind.
Niandra is like walking into John's apartment.

He sits you down and through every dimension imaginable, delivers every emotion and vibe that he feels at any particular point in time. A great factor to this is that he used a 4track recorder, and in some cases, a stereo system to record Niandra LaDes and Usually just a Tshirt. The album turned out to be a commercial flop, selling something in the ranges of 45,000 copies before it was dubbed as "out of print". Frusciante was and is still not concerned about this.

His feelings were that, if you have an open mind and allow yourself to see reality in it's truest form, and enjoy this album, that it is a success.

As stated before, if you truly have a sense for feeling you can enjoy this album. Fans of John's solo work, see his music as something so pure and honest, it can trigger any expression and/or emotion. That's certainly what Niandra does! As an incredibly gifted man, Frusciante can filter any emotion through his guitar and deliver something that very few artists can, Pure Expression.

Niandra was recorded during various times and places. Tracks were recorded before and during his involvement with the RHCP. A few tracks with the late River Phoenix were recorded during this timeline as well. But, a majority of the tracks on this album come from the time period in which John was strung out on heroin in his hollywood apartment, which burnt down several years after the completion of Niandra. It's like you're taken into this world where beauty flys high and corruption and addiction plays it's toll. The one thing about Niandra LaDes and Usually just a Tshirt is that, you either LOVE it, or you HATE it. There is no inbetween. An Avid and strict top 40 listener would find this album to be a waste of their time.

But chances are, if you're one who SEARCHES for music, instead of allowing the media to manipulate and control your emotional state & choice, Niandra turns out to be a fantastic and original masterpiece. There is nothing on this planet like it. There is simply no point in trying to compare this album to other artists and their work. Niandra is a lofi work of art, a musical gem and an emotional dependence for many.
Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a Tshirt was rereleased in 1999, under American Recordings/Sony music.

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Dan Murphy- Guitar/Vocals
David Pirner- Guitar/Vocals
Karl Mueller- Bass
Grant Young- Drums

And The Horse They Rode In On was a ?crossroads? album for Soul Asylum. It combined the punk/grunge style of the band in the 80?s with the more melodic and poppy Soul Asylum of the 90?s. As a result, we?ve got the best of both worlds on this album. There are many different styles on this album, including pop-punk, grunge, piano ballad, folk, country, metal, and a ton more, so there?s something for everyone.

The album opens up with a catchy pop-punk song called ?Spinnin??. While I?m not a big fan of pop-punk, this one works very well. It has an extremely catchy melodic hook over very unique power-chord patterns.

From there the album moves into the straight-up grunge/punk offering ?Bitter Pill?. Not one of my favorites off the album, but fun to listen to. The drums are slightly off-beat during the chorus, providing a cool effect.

Next is one of my favorite songs off the album ?Veil of Tears?. It?s a 70?s-esque rocker with some stellar guitar work. The lyrics may not be anything special, but the guitar riffs and the catchy melody make up for it.

The album slows things down a bit with ?Nice Guys (Don?t Get Paid)?, which is a very direct look at how the world and the people in it has changed for the worse (?Now all the hopeless romantics are wearing white collars/Upstanding assassins cleaning filthy dollars/Car-jacking fanatics who kill for religion/In a city full of addicts and color television?), and about how ?there ain?t no money in doing things straight?. This is a very cynical song. If you want to be successful, you?ve got to be selfish is the basic message this song is trying to get out there. And it does it very well.

?Something Out Of Nothing? is next, and another one of my favorites off this album. It is a 70?s sounding funk song. Its unbelievably catchy, and I find it physically impossible to sit still through this song.

Following this is my absolute favorite song on this album ?Gullible?s Travels?. Its an acoustic folk-ballad about the frustration of not being accepted (?Everything's turning but mostly just turning out wrong/What's lost was once burning and finally the day seems so long/And it's Gullible's Travels and nothing unravels this way/Just another lost journey where everything's turning away?). The melody is catchy and beautiful. This is one of Soul Asylum?s strongest moments in their entire career.

Next is the optimistic country song ?Brand New Shine?. I don?t really like country, but I often find myself humming this song. Its just so well done it?s impossible not to like it.

?Easy Street? is another pop-punkish song about how, if you want an easy life, you have to work hard (?There?s no shortcuts to easy street/No corners you can cut?). Not a standout track, but enjoyable enough.

?Grounded? on the other hand is another one of my favorite tracks. It has a great guitar hook and a terrific melody. To be honest, I?m not entirely sure what this song is about. I never really thought about the lyrics. The tune is enough for me.

There?s really not much to say about ?Be On Your Way?. It?s not a bad song, but it doesn?t stand out at all. I must?ve listened to this album about 100 times, and I can?t even remember the tune to this one.

?We 3? is a piano ballad with a melody that reminds me somewhat of Billy Joel or Bruce Hornsby. I like this song quite a bit, because it?s a side of Soul Asylum that we never really see again. The lyrics are fairly straightforward (?She's your girlfriend, seems she ain't too fond of me/I guess if that's the way it was meant to be/There we were, just we three/You, your girlfriend, and me?).

The strangest song on the album is the last track ?All The King?s Friends?. It starts out sounding like a metal song. Then the chord progression begins to go faster than the vocals, and a very muddy sound results. It picks up in the powerfully arranged chorus. Its hard to explain, but this song is one of my favorites. It?s a bit hard to get used to at first though.


This album has been out-of-print for some time now, but its not hard to find it used (I?ve seen them around for six or seven bucks). If you ever find one, I highly recommend buying it. You won?t be disappointed.

Overall ratings:

Lyrics: 8/10
Music: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

NOTE: I didn't really use any sources on this aside the CD jacket, on account of there being absolutely NO decent Soul Asylum sites, but I did get some of the lyrics from
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AOTW: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Mother's Milk

The Band:
Anthony Kiedis ? Vocals
John Frusciante ? Guitars
Chad Smith ? Drums
Flea - Bass

The Album Background:
The Red Hot Chili Pepper?s early days did not sail smooth waters. They formed in 1983, composed of high school friends Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Hillel Slovak, and Jack Irons. They released albums in ?84, ?85, and ?87. But they didn?t see big commercial success until their breakthrough 1989 album ?Mothers Milk?. It?s a shame that by then, the high school fellowship had been devastated.

Around 1986, Hillel Slovak started experimenting with hard drugs. He overdosed two years later. Irons was so crushed by this he could not continue with the band. The remaining two, Anthony and Flea, were pulled back from the edge of self-destruction by this. They recruited long-time fan John Frusciante as a guitarist, and L.A. area drummer Chad Smith. They began writing their fourth studio album, a rock record that would not only change the course of their career, it would leave a lasting mark on modern rock.

The new band?s chemistry was remarkable; the new members filled Jack and Hillel?s shoes well. The new album kept the Chili Pepper?s trademark funk-meets-punk sound, but was more accessible to the mainstream than their previous work. As well as funky bass grooves, psychedelic guitars, and loud, thumping drumbeats, it had catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics. The more focused songwriting combined with slicker production made for the Chili?s commercial breakthrough. ?Higher Ground? and ?Knock Me Down? became hits on MTV as well as rock radio, propelling the album to platinum sales.

1. Good Time Boys
2. Higher Ground
3. Subway To Venus
4. Magic Johnson
5. Nobody Weird Like Me
6. Knock Me Down
7. Taste The Pain
8. Stone Cold Bush
9. Fire
10. Pretty Little Ditty
11. Punk Rock Classic
12. Sexy Mexican Maid
13. Johnny, Kick A Hole In The Sky

Original Release Date: August 22, 1989


This AOTW was done by public_witness who asked me to post it for him since he's going to be away.

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Queens Of The Stone Age: Songs For The Deaf

<img src=""></img>

Mark Lanegan - Vocals
Dave Grohl - Drums
Troy Van Leeuwen - Guitar/Keyboards/Lap Steel
Josh Homme - Guitar
Nick Oliveri - Bass


1 You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire
2 No One Knows
3 First It Giveth
4 A Song for the Dead
5 The Sky Is Fallin'
6 Six Shooter
7 Hangin' Tree
8 Go With the Flow
9 Gonna Leave You
10 Do It Again
11 God Is on the Radio
12 Another Love Song
13 A Song for the Deaf
14 Mosquito Song (Hidden Track)

Prior to releasing Songs For The Deaf, Queens Of The Stone Age, had relesed two albums (Self-Titled and Rated R aka R) two albums which were popular, but only in the right circles, in similar fashion to Josh Homme's and Nick Oliveri's previous band Kyuss, stoner rock icons, liked a lot more by musicians than casual listeners, anyway, moving onto the album.

''I need a saga, what's the saga? Songs For The Deaf....'' Some of the first really clear words spoken prefacing the first track, You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire, Millionaire for simplictys sake.

The whole album is mixed to sound like a low quality radio, and after the station introduces the first song (after much channel switching) a lo-fi drum beat comes in, and then gradually builds into a heavy song driven by Mark Lanegan's ''Singing''.
This song featured in the Tony Hawks Underground video game.

The album then runs directly into their big single release No One Knows, and from there back into the radio, complete with spanish, mumbling it forward into their next single First It Giveth, a bass driven number with a catchy chorus.

After that you get Song for the Dead, a track which really demonstrates Dave Grohls drumming capibilitys, with a very stop start flow to it, complete with a good solo in the middle and great harmonys.

From there, no radio interlude but The Sky Is Fallin' a song which has a drum build up into detuned guitar heavyness, which seems extremly raw, followed up by a radio interlude, the Six Shooter, a song full of screaming and abstract playing which lasts approxamatly 1 and half minutes.

Hangin' Tree, the following song is the opposite, and shows what a good vocalist, ex Screaming Trees singer, Mark Lanegan really is, another song with a catchy chorus.

Another single cut, Go With The Flow, which makes the lyrics ''I can go, with the flow'' very catchy, before the talent of musicians that they are hit well with Gonna Leave You.

Do It Again, Is sort of similar in the respect that instruments become catchy, but soon repetative, a good song none the less, which brings us back to a radio station, this time in the form of an evangelical preacher, leading into God Is In The Radio, a very bass song, but a song which does have a breathtaking guitar solo in it after around 5 minutes. From there onwards there are eerie sounds which fill the void between God Is In The Radio and Another Love Song.

Another Love Song is filled with hooks, and the album shuts with title track, Song For The Deaf, which is very difficult to get your head around at first, and ends with monotone talking and then silence, then a short mini track, which contains a few seconds of Feel Good Hit Of The Summer, from their album R.

If you are fortunate enough to have the Deluxe Edition...(how posh), the album ends with a beautiful acoustic song about mosquitos, this song is a real stand out track on the album, maybe not entirely fitting but brilliant all the same, and a great way for the album to end.

On the whole, Songs For The Deaf, is a masterpiece album, which can run very smooth, but its lo-fi production and radio interludes makes it a very difficult album to get into without perseverance, but rest assured once you've got into it, you will feel like you've heard one of the best albums of a long time.
And you have.

*Most information through listening, Via: Ears*
*Tracklist and Band Members from AMG:*
*And obviously Steve for fixing the link and so on*

Alix D/battleofla
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Sorry, I forgot to post this a couple days ago! But here it is

Band: Submersed
Album :"In Due Time"
Released Sept. 28, 2004
Wind Up Records

Donald Carpenter (Vocals)
Eric Friedman(Lead Guitar)
Tj Davis(Guitar)
Kelan Luker(Bass)
Garrett Whitlock(Drums)

1. Hollow
2. To Peace
3. In Due Time
4. Dripping
5. Flicker
6. Parallelism
7. Deny Me
8. You Run
9. Divide the Hate
10. Piano Song
11. Unconcerned

Submersed formed around three years ago when Donald Carpenter left the military after 3 years of proud service.
He started the band with Tj Davis and Kelan Luker along with two other members who would quit the band soon after.
The bands manager was a good friend of Mark Tremonti and upon hearing the loss of the lead guitar player, hooked
them up with young shredder Eric Friedman from California. They met up, wrote six songs in that first few days (4
of these songs are on the album) and Mark was impressed. He was so impressed that he step them up to play a
Showcase for Wind up and in the end they were signed. They started recording the album in early 02 while on the
search for a new drummer. The band attended a drummer contest upon moving to Orlando, FL to find their new
drummer. Garrett Whitlock impressed them enough for them to ask him to join them. He happily agreed. Wind
Up wanted them to have a market so they held off on their album release. They would go and record five new songs
that they wrote and would record with Don Gilmore instead of Mark Tremonti and Kirk Kelsay this time. The songs
were tracks 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9. The album would then be released Sept. 28, 2004.

The Album's opening song "Hollow" is their debut single. It combines a hard rock bridge along with some great melodic
verses and awesome chorus. To Peace and In Due Time feature some great rhythm while Eric shines on the end solo
on the song "In Due Time". "Dripping" follows and it uses great rhythm along with some well timed unison bends to
get the point across. Flicker has a different feel than their other songs. It uses the harmonic minor scale in the chord
progression and regular minor for the great solo where Eric shines again. Parallelism and Deny Me run well with great
rhythm and more solos in each, with Deny Me's solo showing Eric's blue's roots and his true talent. You Run uses
lead lines out the you know what that make it a very powerful song. Divide the Hate has a middle eastern feel in the intro
and then rocks out for the rest of the song. Piano Song shows Donald's amazing voice at his best, while Unconcerned
brings every member together and show each of their talents. Their first single "Hollow" will be featured on the new Elektra
Soundtrack. If this song is put in front of enough people, they have the potential to blow rock radio wide open. The only
category to put their music in would be "revolutionary" rock.
"To You i'm all thats left undone, I'm all I have but one, let me out my souls so hollow, let me out" - Submersed - Hollow

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Album: Self Titled
Band: Rage Against The Machine

Release Date: 03/11/92

Zack De La Rocha: Vocals
Tim Commerford: Bass
Brad Wilk: Drums
Tom Morello: Guitars

Additional Vocals: Maynard James Keenan (on ?Know Your Enemy?)
Trashcan Percussion: Stephen Perkins (on ?Know Your Enemy?)


1. Bombtrack (4:04)
2. Killing in the name (5:14)
3. Take the power back (5:37)
4. Settle for nothing (4:48)
5. Bullet in the head (5:09)
6. Know your enemy (4:55)
7. Wake up (6:04)
8. Fistful of steel (5:31)
9. Township rebellion (5:24)
10. Freedom (6:06)

Rage Against The Machine was formed in 1990 by Vocalist Zach De La Rocha and Guitarist Tom Morello. Rage?s music is heavily influenced by politics and are credited for creating the Nu-Metal genre.

In 1992 Rage self-produced a 12track cassette, which featured Bullet In The Head, which would later appear on their self-titled Debut album. The tape, sold over 5,000 copies. In the same year they supported Porno For Pyros in Los Angeles, Suicidal Tendencies in Europe and performed at Lollapalooza II.

On the 3rd November 1992 Rage released their Self-Titled Debut album, which I feel is their finest and strongest studio album out of the four.

Song Reviews

(9/10) ? The opening track on the album. Starts of with one of the best bass lines on the whole album and features a very catchy guitar riff. The chorus is excellent as is the solo.

Killing In The Name (10/10) ? My favourite song on the album. The opening riff is their best ever the solo is equally incredible in fact everything on this song is perfect.

Take The Power Back (9/10) ? Starts off with some incredible slap bass, has a great chorus and another phenomenal solo.

Settle For Nothing (8/10) ? The slowest song on the album features some incredibly powerful lyrics, a cool solo and a great chorus.

Bullet In The Head (10/10) ? Another excellent song with great lyrics, a sweet bass solo and another truly great guitar solo.

Know Your Enemy (10/10) ? Another one of my favourite Rage songs a great mixture of a heavy guitar riff, pounding bass, amazing drums, and great vocals. This song also features the phenomenal Maynard James Keenan (Tool/APC) on guest vocals.

Wake Up (10/10) ? This song is most famous for being the song in the end credits of The Matrix, that?s where I first heard it and instantly loved it. This song has a great riff as well which they probably did steal off Led Zeppelin but its still a very good song.

Fistful Of Steel (9/10) ? Yet another great riff and a crazy Solo.

Township Rebellion (10/10) ? I really love this song it really shows some of Tom Morello?s incredible guitar skills especially the solo it is also has some of my favourite lyrics ever (?Fight the War, fuck the norm?).

Freedom (9/10) ? A 6 minute song with another excellent riff. Ends the album perfectly.

Overall Album Score:

This album is absolutely incredible and is one of the only cases where rock and rap mixed together actually works and sounds good. This is definitely rages greatest studio album. If you don?t own it go out and buy it NOW!!!

Also check out:
Evil Empire (?96)
Battle Of Los Angeles (?99)

Album Booklet
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Tool - Lateralus

Band Members:
Maynard James Keenan - Vocals
Justin Chancellor - Bass
Adam Jones - Guitar
Danny Carey - Drums

Track Listing:
1. The Grudge
2. Eon Blue Apocalypse
3. The Patient
4. Mantra
5. Schism
6. Parabol
7. Parabola
8. Ticks & Leeches
9. Lateralus
10. Disposition
11. Reflection
12. Triad
13. Fa Aip De Oiad

Tool's 2001 release, Lateralus, displays some of their best work. Soft to heavy. Quiet to loud. Progressive song structures And odd time signatures. All common occurances in Tool's music. Maynard's vocals are well thought out and just sound incredible. Adam's guitar tone is huge, and his riffs are amazing. One of the most creative guitar players ever. Justin's bass thickens up the overall sound alot aswell, and his basslines are nothing short of fantastic. Danny's drumming is undescribable. Odd time signatures, and he doesn't resort to the typical rock beats.

Lateralus is the next chapter in Tool's repitoire. Where AEnima left off, Lateralus picks up. My favorite of their albums and probably their most accessable. Definatly reccomended to anybody who hasn't heard it yet.

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Oasis : Be Here Now

Band Members :
Vocals: Liam Gallagher
Lead Guitar: Noel Gallagher
Rythym guitar: Bonehead
Bass: Guigsy
Drums and percussion: Whitney

Track Listing:
01. D'You Know What I Mean?
02. My Big Mouth
03. Magic Pie
04. Stand By Me
05. I Hope, I Think, I Know
06. Girl In The Dirty Shirt, The
07. Fade In-Out
08. Don't Go Away
09. Be Here Now
10. All Around The World
11. It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)
12. All Around The World (Reprise)

Since everyone loves negativity, I'll start this review off by explaining this album's major flaw. IT'S TOO FRIGGIN LONG. Half the songs on here are about 6 minutes or longer! The total time is over 70 minutes. It's kind of weird really, cause their previous two albums were nowhere near a long. Although the fact that Noel was doing lots of Cocaine during the songwriting and recording process might explain it.

Now you can approach this flaw in two different ways. You can complain about it, or if a song gets boring, you can get up and press the next button. Simple. With that out of the way, this album is really, really good. Its pop hook after pop hook, chocked with great choruses and interesting melodies. Now this album wasn't very well received by the public, and sales quickly floundered. It only flew off shelves in the first place due to the success of Oasis' previous two albums, Definitely Maybe and What's the Story Morning Glory? However I don't see why. Despite its length it's almost the perfect pop record, and Oasis' best in my eyes.

1. D'You Know What I Mean? - 10/10

Wow! What an opener. It starts some cool helicopter sounds and then goes straight into the excellent verses and then the anthemic chorus. The riff is great, the vocals are great, what's not to like? It was the lead single and is just so infectious. The lyrics show sign of an inflated ego, but you just can't ignore the clever Beatles' and Dylan references (Blood on the tracks so they must be mine, fool on the hill and I feel fine!) The Seven and a half minutes will just fly by!

2. My Big Mouth - 8.5/10

This one's quite the rocker! With a jarring riff and strong hook, it's a loud Rock and Roll song. Just a tad overproduced and more signs of Noel's inflated ego (Who'll put on my shoes while I'm walking slowly down the hall of fame?) bring down this song's score a bit, but it's still pretty awesome.

3. Magic Pie - 9/10

It starts off as an interesting ballad, and soon enough it turns out to be the song that appears on every Oasis record where Noel sings. Again there's a great hook, great chorus, but this time instead of overproduction, the song is just too long. The lyrics were clearly written while high on Cocaine, although some are pretty clever, and it's kind of like one of The Beatles' more psychedelic songs.

4. Stand By Me - 9/10

The second single and a beautiful power ballad. The violins are just excellent, and the chorus'll take your heart away. The lyrics are sort of odd and random, and it's a little overproduced but it's still a magnificent song. If it were a little shorter it would be THE perfect pop song, and I don't see why it wasn't huge. The acoustic version is just as brilliant.

5. I Hope, I Think, I Know - 8/10

Back to the spirit of Rock and Roll, this song is never played live, and an average song as far as Oasis material goes. It's not really strong but not really a weak track either. The chorus sounds kind of childish at first, but the verse and riffs are strong.

6. The Girl In The Dirty Shirt - 8.5/10

Noel wrote this one about his wife Meg, although Liam being Liam thought it was about him. Another cool ballad, it's sort of BHN's answer to She's Electric off of WTSMG? Cool riff, cool verses, and a solid song. There are some weird little sounds at the chorus bit, but they don't really take away from the song, they're just kind of odd. The piano at the end is really great too.

7. Fade In-Out � 8.5/10

The intro riff to this one is kind of bluesy, and it's played by Johnny Depp, the actor, on slide guitar, back when he wasn't a household name. Whereas the riff doesn�t do much for me, the vocals are perfect. Liam is really great on this song. A great solo and some poetically enchanting lyrics on this song too, it's probably one of the more accessible songs on the album, and a cool sort of blues song. Just a little too long though, as it sits at almost seven minutes.

8. Don't Go Away - 9.5/10

Wow. Just a masterpiece. Great length, great string arrangements, and a chorus to die for! Noel really outdid himself this time. It's probably the best ballad of the 90's. Who needs Wonderwall when you've got this song? The horns, the violins, the vocals... it all just flows so perfectly! To top it all off it's got some great lyrics. (Say that you'll stay, forever and a day!)

9. Be Here Now - 7.5/10

Very weird lyrics, I'll say that much, although some are quite clever. The intro is played on a child's piano, and the drum loop is stolen from the Rolling Stone's Honky Tonk Woman. It's got a good verse and chorus, but the pre-chorus is as annoying as hell and it just doesn't do that much for me the way the last song did. I'd say this is probably the weakest track on the album.

10 . All Around the World (part 1) - 10/10

Ok this song isn't really divided into two parts, but for reviewing purposes I'm splitting it in half. The first five minutes of this song are effing brilliant. Great vocals, great chorus, great strings, great everything. Nothing wrong with the first half of this song. Noel said he wanted it to be the anthem for that generation and it probably would've been if not been for...

10. All Around The World (part two) - 7/10

Well the second half of this 10 minute epic sounds like Hey Jude on crack, with the chanting and little instrumental bits in between. Despite what most people say, it's not THAT bad, just annoying after two minutes. So I recommend what I do. Listen to the first five minutes, then start the song again, and then once it gets boring just go right to...

11. Its gettin' Better (Man!!) - 9/10

Yet another great rock song, the riff is awesome, so are the vocal hooks and it makes a great closer although it's not really the closer. It's full of energy, has a nice guitar solo, and it's just a nice optimistic song. Liam's vox are a bit whiny, and it drags on a bit, but it's still one of the best on the album.

12. All Around The World (reprise) 10/10

Most people seem to ignore this song as they're tired of AATW and it's only two minutes anyway, but I just love that riff so much, and the trumpets are great as well as the strings, so I'm giving it a 10. It's for when you want to listen to AATW but don't have 10 minutes!

Cons: The length of the songs and album

Pros: pretty much everything else. Great guitar riffs, great ballads and Rockers, and just an overall solid album. The strings are especially good (like any Oasis album) and I think it's one of the most underrated albums of the 90's. You can hear the influence of Cocaine throughout the album but I'm not sure how different it would've been had Noel been in a clean state of mind. Anyway great if you enjoy brit-pop or if you've heard Wonderwall or WTSMG? (the album) then this would be a good place to go next!

Overall rating: 8.8/10
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Incubus-Morning View

Band Members:
Brandon Boyd-Vocals
Michael Einziger- Guitar
DJ Kilmore
Dirk Lance- Bass Guitar
Jose Pasillas II- Drums/Percussion

Track Listing:
1. Nice To Know You
2. Circles
3. Wish You Were Here
4. Just A Phase
5. 11am
6. Blood On The Ground
7. Mexico
8. Warning
9. Echo
10. Have You Ever
11. Are You In?
12. Under My Umbrella
13. Aqueous Transmission

My Personal Opinion:
When I first bought Morning View by Incubus back in 2001(I believe I was 12 or 13), I had never really extensively listened to Incubus, in all fairness, the only Incubus song I really knew well was the mega-hit Drive off the Make Yourself album. I had heard the first two singles, Wish You Were Here and Nice to Know You, on the radio and decided that this was an album for me. However it would be quite awhile after I bought Morning View to feel this way.

On first listen, Morning View seemed too calm, too intricate, and not for me. Slowly but surely, however, it began to grow on me. Different songs revealed themselves to me with every listen, Warning for example, a song I originally disliked, became a song that was first to be put on repeat. Soon I had no complaints about Morning View, it was my album for that day you just want to relax to some good music, and let your cares go "floating down the river", to quote Aqueous Transmission.

In comparision to the other Incubus albums, I believe Morning View stands out as the most complex, it maintains the heaviness of early Incubus, but transforms it in a way that doesn't require a wall of electric guitars to drive it. The harder songs supply Morning View with power, the softer songs supply the album with heart, and what could be a better combination than power and heart....

The Songs:

Nice To Know You

A good song to lead off with, it maintains the heavier vibe from the end of Make Yourself, and bridges the two albums. One of the heaviest songs on the album, Mike Einziger's guitar riffs push the chorus and gives it a catchy hook. Brandon's lyrics on the other hand twist and manipulate such a common occurance(a limb falling asleep/losing feeling) and makes it the song to throw someone out on their ass with.


Another hard song, Circles gives a subtle album a more aggressive side. As a whole it is well written and conducted and the angrier vibe proves a good counter balance to the lighter, more soothing songs later on in the album.

Wish You Were Here

As someone who writes a fair amount of poetry, I know it when I hear it. Wish You Were Here is one of the most lyrically poetic songs I have heard. The way Brandon describes the sky, the burden of a lonely heart, and the hope and unpredicability of change makes it a perfect single. However I believe that was also its downfall, the first single that was mercilessly overplayed and unfortunately lost some of its beauty in the transition.

Just a Phase

One of the great things about Morning View is its roller coaster ability, it moves from fast driven songs to calming, slow ballads. There is not one song on the entire album that displays this better than Just a Phase. A long instrumental intro builds up to a lyric about being pushed more and more to the edge, until it all explodes in the final chorus, releasing the pent up rage that we all carry.

11:00 am

Haunting in music and interpretation, 11:00 am is the first truly subtle song. Coming off the peak of Just a Phase, 11:00 am gives the listener a feeling of regret, while the music slowing puts you into a claming trance.

Blood on the Ground

Morning View again reaches a higher peak as Blood on the Ground bursts through and allow angers empowering nature to take hold. Heavy guitar and drums gide Brandon's lyrics through a world of fury, wishing to break free.


I hate to compare songs off different albums to each other, but I believe the acoustic Mexico is the Drive of Morning View. When I hear Brandon's lyrics, I feel like im drowning in a pool, alone in spirit, but greed and selfishness. Mike does great work on the acoustic, as he gives a haunting performance.


I said it before, I really dislike dthis song at first listen, but like the rest of Mornign View, Warning! grew on me. Plan and simple lyrically, it still manages to make you think deeper than what the lyrics present.


One of songs on Morning View I feel is flawless, Echo lifts your heart and opens it to the vulnerability of love, lust, and desire. There is really nothing mroe to say, just a perfect song.

Have You Ever

My least favorite song on the album, despite the usual high quality of lyrics and music, Have You Ever seems out of place. When it comes on, the anger of the earlier tracks returns and breaks up the more heart heavy, calming emotions of the past few tracks. Perhaps if I could place this song after Circles or before Blood On the Ground, it would be better received.

Are You In?

Finally DJ Kilmore gets a chance to prove why his position in the band is just as important as Brandon's, Mike's, Dirk's, or Jose's. This song makes me want to jump in my car on a warm summer night, and just drive around with my friends.

Under My Umbrella

Not wishing to sound hypocritical, the hard hitting Under My Umbrella is perfectly placed on the album. Even though it breaks up the laid back attitude of Are You In?, Under My Umbrella continues the roller coaster like theme of the enitre album, as it estblishes itself as the loudest and most pwerful song of the album, something I feel Have You Ever fails to do.

Aqueous Transmission

The only other song I consider to be perfect, Aqueous Transmission lets you take in your surroundings and see the beauty of a calm boat ride down the river without leaving your home. The use of Asian musical influences finally settles the tone down to a drifting idle, and adds more lyrical character to an already well established album.

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

The roller coaster attitude of the album can prove to be annoying if you're not prepared for it, but can add character if you are.

Lyrically, musically, and overall sound cannot be beaten. At a length of just under an hour, Morning View also is the perfect length, to keep you listening the whole album through.
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Ned's Atomic Dustbin-Are you Normal?
Released Nov 3 1992
Mixed,Produced & Engineered by Andy Wallace
Redorded at Chipping norton, Rockfield & Ridge farm studios
Band Members:
Matt Chestin-Bass#1
Alex Griffin-Bass#2
Dan Worton- Drums
John Penny-Vocals

1-Suave and Suffocated 3:45
2-Walking Through Syrup 2:42
3-Legoland 3:10
4-Swallowing Air 4:12
5-Who Goes First? 4:30
6-Tantrum 4:32
7- Not Sleeping Around 3:13
8-You Don't Want to Do That 3:32
9-A Let End in His Own Boots 3:07
10-Two and Two Made Five 3:51
11-Fracture 1:25
12-Spring 3:16
13-Intact 4:47
total 46:09

This Probably should be in the Alt/Indie forum as by Judging by the number of tabs here on this site for Ned's hardly any body out there know's them except for a couple of people,never the less Ned's is a great Little Rock Roll band that you young people should be aware of

From what I know they formed in 1987 in Stourbridge West Midlands England and they were part of the Brit pop sceene back in the early 90's and have 3 full length studio albums and a bunch of compilations, Are you Normal is there 2'nd Album and to me anyway there best, they rushed this album to get released after the success of there first album Godfodder, the problem was due to poor managment and Marketing and there record lable Ned's never really made the mainstream airwaves and gained the popularity that they deserved weather be bad timing or the fact that each band member had such a unique taste in music, they eventualy broke up shortly after there 3'rd release Brain Blood Volume which is really to bad because if you ever saw ned's in concert you were treated to one of the best live acts you'll see but any way back to my review of Are you normal.

If You like great guitar riffs with amazing meoldies, and clever, and witty lyrics and just an overall great catchy pop rock n roll album with a bit of an edge then Neds are for you, I fell in love with Ned's from the first note I herd from them and loved them ever since, there songs are full of heart, Passion and Honesty that you just dont find in the tainted diluted waterdowned music thats put on the radio today, I'm not going to review ever song for I love all the songs on the album they all get 5 out of 5 but I'll at least give you some examples of some of the lyrics

Sauve and Suffacted
My Childhood Obsession is my record collection, so what
makes us so squeaky clean? if were food for worms thats not my scene

Who Goes First?
She'll Study While you fidget and you squirm
Resite the final lesson of the final summer term
But no amount of lessons could of made you learn

Leg end in his own boots
Do you think I should, do you think I could? Get my fingers down your throat at the same time and cut you with a very long very sharp knife

so all and all go out and buy some Ned's atomic dustbin
at your local good store were you buy cds and get addicted

Oh no, It go, It gone, Bye-bye, Who I
I think, I sink, And I die
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Although Dizzy Up The Girl (and A Boy Named Goo) sounds totally different from the GGD's older albums, it was probably one of the albums that helped to increase the size of their fan base, and it also appeals more to the mainstream listeners. In my opinion, if you're into modern rock, then this is probably the most appropriate GGD album for you. This is only a comparison of their 'mainstream' albums, namely A Boy Named Goo, Dizzy Up The Girl and Gutterflower. Older albums seem to have gathered a different fan base due to their heavier punk style.

In older albums, Johnny Rzeznik seems to show off more of his playing skills and Robby Takac was more heard throughout the album. However in later albums, Johnny seems to have taken over Robby's role as lead singer. Personally, I prefer Johnny's singing and song-writing over Robby's but they both have their good points. In later albums, Johnny's playing seems to have mellowed down to suit the slower ballads and less punkish tracks, while Robby still helps their later albums to retain the punk in the band.

Even though the bassist Robby amd drummer Mike aren't the most technically adept instrumentalists, they still do their jobs well and the band sounds outstanding as a whole. On the other hand, Johnny excels in so many ways like song-writing, playing, riff compositions and singing. One of the most talented musicians to me. And of course, you can't forget this guy's crazy tunings that sound just amazing.

Track List:

1. Dizzy - Hell yes, it makes u dizzy, but in a good way. A smashing intro to the album. 8/10

2. Slide - Probably one of the best songs I've ever heard! Really catchy, sweet lyrics, great singing, nice riffs, excellent arrangement.. What more can I say? 10/10 (Deserves more than 10 in my opinion)

3. Broadway - Really good but not the best. 7/10

4. January Friend - Quite a good one from Robby. 6/10

5. Black Balloon - Very touching song, nice strings arrangements too. 9/10

6. Bullet Proof - Whoa.. Rockin' track! 7/10

7. Amigone - Erm.. Alright, this isn't one of my favs. Ain't that bad but I don't like it that much neither. 5/10

8. All Eyes On Me - Nice tune but it ain't the best in the album. 6/10

9. Full Forever - Alright I've heard it and I realised that it's one of the better Robby tracks, quite catchy I must say. 8/10

10. Acoustic #3 - Supposedly a Goo fan's favourite but seems a bit repetitive. 5/10

11. Iris - You've heard it before. (I suppose) But anyway it's one heck of a great track. 9/10

12. Extra Pale - One of the best Robby songs. Catchy too. 8/10

13. Hate This Place - I don't know why but I find the lyrics really emotional and the tune (and riffs) just has this really sad element to it. I love it alot. 10/10

P.S. Sorry to Robby fans but this album doesn't showcase his better works, in my opinion. With the exception of Extra Pale.
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Nine Inch Nails-The Downward Spiral

On March 8th, 1994, Trent Reznor released the second full length album from his Nine Inch Nails. "The Downward Spiral" is a 14 track industrial rock masterpiece that helped bring NIN to the top of the alternative music food chain. The Downward Spiral is a complete level up from 1988's Pretty Hate Machine, but it still uses the agression that was shown on 1992's Broken EP. The album had 3 music video's(Closer, Hurt, March of the Pigs and also had 2 cd singles relesed ("closer to god", and "march of the pigs")which contained remixes and other goodies.

Closer Video

The most notable single from the album is "Closer", the video for closer caused alot of controversy and had to be edited to be played on MTV. In 1995 Trent released Further Down The Spiral, which was a continuation of the album that contained different versions of songs on TDS. The tracklisting and review for each song is as follows.

1."Mr.Self Destruct"-One of the most well put together songs on the album, the "wall of sound" at the end of the song is something that Trent is most know for and it shows on this song. It's very agressive and you can sense alot of anger in the delivery of the lyrics.
2."Piggy"-A slow, mellow song that is mostly just bass drums and vocals unter later in the song. The lyrics are really abstract and the overall feeling of the song is confusing but too mellowed out to be confused.
3."Heresy"-Trent attacks christianity on one of the loudest songs on the album. Theres alot of layers of sound on this song.
4."March Of The Pigs"-The first single from the album, this is a very 'industrial' sounding songs and one of my favorites on the album.
5."Closer"-The big hit on the album. The song just gives an overall horny feeling and has a great beat and mood to it. There are so many layers on this song that every time you listen to it you'll hear something new.
6."Ruiner"-Powerful song with a loud chorus in it. The interlude is said to be a tribute to jimi hendrix and i can see how that could be.
7."The Becoming"-Good song that's about becoming a machine, the lyrics to this song are some of the best NIN lyrics you can find.
8."I Do Not Want This"-One of the coolest and most experimental songs on the album, the chorus is really angry and goes with the song perfectly.
9."Big Man With A Gun"-It is said that trent is making fun of all the 'gangsta' rappers out at the time with this short and loud song.
10."A Warm Place"-A moving instrumental that sets up the next song perfectly.
11."Eraser"-Alot different from the rest of the album, one of my favorite songs on the album.
12."Reptile"-The longest song on the album at 6:52 but also one of the best, great lyrics and music.
13."The Downward Spiral"-Half instrumental and half poetry this sets the mood for the end of the spiral
14."Hurt"-The saddest song Trent has ever wrote, Johnny Cash covered it and it is at the top of many NIN listeners lists of favorite songs.

Trent Reznor on the Self Destruct Tour

The Downward Spiral is set to display every human emotion thinkable and it does this. It touches everything from self assurance, to anger, to being horny, to depression. The album itself has stood the test of time and a special version was recently released for its 10 year anniversary. A truly groundbreaking and important album for our culture and music in general.

More Info
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I'd have to say that three days grace have the best lyrics by far
they help all the kids with problems relate to something and bring them back to the real world
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Up The Bracket (2002) by The Libertines


In June 2004, The Libertines? (Carl Barat, Pete Doherty, John Hansell and Gary Powell) debut single ?What A Waster? hit the top 40, and created a lot of hype amongst music magazines, particularly the NME, who heaped praise on the band. However, the track only appeared as a bonus track on some pressings of the album. Another single that never featured at all was ?Don?t Look Back Into The Sun?, what these tracks did do however, was to show the public what the band were capable of. Through an unorthodox release schedule, Up The Bracket was their first full album, released on the 30th September 2002 in their native country, the U.K.

The Album:

The album opens with Vertigo. A very rowdy noisy rock n roll-ish track with clever lyrics and a riff that?s very easy to stomp along to. 8/10

Death On The Stairs follows and is another great track, a bit slower but with lyrics that are very easy to love. 9/10

Track 3, Horror Show, is much less mainstream and not as accessible as the first two due to a rather bleak outlook demonstrated in this song. 7/10

Time For Heroes was a very good choice for a single, as it?s the stand out track, a beautifully witty set of lyrics about London and a fantastic progression. 10/10

The fifth track, Boys In The Band, is another track that is very catchy and with very good vocal performances which makes it sound slightly similar to opener Vertigo. It?s another nice barre chord based assault. 8/10

Radio America is a much slower, calmer track than any of the first 5. It has meaningful lyrics but no distinct melody or hook. It?s a nice breakdown track but feels slightly filler. 6/10

Track 7 is the title track ?Up The Bracket? and it?s a fantastic song. Definitely has something about it that gives it a very punk rock feel. 9/10

Tell The King sounds very familiar if you?ve heard the second album before this or if you?re sure that there?s a very old song that uses a motif similar to the guitar breakdown in here. Nevertheless, it?s a solid track. 8/10

The Boy Looked At Johnny is one of the scruffier sounding tracks on the album, with a distinctly unpolished feel, and rumoured to be written about Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell. However, it might also be to do with a book by Julie Burchill of the same name. It?s still an excellent song with very catchy vocals. 9/10

The next track is called ?Begging? and its nice and soft to begin with then powers up a bit. A good track but not one of the best on the album although the lyrics are very easy to pick up yet again. 8/10

The Good Old Days is a slightly moving song with one very powerful lyrical line springing to mind - And if you've lost your faith in love and music the end won?t be long. The penultimate track is another very solid one. 8/10

I Get Along is the final track and it?s incredible. It embodies a very punk rock attitude in both lyrics and music. It?s loud and fast and its an excellent way to finish the album, with such a blunt statement -

?I get along just singing my song
People tell me I?m wrong
?..**** ?em.? 9/10.

A good solid debut album (and I don't think they got any awards for it, or I couldn't find anything anyway).
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Album: Californication
Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Anthony Kiedis (Antoin the Swan / AK): Lead Vocals
Flea (Mike B the Flea / Michael Balzary): Bass guitar
John Frusicante: Guitar
Chad Smith: Drums

Non-members participation:
Rick Rubin ? Producer
Greg Kurstin ? keyboards
Patrick Warren ? Chamberlin Organ

1. Around the World
2. Parallel Universe
3. Scar Tissue
4. Otherside
5. Get on top
6. Californication
7. Easily
8. Porcelain
9. Emit Remmus
10. I like dirt
11. This Velvet Glove
12. Savior
13. Purple Stain
14. Right on time
15. Road trippin

Originally released June 8th, 1999, Californication?s story isn?t as long as, oh, say, Blood Sugar Sex Magik?s. But its story is still pretty hefty.

John Frusciante left the Red Hot Chili Peppers on May 7th, 1992. This is all the way before One Hot Minute, but this is the best place to start the story of Californication. When an interviewer asked John why he left the Chilis, he said, ?Just tell them I went crazy.?

The truth as to why he left, though, was because of a depression. What caused this depression? Well, John?s dream was never to be in the world?s most famous rock band, John?s dream was to be in the band that was well off enough to get by because of their music, but not the rock stars they became after Blood Sugar Sex Magik. He might have just accepted rock stardom, had he not gone backstage in the 80s and talked to Hillel Slovak (original guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers) and (now famously) asked Hillel what he would think of the peppers if they ever got famous. Hillel said ?I don?t know if I?d really like us if we were famous,? and this added to John?s cause for depression. Those two band tidbits, combined with a newfound heroin addiction, put John out of control in his sadness and sorrow.

In 1994, John released his first solo album, ?Niandre Lades and Usually Just a T-shirt?. Actually two albums in one package, if you listen to it you will clearly know John?s state of health and heroin addiction in 1994. You can also look for the Vpro interview from 1994 to see just how bad it got.

Meanwhile, how were the peppers doing minus their most recognized guitarist? They went through several replacements, including Arik Marshall (who would appear in the ?Breaking the Girl? music video and a Simpsons episode), Jesse Tobias, and others. However, all those guys were just tour replacements: guys they played with live, not guys who they wrote songs with. The first man to replace John as the real new guitarist of the Chili Peppers was Dave Navarro of Jane?s Addiction fame.

Dave brought interesting chemistry to the band (Chad and him became quick drinking buddies), and they recorded and released One Hot Minute in 1995. The truth of that album is, though, that Dave was quote-unquote ?lazy? and that Flea recorded the final cut of the guitar parts on a couple of the tracks. Like Frusciante, Anthony Kiedis was losing to a drug addiction and depressed at the time of OHM (which can even be heard on the record: ?Looking into my own eyes, hey girl / I can?t find the love I want / Someone better slap me, before I start to rust / before I start to decompose? ? ?Sittin in my kitchen, hey girl / I?m turning into dust again? ? Aeroplane). Anthony knew Dave wasn?t going to be a permanent replacement for the peppers, but continued to make the best music he could with them.

After the time frame of One Hot Minute, Frusciante went into rehab. Why did he go into rehab? To give you an idea of how bad his heroin addiction was, he literally died (heart stopped beating, body stopped breathing) six 6 times of overdoses in his time out of the peppers. With One Hot Minute?s mediocre mainstream success, the peppers knew it was time to move on. Anthony Kiedis has called 1997 ?the year of nothing for the peppers?, which is true on his case. Dave and Chad did their own work together, and Flea prepared the recording of a solo album (which never came to be, but the demos still exist for). 1998, would be a great year for the Peppers.

Flea convinced AK that John should come back in the band, and they went to the hospital to see John. When John was offered to join, he gladly accepted. When he got out of the hospital, it?s been said he did nothing but play guitar all day to regain his ability. The album the four members would create would show off all of their talents, and create a new life for the Red Hot Chili Peppers once again.

That album was Californication.
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Californication opens what I consider to be one of the best and most badass opens to an album ever. ?Around the World? opens with a couple open E?s on the bass with light distortion, and if you?ve never heard the song or the album before, I personally recommend buying it and then cranking up the bass and the volume on the car ride back? The song rocks all the way through, with a great bassline, a memorable bass solo, a catchy little guitar part, a GREAT drum part (I often find myself humming the drums at the chorus), and AK?s personality all over the lyrics. ?I know, I know, fo? sho / Ding deng dong dong ding dhang go dong, ding dhang / I know, I know, it?s you / Ding deng dong dong ding dhang go dong, ding dhang?. And yes, I memorized the exact ?Asian? gibberish AK sings, only later to discover that live he improvs it. The song ends with an outro that left me wanting for more.

?Parallel Universe? is a pretty good song. By no means is it even close to one of my favorites, but the fact of the matter is, it?s a good song and it?s damn catchy. The first time I heard ?You can die but you?re never dead / spider web?, it wasn?t out of my head for a day or two. It features some heavy lyrics in an overall light sounding song, but it mixes perfectly to create a good song.

Scar Tissue is a song about the struggles Anthony Kiedis went through in the 90s. He came up with the lyrics outside of where they were playing one day, when the chorus came to him. The ?sarcastic mister know it all? in the song is Dave Navarro; the rest of the things you should be able to figure out on your own as Anthony Kiedis meaningful lyrics. It would be the first single to the album, and the most successful one aswell. It is a great song, with a sweet instrumental/solo/bridge part. This song would later be used as the name for AK?s autobiography, Scar Tissue.

Otherside would be my favorite song on the album if not for Around the World. The song is about Anthony Kiedis? drug troubles (he wrote this in Scar Tissue). ?How long, how long will I slide / Separate my side? I don?t / I don?t believe it?s bad / Slittin my throat is all I ever-? is the chorus, and if you know that the songs about AK?s drug troubles, you?ll know the music video provides a pretty strange but cool set of metaphors for his drug fights as well.) The chord progression is simple but catchy, the bass and guitar parts intertwine so perfectly that I can?t really fit to words (they stay at the same chords but one goes higher and the other lower and really just listen to it lol). It features a bridge invented by Rick Rubin?s ?face off? method (where when they need a break in the song, Rubin tells Frusciante to go one way without his amp and Flea to go the other without his, and they quietly make the best bass or guitar part they can in less than around 10 minutes. The better part is used as the bridge. My guess is Flea won that face off.)

Get on top may infact be my least favorite song on the album. I know plenty of people who like it, but I don?t so I won?t waste my precious UG space *****ing about it.

Californication is the 2nd most successful single off the album, and also the one that gave the album its name. The song was written by AK through John (like Under the Bridge or I could have lied). AK had the lyrics and said this would make a great song. It?s said to be one of the hardest songs that took to make, as it took John quite a few tries to come up with the proper guitar part & chord progression to fit properly with it. It features a guitar nice solo (with Flea doing his typical change-of-bass-part-to-take-a-mini-solo in it), and some pretty funky lyrics. ?Psychic spies from China try to steal your mind?s elation / And little girls from Sweden dream of silver screen quotations / and if you want these kind of dreams, it?s Californication?. The song is about how Western culture makes its way around the world (also what Around the World is considerably about? go figure) and also at times the gluttonous acts of Western Culture (?pay your surgeon very well to break the spell of aging?, ?Cobain can you hear the spheres?, etc.) It?s a great song. Not my 2nd favorite off the album like the success of the single would imply, but simply put it is a great song.

Easily is not one of my favorite?s, but it?s still a song I like. I like the ending best: ?I don?t want to be your little research monkey boy / the creature that I am is going to destroy / Throw me to the wolves because there?s order in the pack / Throw me to the sky because I won?t be coming back?.

Porcelain is a great song in its own right. From the moment that song opens and you hear a quiet crackle of something found on an older recording, with a properly toned drum hit from Chad Smith and some interestingly pretty lyrics from AK? the song is a great song.

I like Emit Remmus? intro and outro best? particularly the outro. I don?t really like the vocals until the last part, where the bass changes as well. Still a damn fine song, I love the ending I just don?t like listening to it to get there until that bridge part.

I like Dirt is a wonderfully weird song (like most peppers songs). ?Some come up and some come young / Live to love and give good tongue / Sit down get down in the sun / Rocket to the woman is on the one / I like dirt, I like dirt, I like dirt?. It?s pretty kinky musically as well. Fun song to listen to and just have a weird rock out moment to? trust me.

This Velvet Glove has a pretty sweet intro, but I don?t really like the parts outside of the intro. It could almost be compared to a song from By the way (hmm?), which isn?t necessarily bad, but it?s not the RHCP sound I like best.

Savior is like a bad track off By the way. This Velvet Glove is a decent song, but Savior is something I don?t like really in most any way. It sounds like a mix between the OHM era and the BTW era. I?m sure some people do like it, it?s not like it?s a horrible song; but it?s the one I say I skip every time and the only one I label a ?filler? track.

Purple stain is the closest to funk as this album gets. This album isn?t even close to their funk roots, but that?s not a bad thing necessarily. Purple stain has a guitar part and a bass part that feature long slides in them, and I almost always find myself grooving along with that and the funk lyrics.

Right on time is a quick song. Just as a tidbit, the voice at the end of it saying gibberish is a recording of John saying ?We need that, we need that? played backwards. The bassline to the chorus is very discoy, and takes incredible talent to play that fast. John shows off his backing vocals here (along with in Californication and Around the World if I didn?t mention earlier), and they add to the song A LOT. It?s a great song. There?s an alternate version of this track that is ?significantly? different from the unmastered recordings. Other songs that are different include Around the World (the outro changes slightly), Road trippin? (doesn?t have a strings section), and Easily (AK does vocals during the outro).

Road trippin? was released as a single towards the very end of this albums time on the charts, but it?s a good enough song to have been one in there prime. It?s a full on acoustic, featuring Flea on his acoustic bass like he does with ?Pea?. It?s an excellent song, that despite having a very tacky music video, has some of the most beautiful lyrics. ?Blue you sit so pretty / West of the one / Sparkles light with yellow icing / Just a mirror for the sun / These smiling eyes are just a mirror for??

Overall, this is my 2nd favorite album by what is, infact, my favorite band. It?s one of my favorite albums regardless of band.

Also note, just as a tidbit that I couldn?t fit in anywhere else, the only song they?ve played live from the OHM era is ?Pea?, which is basically a Flea solo song.

Sources used:
Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis (his autobiography)
Californication booklet (for official lyrics)
Myself (for the gibberish lyrics in Around the World? lol)

also note if you want the b-sides from this album, some boots from this era, the tracks that didn't make it, the alternative recordings I mentioned... or if you just wanna talk Chili Peppers, feel free to IM me.
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EDIT: i dont know how to get the album picture up the top here, and i will be adding my ideas on the songs on sunday night australian time cause i have to go away for the weekend and haven't finished em.

Kyuss - Welcome To Sky Valley (1994)

John Garcia - Vocals
Josh Homme - Guitars
Scott Reeder - Bass
Brant Bjork - Drums

Track Listing:


Supa Scoop and Mighty Scoop


100 degrees
Space Cadet
Demon Cleaner


Conan Troutman

hailing from the harsh desert surrounds of palm springs california, kyuss were a truly unique band probably best known as the predecessor to queens of the stone age for josh homme and nick oliveri. during their short lived existence kyuss went unnoticed to a large extent by the mainstream, yet drew the attention of heavyweights such as dave grohl, metallica, faith no more and danzig, by pioneering a brutally heavy yet eclectic brand of music that has spawned countless imitators since.

originally playing under the names katzenjammer and sons of kyuss, the boys from palm springs ignored the L.A club scene which lured so many other up and comers, using the isolation of the desert as their training ground. 'generator parties', which as the name suggests involved bands heading out to the middle of nowhere, plugging into generators and bashing out their music for the beer churning audience they attracted. according to josh homme playing in the desert "was the shaping factor. There's no clubs here, so you can only play for free. If people don't like you, they'll tell you. You can't suck.""[generator parties] played a huge part in our development," Singer John Garcia explains. "Because we all come from the same area, we all have that same background, the peace, the desert, the generator parties, the mountains, the canyons. And that's a huge part of Kyuss, where we're from."

1989 saw the band's first release, a self titled EP, recorded while the band members were in their mid teens. extremely rare, only around 500 copies were ever released, 150 of which homme claims to still have lying around his house. one year later, 'kyuss' as they were now known ventured into the unchartered territory of the hollywood club scene, prompting mixed reactions from punters. according to garcia "a lot of people hated us...I think we got into fights like 13 or 14 straight shows." on the other hand chris goss, masters of reality frontman and producer of blues for the red sun and sky valley, took a genuine interest in the band. in 1991 'wretch' was released featuring a number of tracks off the sons' EP, however in retrospect the band agree that it was
not 'a kyuss record' so to speak.

blues for the red sun graced the shelves of stores in 1992, and saw the band's popularity escalate markedly, yet only 39 000 albums were sold. Chris Long a club promoter and staffer at record label chameleon said "Kyuss is the band with the biggest awareness level for a group whose last record sold only 40,000." blues sparked MTV rotation of clips for 'green machine' and 'thong song', radio airplay, acclaim from various magazines and most notably, an australian tour slot with metallica. Homme says of metallica "They had heard 'Blues,' and they were into it...[The tour] was quite an experience. Just being in Australia alone was

in the aftermath of the tour, kyuss returned to the studio with chris goss and crafted sky valley. soon after drummer brant bjork called it a day, and the band's label chameleon folded, leaving the band temporarily stranded. "It was a ****ed-up year," admits Garcia. "With the record already being recorded, then the company going under, us canning our manager and losing our drummer--yep, it was a pretty ****ed-up year." however all
was not lost, on the back of more than enthusiastic comments from metallica, dave grohl and numerous industry reps, elektra picked the band up and sky valley was born.

sky valley continued where the band left off with blues for the red sun, mixing droning low end riffage with more diverse acoustic passages. the album was to be brant bjork's last recording with kyuss, and scott reeder's first after touring with the band after blues was released.

divided into only 3 tracks, gardenia kicks off the album in fine form with bone crunching heaviness before kicking into more fluent, almost psychedelic breakdown.

josh homme's unique guitar style can be identified immediately on asteroid (the album's only instrumental track) as he layers eerie yet melodic passages over a desolate mix of bass and guitar.

the final track of part I, the oddly named supa scoop and mighty scoop is heavily driven by bass and drums, and to put it plainly,
****ing rocks. the groove in this song is undeniable, and much like gardenia, the riffs almost have a 60s vibe moulded into their heaviness.

unsurprising considering one interviewer described the studio in which the album was recorded in as "a late 60s hash fest...The air was murky, heavy, scented. Eyes wereundoubtedly glazed.
It created a mood all right, and a music so heavy it'd squeeze the piss out of a lab rat". in response to an such a misguided insinuation, Garcia admits "We were really stoned, We love our dope!"
"Bongload of it!" says Reeder with a laugh.

Section II, my favourite part of the album features another 3 tracks: 100 degrees, space cadet and demon cleaner. 100 degrees opens up with a wah driven powerchord sequence and rolls into some high tempo (by kyuss standards) balls out riffage, yet my favourite part is when the rhcp esque breakdown kicks in. the interplay between reeder and homme is perfect, and shows how seamlessly the band can mix in contrasting styles.

space cadet epitomises the desert landscape which the album was borne out of, an enchanting acoustic track that lasts over 7 minutes. although homme is the lone axeman, layer upon layer of beautifully crafted guitar work makes this another of my favourites (particularly from a guitarist's point of view), highlighted by his pseudo mandolin work, reminiscent of jimmy page.

one of the more accessible tunes on the album, demon cleaner tones down the chunk factor on the guitar side of things, and allows room for bjork's powerful drumming and garcia's surprisingly melodic vocals. although less aggressive than your average kyuss song, the arrangement seems perfect and josh homme's doubled guitar solo that closes the track blew my mind.

odyssey opens the final part of the album in similar fashion to the 2nd with more hard rocking riffs and funky breakdowns. garcia's vocals stand out on this track with a controlled rawness comparable to that of chris cornell.

conan troutman is a brief up tempo song which leans more towards punk rock than black sabbath, its saving grace in my opinion, probably not one of the stronger tracks on the album.

N.O. is classic rock. Kyuss style. bluesy yet heavy it rocks out old skool style and features some ass kicking lead guitar from ... of encino man.

kyuss earned their reputation as a jam band and whitewater manages to surpass the benchmark set by freedom run and 50 million year trip on blues for the red sun. the intensity and dynamics constantly change throughout its 8 minute duration. the sparse and laid back intro soon bursts into trademark kyuss with some great headbanging material. the verses and choruses sound huge, terrificly harnessing garcia's vocals before the rest of the band takes over. the art of building musical tension is displayed as reeder uses both the low and not quite as low capabilities of his bass while homme's melodic guitar work entrances the listener. whitewater is truly one of those songs where you seem to hear something new on each listen, and amazes me with the interplay between the band in the same way tool does.

following the apparent conclusion of the album, lick doo, a 50s style doo wop song completely alters the mood in a comical fashion, proving that the guys dont take themselves too seriously, in stark contrast to their seattle based counterparts.

overall, i find sky valley to be an amazing album, yet i can fully understand that not everyone will feel the same. kyuss is probably best described as an acquired taste, but is most fittingly
summed up by the band themselves:

"Kyuss is four guys from the ****in' desert
playing in a band together, and that's all it is. Everybody gets their own feeling out of it. That's the way it should be."
"If you go out to the middle of the desert and sit there, you can see every color in the world. And when you sit there for a while, baking under the sun, dust in your face, that's Kyuss in a ****in' nutshell."
"It's a way of life," confirms Reeder. "A good way of life."
"The only way of life," concludes Garcia.
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1st released: June 1992
Re-released with "Easy": January 1993
Produced by Matt Wallace and Faith No More

The band:
Mike Patton - vocals
Mike Bordin - drums
Billy Gould - bass
Roddy Bottum - keyboards
Jim Martin - guitar
...which means the classic FNM line-up

some history, briefly:
1981 - In Bay Area, in the sunny California, Mike Bordin and Billy Gould start a band called Faith No Man (that's a silly name actually, don't you think? )
1982 - Roddy Bottum joins the band, the name changes to Faith No More
1983 - Jim Martin takes over the guitar; Chuck Mosely takes over the mike ? the "original" line-up is complete
1984 - the first demo
1985 - the first full-time record, We Care A Lot, released by Mordam Records
1986 - contract with Slash Records
1987 - the second release, Introduce Yourself
1988 - Chuck Mosely gets fired from the band because of his drug and alcohol problems which became more than troublesome for the rest (he sucked as a singer anyway )
1989 - Mike Patton from a local band Mr. Bungle is hired, the band records and releases The Real Thing (the first FNM record that matters, and earns them popularity)
1990 - the single "Epic" hits the big time, really big time
1991 - the live recording Live At Brixton sees the light of the day, the band slowly becomes famous
...and soon starts working on the next album...

The success of The Real Thing took the band by surprise. It suddenly turned out that they have become a huge critically acclaimed act with considerable fanbase around the world. After successful touring in support of the album the time has come to prove to everyone everywhere, including the band themselves, that FNM has something to say in rock, something more than "Epic".
This time around Patton was already an established member and could contribute largely to the process of writing new music (the last record's material was more or less ready when Patton arrived). This manifested itself in the music becoming much more daring and uncompromising. The compositions got really intense, sometimes fairly unpredictable or even weird (an influence of Patton's Mr. Bungle experience), as the rest of the band eagerly followed the direction shown by Mike (who already started becoming a sort of a leader). Also the lyrics are among the best Mike has ever written, although he often claimed that it is the sound of a word, not the meaning, that matters to him most.
All things combined, Angel Dust was a deliberate display of power, the Faith No More's tour de force, an ambitious attempt to create something fresh, ground-breaking, possibly everlasting, and enjoyable at the same time. All these goals were accomplished.

1. Land Of Sunshine ? from the first seconds the opener hits you in the face with the bombarding intro, followed by a darkly funky bass-driven verse, with Mike quoting the golden thoughts of the Scientological Church and fortune cookies; then in the chorus the heavy keyboards, guitar and sinister laughter all merge into one sonic waterfall, which leaves you no doubt as to the content of this record ? it's not going to be nice, you're coming in at your own risk.

2. Caffeine ? now the things are getting serious; FNM turn the knobs up and serve you an ass-kicking piece of really heavy metal; Jim's Marshall noise pierces the air, Mike effortlessly shifts between screaming his head off and melodic chanting, everything vibrates and resonates... one of the songs that beautifully capture the energy of these guys playing together, and one of my faves.

3. Midlife Crisis ? time for a hit-single; slower, more user-friendly beat, catchy melody, groovy power-chord chorus... a cool song, but by no means primitive; it's still pure FNM, only this time they showed their more humane face; this song had full potential for a smash hit, God only knows why it didn't repeat the success of "Epic"; it should have, it's so much better, at least to me, and it never gets boring.

4. RV ? now there's something awkward; if you thought you know what FNM is all about after hearing the first 3 tracks, this makes you re-think it; this hilarious song (the title is an abbreviation for Recreational Vehicle) is based around an absurdly light piano-guitar tune, which suits the grotesque picture of a white redneck, told rather than sung by Mike; a great example of the band's odd sense of humour and a reminder to all of us ? never take FNM too seriously...

5. Smaller And Smaller ? back to the metal; dense, very slow-paced heavy metal, trandling like a roller along a bumpy surface; only a short interlude in the middle, just enough for you to take a deep breath, and then the monster rolls on... a solid, hypnotysing track.

6. Everything's Ruined ? my personal favourite, both musically and lyrically; FNM allow you to relax a bit with this exciting and very melodic song, perhaps power-ballad would be the good word; the brilliant text is a classic story of rise and fall, but told with specifically financial terminology; the final chorus sung by Mike with so much heart, always gives me a feeling of elation, as does the small but very satisfying solo piece by Jim; another song which would have been a smash hit in a perfect world.

7. Malpractice ? and back to the metal again... mostly furious, heavy as lead, with a few tempo changes, a predictably unpredictable delicate pause halfway through, and string samples by Kronos Quartet; not among my favourites but a respectable piece, nonetheless.

8. Kindergarten ? another very focused, slow-but-heavy track, with interesting high-pitched guitar licks and a great chorus that stays in the memory; features parts shouted out through a megaphone and a nice bass solo by Billy; a very good song, proving that you don't have to be super-fast and heavy to be intense; to me this song has a strong flavour of deeply hidden and suppressed anger.

9. Be Aggressive ? an elegant organ intro by Roddy leads us to a very funky, dynamic song; the chorus is something original, whether you like it or not is a matter of taste, though ? a group of cheerleaders chanting the words "be aggressive" letter by letter; this is exactly what Marylin Manson ripped-off shamelessly some two years ago in his "mObscene" (another reason why I don?t like Marylin Manson ); Jim provides his probably best solo on the record; oh, yes, and Mike shouts "I swallow, I swallow, I swallow!"

10. A Small Victory ? a marvellous song built around an excellent melody, and some of the best singing that Mike has ever done; the song is wonderfully structured with some brilliant bridges, passages and interludes, developing the basic ideas of the composition; the lyrics also belong to my favourites, above all the great line "It shouldn't bother me but it does!" which is repeated over and over, and also the final spoken part; I don't know, I just love listening to this...

11. Crack Hitler ? the whole scope of FNM's styles is present here; a cool palm-muted intro, funky bass, heavy drumming, "orchestral" keyboards, a slow and powerful break; megaphones and other vocal effects are used to tell the violent story of a drug-mogul; a great song but it takes time to appreciate it.

12. Jizzlobber ? for the end of the album proper you get a real kick in the balls with this killer metal monster; the heaviest track on the album, although not the fastest; Mike screams the place down and uses his voice to create some scary inarticulate noise in his own Mr. Bungle style; and when the song slowly fades away only Roddy's church organ remains in the battlefield providing a majestic coda to the whole album.

13. Midnight Cowboy ? the post scriptum is the instrumental theme from the film of the same title, originally composed by John Barry; seemingly out-of-place here, the beautiful soothing but passionate melody is actually a great summing up of Angel Dust; it fits the band's ecclecticism and versatility perfectly, and creates a mood of timelessness, at least I see it this way.

14. Easy ? the famous cover of the Commodores' classic was a bonus track, but it became the biggest post-Epic hit for FNM, and no wonder; Mike's stylish croon is just flawless, you can fall in love with the way he sings this song; they all play it with so much delicacy, so much feeling, and clearly have a lot of fun doing it; you actually cannot tell for sure if it's a serious rendition or a mild parody... but it makes no difference, because in either case it remains brilliant.

Angel Dust is probably FNM's crowning achievement (probably, because in fact their every record is so much different that it becomes really difficult and rather pointless to compare and assess them).
For sure, it is on this record that they achieved the exceptional unity of the five members and their instruments, including voice. The band's sound seems a true monolith, the drums, guitar, keyboards and bass work together in perfect symbiosis to build the song structures and Mike enriches the great compositions with his unbelievable vocal abilities.
Unfortunately, in the real life the band was not so much a unity as the record implies. It was recorded when the tension between Jim and the others was already becoming unbearable and it was clear that the line-up wouldn't last long. It is even rumoured that Billy played some of the guitar parts, when the guitarist failed to show up in the studio on a few occasions. And about a year later Jim Martin was finally kicked out. But that's another story.
What matters the most is that the classic FNM line-up managed to preserve the unrivaled energy and atmosphere they could produce, and made use of their full collective potential to create an everlasting masterpiece. This record. helped me with the facts
the opinions are mine.
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Album:The Colour and The Shape
Band: Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters are:
Dave Grohl- Vocals, Guitar, Drums
Pat Smear- Guitar
Nate Mendel- Bass
William Goldsmith- Drums on "Doll" and "Up in Arms(Slow)"

People who made the record possible:
Handclaps on "See You": Lance Bangs, Chris Bilheimer and Ryan Boesch
Produced By: Gil Norton
Recorded By: Bradley Cook
Mixed By: Chris Sheldon

Like his former band Nirvana, Foo Fighters played loud, heavy sounding guitar mixed with poppy melodies and punk sensibilities. Dave Grohl started playing the guitar and the drums in his early teens and performed in many punk bands. In the late 80's, he joined a band based in Washington D.C called Scream as their drummer. During this time, Dave was recording a bunch of material in the basement studio of his friend Barrett Jones. Some of this material ended up on Scream's final album. After Scream's 1990 Summer tour, Dave left the band and moved to Seattle to join another band, Nirvana.
In the early 90's, Grohl was busy with Nirvana and their world-wide success, yet he found the time to record more material with friend Barrett Jones, who had moved to Seattle. The two of them kept recording material in between tours with Nirvana and sessions in the studio. Dave planned on releasing a cassette with all his material on it in the summer of 1993, but it never happened.
Soon after the suicide of friend and bandmate Kurt Cobain(Nirvana),Dave Grohl(Guitar, Drums, Vocals) decided to record what would be Foo Fighters' debut album, Foo Fighters (1995), in a week. Dave played all instruments on it. After passing 100 tapes out to friends and family, Dave's solo project was much anticipated everywhere. Instead of going solo, he decided to form a band. He met Nate Mendel(Bass, Sunny Day Real Estate) through his wife.Through Nate, he met Sunny Day Real Estate's drummer William Goldsmith. Pat Smear(Former Nirvana and Germs guitarist) was the final member of the band, which decided to call themselves Foo Fighters after a WWII force that researched UFOs. They signed a contract with Capitol Records and released their self- titled debut album, Foo Fighters, on July 4th 1995.
In late 1996, The Foos started to record their second album with producer Gil Norton. During the sessions, William Goldsmith left the band, leaving Dave Grohl to drum most of the album. Goldsmith was replaced by Taylor Hawkins(Alanis Morissette). The Colour and the Shape(1997), Foo Fighters' second album, was released May 20th 1997. The Colour and the Shape peaked at #10 on The Billboard Charts. Singles Monkey Wrench peaked at #9(Mainstream Rock Tracks, Modern Rock Tracks) and Everlong peaked at #4(Mainstream Rock Track) and #3(Modern Rock Tracks). In 1998, My Hero peaked at #8(Mainstream Rock Tracks) and #6(Modern Rock Tracks) and Walking After You, the band's final single from the album peaked at #35(Adult Top 40) and #12(Modern Rock Tracks). After the release, Pat Smear left the band and was replaced by guitarist Franz Stahl(Former Scream Guitarist). Stahl's stay was short-lived, he left in 1999 before recording There is Nothing Left to Lose, and The Foos were forced to record the album as a trio. Franz was later replaced by Chris Shiflett(Former No Use for a Name Guitarist)

The Colour and the Shape Tracklist:
1. Doll
2. Monkey Wrench(Single)
3. Hey Johnny Park!
4. My Poor Brain
5. Wind Up
6. Up in Arms
7. My Hero(Single)
8. See You
9. Enough Space
10. February Stars
11. Everlong(Single)
12. Walking After You(Single)
13. New Way Home

Song Reviews

Doll: A good song to start off the album.This song is very short and mellow. It's basically about being scared of entering something you weren't prepared for. This track is one of two tracks that William Goldsmith drummed for. It's all acoustic and the vocals are quiet for the most part and very mellow. 8/10

Monkey Wrench:A loud start after "Doll". This song is about realising that you are the source of all the problems in a relationship and you love the other person so much that you want to set them free of the problem, which is really yourself. It's very catchy song that can easily get stuck in your head. This was released as a single. 8/10

Hey Johnny Park!: This song is about a number of things. During the verses it's very quiet then it turns into a pounding chorus. Johnny Park is the name of a childhood friend of Dave's who he hadn't spoken to since his early teens:" I haven't heard from him since I was about 14 years old and I thought if I named a song after him, he might call". 9/10

My Poor Brain: The beginning is a jumble of instruments together, then it turns into a pretty melody with whispering vocals. The chorus is strong and powerful. It's an experiment with dynamics. 8/10

Wind Up: One of my personal favorites from the album, the guitar riff is very catchy, the vocals are rough yet still they're still poppy. The song is a story about the relationship between a journalist and a musician. 9/10

Up in Arms: A typical love song. This song is very quiet at the start and turns into a fast, catchy, singable tune about halfway through. This is the second of two tracks on the album that William Goldsmith drummed. 8/10

My Hero: This song was released as a single. It's about having ordinary, everyday people around you that you can rely on. The guitar and drums are very powerful in this song. The lyrics are very meaningful. "That's my way of saying that when I was young, I didn't have big rock heroes, I didn't want to grow up and be some big sporting hero. My heroes were ordinary people and the people that I have a lot of respect for are just solid, everyday people - people that you can rely on." 9/10

See You: Acoustic, the lyrics are the main focus. They're very singable and poppy. Certain members of the band didn't want the track on the album then Dave re-did the drums on it to make it sound like "Crazy little thing called love" by Queen. 7/10

Enough Space: Whirling guitar at the beginning, each instrument kicks in at different times, then they all come together. Everything quiets down during the verses and the same pattern(whirling guitar, each instrument kicks in) goes on during the rest of the song pretty much. The song is about one of Dave's favorite films, "Arizona Dreaming". 7/10

February Stars: The vocals and guitar are the only things playing in the beginning. Both are quiet, and the drums and bass come in after the second verse. The song is about holding onto something by your fingertips and hoping you don't slip and fall. The song is mellow and quiet until the very end when everything gets much louder for the outro. Very meaningful and beautiful. 9/10

Everlong: Possibly the best and most popular Foo Fighters song ever written. This song was released as a single and did quite well. The lyrics are very romantic, it's the perfect love song. The guitar riff is catchy, the lyrics are poppy and singable and the whole song is just a great piece. Every aspect of it is perfect. 10/10

Walking After You: A sappy song about getting dumped. It's acoustic and the vocals are whispered throughout the song. The drums are quiet and the whole song is very mellow and pretty. 8/10

New Way Home: It starts off very poppy and loud. The melody is pretty and the vocals go well with the song. "That's about winding your way through all of these songs, emotions and pitfalls and ups and downs, but at the end of the day, you realise that you're not scared any more and that you're gonna make it." It's the perfect song to end off the album. 8/10

This album is really great. Every song is worth a listen and I suggest you check it out or pick it up sometime. Even if you're not a fan of the Foos, this album is worth the money, it's a classic album. Thanks for reading this!


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U2- Achtung Baby

Band members:
Bob (Paul Hewson): Vocals & Guitar
The Edge (Dave Evans): Lead guitar, Keyboards & Vocals
Adam Clayton: Bass
Larry Mullen Jr: Drums and Percussion.

1. Zoo Station
2. Even Better Than The Real Thing
3. One
4. Until The End Of The World
5. Who?s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?
6. So Cruel
7. The Fly
8. Mysterious Ways
9. Tryin? To Throw Your Arms Around The World
10. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
11. Acrobat
12. Love Is Blindness

Fresh from their worldwide success in the 1980s, U2 decided to expand in new directions when making their sixth studio album. And this could have been no easy feat. The Joshua Tree, their critically acclaimed greatest album to this day, had come out in 1987, some 3 years previous to the start of Achtung Baby, and it had been a phenomenal success. It had sold over 2million in the first week of release and had remained in the US charts for an amazing total of 129 weeks.

So, after a collection of demo tracks, live tracks and studio tracks in 1988 (Rattle And Hum), the Irish quartet started work on their next album. And heading in a new direction, after rough demo cuts in Dublin, the band took this to Berlin, Germany, prompting the name Achtung Baby (Achtung is translated as ?Attention?, or ?Warning?)

But it wasn?t just the task of following up to The Joshua Tree that was proving to be so hard. During the recording of the album, seven CDs worth of material was stolen from the studio, which quickly became available as bootlegs before the release of the album. And thus the rumours appeared... rumours that U2 were recording something completely different, something which was dance music.

It kept millions of fans waiting, and was finally released in November 1991, after an October-released #1 single The Fly- argued by many to be among U2?s finest pieces of work. The album went straight to the top of the US charts, but reaching only #2 here in the UK.

And with a multimillion-selling album, one could only expect a tour to coincide with the release. Well that would be the Zoo TV tour, spanning from 1992 to 1993 (before the release of another album Zooropa in 1993). Well, if fans had expected a rock band, maybe a slightly political band, from Ireland, they had a surprise coming. Bono adopted personas ?Mr. MacPhisto? and ?The Fly?for the tour:

and his onstage antics including calling the US President and live-wiring it to the whole audience, and ordering 10,000 pizzas to be delivered to the arena. And of course there was the outrage over even the cover for the album: the inside sleeve showed a picture of bassist Adam Clayton fully naked. U2 were making headlines all over, their controversial new image. But it didn?t stop the sales.

And to this day, Achtung Baby sets a hard standard to compete against. Although The Joshua Tree was labelled in 2003/2004 as VH1s greatest album of all time, millions of U2 fans disagree and vote for Achtung Baby instead.

So what makes this album so great?

Take a listen. It?s unimaginable. Forget all you know about U2, this album reinvents them. From the opening riff of ?Zoo Station? to the last haunting chord of ?Love Is Blindness?.

Track 1- Zoo Station
Opening the album on a high note, not literally though. This track immediately introduces the electronic element present throughout the whole album, and it?s a stand-out track.

Track 2- Even Better Than The Real Thing
An inescapable tune, and a very successful single from this album. Bono introduces his falsetto, later used in many other albums and tracks, here in this song.

Track 3- One
It?s impossible to dislike this. Another hugely successful single, this song is on my list of Most Beautiful Tracks Ever. It?s breathtaking.
Did I ask too much,
More than a lot?
You gave me nothing
Now it?s all I got

You asked me to enter
but then you made me crawl

And it?s a riff to make many envious. Rumour has it that Edge came up with the riff early one morning, whilst playing upstairs in the house; when the milkman came to the door, Edge was so afraid of forgetting the riff he opened the door still playing.

Track 4- Until The End Of The World
The lyrics here are some of the most profound on this album, and this song is dedicated to Wim Wenders, a film director and producer, who is good friends with U2.

Track 5- Who?s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?
Again, a beautiful track, but this time using simple lyrics to convey the beauty.

Track 6- So Cruel
One of those songs you miss out on a first listen, just pass it by. But the sheer musical genius of this song is amazing. You think U2 are bad musicians? Listen to this track.

Track 7- The Fly
Hailed as ?the song of the 90s? by some (myself included ), this song is definitely one of the best on the album. The guitar work is exceptional, and the words have such deep meaning. Probably, along with One my favourite track on the album.

Track 8- Mysterious Ways
Another single released from this album, this is more lighter dance electronic than some of the previous tracks. It has a Spanish/Latin feel to it, probably helped along by the video which was set in a Spanish type area and Bono dancing.

Track 9- Tryin? To Throw Your Arms Around The World
If I had to pick a least favourite song on this album, I?m afraid this would be it. It?s great, and again very musical, but I think it?s a shade too long with the repetition of the chorus.

Track 10- Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
Showing off Bono?s true vocal range here, this song is an example in my opinion of perfection.

Track 11- Acrobat
And you can dream
So dream out loud?

One of those tracks you have to sing along to, no matter what. It?s lost the albums electronic feel, and replaced it with pure magic. This song sends shivers down my spine everytime I hear it.

Track 12- Love Is Blindness
This also has less of an electronic feel to it. The chords are haunting from the very start, and it sounds like a midnight opus written in silence. Definitely another stand-out, and a great way to end such an amazing album.

Well, I hope this review will encourage people to check out the album, if not already done. It is one of the greatest things since sliced bread, I could listen to this over and over and over and over again and never get bored.

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Thirteenth Step (2003) Virgin Records
Band Members:
Vocalist: Maynard James Keenan
Guitars - Billy Howerdel
James Iha
Bass- Twiggy Ramirez ( Jeordie White)
Percussion- Josh Freese

*This is their live band, for that time being, Paz had some bass lines in the album and other guitarist contributed*

A Perfect Circle was viewed as Maynard James Keenan?s side project when Mer De Noms was released in 2000 but, James saw it as another opportunity to express a more aggressive mellow driven sound. After Mer De Noms Maynard James Keenan recruited Twiggy Ramirez (Marilyn Manson) as the bands next bassist and added James Iha(Smashing Pumpkins) to the lineup as well as a second guitarist.

Many are not aware of this but Thirteenth Step was a concept album. The concept of the album was recovery. The CD starts of The Package. With a tribal influenced drum beat that catches your attention right away and a pounding bass line and quiet yet irresistible clean guitar riff. The song puts you in a anxious mood and when you least expect it Maynard James Keenan?s voice gets a bit deeper until he growls and they let out some sick distortion. The energy and intensity in ?The Package? sets the mood for the whole album and lets you know that you are in for one hell of a CD.

Weak and Powerless was the first single from the album. You can hear a late 80?s type of mellow wave throughout the song. With beautiful vocals and lyrical lines such as

Little angel, go away
Come again some other day
Devil has my ear today
I'll never hear a word you say
It is truly a song that really makes you think.

One of the softest and eeriest songs on the CD was The Noose. This song seemed like experimentation with other classical sounds and etc. Although a good song, you would need to be a fan to understand M.J.K sense of humor and twists on situations to truly appreciate the song.

Blue is the fourth song on the CD and was the third single off of Thirteenth Step. It has a nice clean rock based chord intro. It talks about Denial and how we get caught up and drowned by it. It has a nice Modern Rock feel in the chorus which is rare for a Perfect Circle?s music because they are known for more of their darker stuff.

Vanishing is probably the strangest song on the CD. It has a nice build up type sound and has very experimentive vocals. It sounds like a chant type of song. It is an intense song that most people don?t like the first time they hear it. It?s one of those songs that grow on you.
A Stranger is a soft song that allows you to reflect on everything around you. It has a ?swaying? effect that make you want to just nod your head.

The Outsider is a masterpiece. I?ll come out and say that right now, these are some of the best Lyrics I have read in all my life and the music suits it perfectly. With a nice picking combo intro to the crashes of awesome distortion, this song is something else. You feel how passionate M.J.K is in this song when he says with all his power
?Lying through your teeth again? This one hell of a song and anyone who is interested in APC should listen to this song.

Crimes is just basically and interlude.

The Nurse Who Loved Me is a cover originally played by a band called Failure. Failure was basically what the name says and some of the members are know known as The Year of the Rabbit.

Pet is in my opinion the best song on the CD both lyrically and musically. It starts of with a nice crunchy distortion and a nice background riff. This riff stays in your head for days, that?s how good it is. The way M.J.K sings this song is truly fitting and amazing for what I believe they were trying to do. This song was eerie but made you want to hear more. Here are the lyrics, they are truly a wonder.

Don't fret precious I'm here
Step away from the window
Go back to sleep

Lay your head down child
I won't let the boogeyman come
Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums
Pay no mind to the rabble
Pay no mind to the rabble
Head down, go to sleep
To the rhythm of the war drums

Pay no mind what other voices say
They don't care about you
Like I do
Like I do
Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils
See they don't give a **** about you
Like I do

Just stay with me
Safe and ignorant
Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep

Lay your head down child
I won't let the boogeyman come
Count the bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums
Pay no mind to the rabble
Pay no mind to the rabble
Head down, go to sleep
To the rhythm of the war drums

I'll be the one to protect you from
Your enemies and all your demons
I'll be the one to protect you from
A will to survive and a voice of reason
I'll be the one to protect you from
Your enemies and your choices son
One and the same I must isolate you
Isolate and save you from yourself

Swayin to the rhythm of the new world order and
Count the bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drum
The boogeymen are coming
The boogeymen are coming
Keep your head down, go to sleep
To the rhythm of a war drum

Stay with me
Safe and ignorant
Just stay with me
Hold you and protect you from the other ones
The evil ones
Don't love you son
Go back to sleep

Gravity and Lullaby are just freaky type slow songs on the CD, it is alright but as said before it might not be appealing on the first listen. They are gloomy with some nice acoustic riffs that are so mellow yet not happy.

Billy Howerdel was also a major impact on the album musically but also lyrically. He will have a solo CD coming out later this year. MJK is now working with his first major band Tool.

To listen to this album for free here is the link

You?re Friend,

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Album: Nothing?s Shocking
Band: Jane?s Addiction

Perry Farrell: Lead Vocals
Eric Avery: Bass guitar
Dave Navarro: Guitar
Steve Perkins: Drums

Trumpeting by Flea.

1. Up the beach
2. Ocean size
3. Had a dad
4. Ted, just admit it?
5. Standing in the shower? thinking
6. Summertime rolls
7. Mountain song
8. Idiots Rule
9. Jane Says
10. Thank you, boys!
11. Pigs in Zen

?Nothing?s Shocking? is the name of one of the greatest modern rock band?s first studio albums. Rolling Stone called Jane?s Addiction the next Led Zeppelin, but Perry Farrell?s refusal to do certain songs as music videos, do standard singles, and protest to falling line prevented that. They still stand out in my heart as a great.

Jane?s Addiction formed out of Psi-Com, a Perry Farrell lead band. (Note Perry Farrell is not his real name, and is said to originate from his love for peripherals. ?Peripheral?, ?Peri pheral?, ?Perry Farrell.?) Starting with Eric Avery (ironic considering he was the first to leave and the only one to never participate in a reunion), all band members fell into place as they are listed above. They did a few shows without Dave Navarro on guitar, but quote unquote ?Dave made it his.?

The first track of this album can be found as the track on the official Jane?s Addiction site. It?s got a bassline that stands out, and tends to sound like most Jane?s Addiction songs: driving, catchy bassline, slowly building up to a guitar part that makes the song harder. I love this song, catchy and quick. If you don?t like this song, you probably don?t like Jane?s Addiction as a whole. Its not their best, but its typical Jane?s, and its great work all the way through.

Ocean size starts off sounding like atypical Jane?s, but it then hits and becomes typical Jane?s. I love the vocal part of the brief intro, where Perry just seems to moan and it builds up so incredibly that I get shivers down my spine. The guitar part by Dave also sticks out.

The guitar on Had a dad gives it that twisted feel to it that?s commonly found it Jane?s Addiction. Perry?s singing is not his best, but it?s good and ofcourse the rhythm part is driving (I really think that Jane took a downfall when Eric left ? even if he was replaced by more talented bassists, Avery had more chemistry.) When it gets about 1:30 in the song it takes a brief change and I find it the best part of the song outside of the twisted guitar feel near the beginning.

Ted, just admit it? is a great song. It?s a classic to me. My 2nd favorite song on this album after the true classic, Jane says. It opens with a catchy drum part by Steve Perkins (and if you?re unfamiliar with this mans drumming, it often stands out to me.) Then Eric comes in on bass and provides the emotional feel of the song. Then the guitar comes in, followed by the vocals shortly therafter and it all seems to groove perfectly. The song is about the Ted Bundy killings, and even after how he was caught he still denied it all. It even features an actual audio recording from his trial. Perry claims to have wrote it after watching a special on TV about him? while on acid. Later in the song it goes from one of the softer Jane songs to one of the harder, quickly jumping as Perry chants ?SEX IS VIOLENT!?. This song is also where the album?s name comes from, with Perry cutting off his lines early on with ?nothing?s shocking?. It?s my 3rd favorite Jane?s Addiction song and my 2nd favorite off this album, and great all the way through. Eric uses sliding brilliant, Dave grooves in his place, and Steve does some pure ape**** stylistic drumming when it gets harder.

Standing in the shower? thinking provides more of Steve?s leading drumming. It?s catchy, but it?s not their best. The vocals, bass, and guitar all follow the same melody and its catchy as hell. Lyrically its damn fine as well, with its upbeat strange lyrics that are so commonly found in Jane?s Addiction. ?Lnow he'd beat me to it / if he could but he won't do it / but he would man / if he could... / and the water is piping hot.. / the water is piping hot / it beats upon my neck / and I'm pissing on myself...
Standing / in the shower / thinking...?

Summertime rolls is easily the softest song on the album. It?s a masterpiece in itself, written about Perry?s girlfriend at the time, Casey Niccoli. It sounds happy, its catchy, and its beautiful in itself. Its not a song to skip over, even if you?re not a fan of softer songs.

If you don?t think you?ve heard a Jane?s Addiction song, you may have heard this one. Mountain song can now be heard on some beer ad; I loved this album a long time before the ad came out but I hadn?t listened to in a while when that ad was played and I was like, I NEED JANE?S ADDICTION NOW! Mountain song was the first song Dave jammed over when he joined, and it was the first song Perry wrote with Eric. ?Comin down the mountain / one of many children / everybody has their own opinion?. It?s catchy, and typical driving Jane?s hard fusion rock.

Idiots song may be my least favorite on the album, but its nowhere near a bad song. Its typical Jane?s, but as a song its just not as good as most of the others. It strives to be funky and succeeds though.

Jane?s Addiction is one of the best rock songs of all time in my opinion period. Lyrically, it?s a masterpiece. Musically, it may only be two chords (and acoustic powerchords nonetheless), but Eric wrote the music with Perry before everyone else fell into place. It?s claimed though that Dave took it and made it his own (but I can?t exactly say ?I know this because I was in band practices of Jane?s Addiction from 1985 to 1989. lol) It?s about a real person, who also happens to be the same Jane that the band?s named after. She had a drug problem, and lived in the same apartment as some of the band members at several times. Want to know what happened to said Jane? ?Jane says, and we still listen. Note I think the most riveting part of this article is where Jane Banter says ?Oh, and I did get to Spain.? If you know the song? you?ll know what it means. It ends with Eric soloing, and it fits perfectly to the end of the song.

Thank you boys is nowhere near a typical Jane?s Addiction song. It?s actually a jazz number the band learned and played for kicks. Live they used as a song to give Perry the time to pick up his guitar (Perry could play a little guitar, and certain songs took 2 guitars to play. There would be the first half the gig with one guitar, then Thank you boys to buy Perry the time to pick up his guitar, and then the part with two guitars.)

The album closes with Pigs in Zen, which actually sounds a little bit like a Rage song to me but that just shows you how influential Jane really was. It?s catchy, its hard; it doesn?t build up like a normal Jane?s song, but its got the same feel as most Jane?s song and its not the worst song on the album. I love Perry's chanting when its just bass and drums. It seems sorta funny, incredibly honest, and just so perfectly fitting for the song.

Overall, a modern rock masterpiece of an album.

The Jane?s Addiction Song Index
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Brief History

While Dave Grohl was drumming with Nirvana, he was also recording songs of his own, which led on to be the foundation of The Foo Fighters, after Cobain?s death and the split of Nirvana in 1994. The lineup of the Foos has been ever-changing until recently, with only bassist Nate Mendel being the only member besides Grohl to have been in from the start. Their debut album, released in 1995, was an instant success in the USA, and by early 1996, the album was certified platinum (in the US).

The bands second album was released in 1997: The Colour And The Shape. It was the first album actually working as a band, as their debut had just been a collection of Grohl?s home-written songs. Taylor Hawkins replaced old drummer William Goldsmith, and shortly after its release, Pat Smear left the band. 1999 saw their next album: There Is Nothing Left To Lose, and soon after ex-No Use For A Name guitarist Chris Shiflett signed on with the band permanently. Which makes up the complete Foo Fighters lineup to this day. Foo Fighters are widely acknowledged as one of the greatest bands around; and their controversial projects (eg. 'Rock Against Bush') have helped them remain firm MTV favourites.

In Your Honour

?One loud. One not so loud?.

Released on June 13 2005, the double album In Your Honour in its first week out sold nearly 311,000 copies-the biggest sales week ever for the Dave Grohl-fronted group. The follow-up to the late 2002 album One By One sees Grohl (guitar, vocals), Chris Shiflett (lead guitar), Nate Mendel (bass) and Taylor Hawkins (percussion) approach the record from 2 different angles: ?One of these records is the heaviest stuff we?ve ever done, while the other is acoustic and soft?. And after One By One, it was perhaps time for the boys to reinvent themselves with the new record: One By One was as big a commercial success as their three previous albums, but it seemed flat and tired, as if Grohl had reached a songwriting slump or as if the band had exhausted its possibilities. So after touring the world, the American four-piece took a well-deserved break, before entering the studio once again with producer Nick Raskulineez...

Disc 1

The loud one. Well it?s certainly loud alright. The opening track, the title track of the whole album, pushes the edges of enthusiasm and excitement, with a tense build up to Grohl shouting ?Can you hear me? Hear me screaming??.

It?s been said that this is ?the Foo Fighters gone metal?, but while it?s certainly much heavier than their previous releases, it?s in no way the next black album. The best tracks stand out where they actually revert to type; the catchy ?DOA?, the pounding ?The Last Song? and the old-time romance of ?The Deepest Blues Are Black?. The aggressive moments, most notably first single ?Best Of You?, almost hide within the enormousness of its surroundings.

So is this disc all it?s made out to be?

Well it depends, personally it took me a couple of listens to really get into it, but I?ve heard people say they were hooked the first time they heard it. The songs press and imprint on your mind, you?ll find yourself humming the tunes all day, just wanting to listen to it more.

Musically it?s excellently produced. Balance between vocals and guitars is superb. There are times when Grohl?s vocals seem strained, eg. ?Best Of You?, but then tracks like ?End Over End? prove his skills once again. What One By One lacked in meaning though, In Your Honour makes up for it.

Disc 2

It?s this quiet half that really makes you point and look. Acoustics are no strangers to the Foo Fighters of course, their starting point clearly being the solemn ?Walking After You?, from ?The Colour And The Shape?. And there, there was a lone moment of sublime contemplation that really did deserve a revisit. Here it is. Here, is the sound of a band pushing themselves.

The opener ?Still? wafts in gently, almost hallucinogenic with its feet never quite touching the ground; it?s apparently the tale of a teenage suicide Grohl witnessed back in Virginia at the age of ten. Already you get the feeling that after having a heavy introduction, this is the actual new Foo Fighters album. The seriousness continues on ?Friend Of A Friend?, a story of wasted youth that dates back to Grohl?s days in Nirvana. But of course the album isn?t just about old stories and mellow accounts: drummer Taylor Hawkins gets a go at fronting the band on the uplifting ?Cold Day In The Sun?, which one can easily see links with past Foos tracks like ?Big Me?.

Dissimilar to the first disc, this acoustic collection features a variety of special guest musicians. John Paul Jones features on piano in ?Miracle?, Josh Homme plays guitar on ?Razor?, and Norah Jones duets with Grohl on ?Virginia Moon?, a jazzy, bluesy, soft summer anthem. Infact, ?Virginia Moon? is perhaps the Foo Fighters furthest stretch from the norm; it?s soft, gentle, very mellow and with a hint of drunk aroma about it.

* * *

Well it?s been out 2 weeks so far, and received mixed reviews. Some say it?s mediocre and average at best, too much of a stretch from the Foo Fighters normal routine and sound, while others cannot praise it enough. Personally I really like this album, I bought it the day it came out, and I?ve listened to it a lot. While I have the previous Foos albums in my room, I barely listen to them, I don?t like a lot of the old songs, but this album I could listen to all day. I think you have to hear this album before you can make a judgement on it. And it?s worth hearing. I?d say this is among my best albums of 2005 so far. It grows and grows on you. Musically, it?s excellent, particularly the range of the 2 discs, and what their 2002 effort One By One lacked, this compensates. A band with true ability, originality and desire to explore and reach further into music than others nowadays can.

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The Crash of 47?

Joey Culver- Vocals
Nathan Slade- Guitar
Chad Kent- Percussion

Band History
Atomship was originally named Watership Down, named after a book...but its name was changed for reasons...unknown to me. The band was born in Missouri (my home state coincidentally). For all intents and purposes, they are modern rock, although, some people refer to them as alternative metal, but the lines between genres are not very well defined these days, so who can tell. Their complicated time signatures are almost reminiscent of Tool, who makes very good use of them, as do Atomship. The name of the album, ?The Crash of 47?? refers to the 1947 crash outside of Roswell New Mexico. To this day, many people believe that aliens are responsible for the crash. The band admits to having a fascination with all things extraterrestrial, even if they aren?t exactly suspicious of conspiracy. Many people will recognize the band?s song ?Time for People? which was on the Punisher soundtrack alongside bands such as Seether and Finger 11.

1. Day of Daze
2. Mothra
3. Dragonfly
4. Pencil Fight
5. Withered
6. Agent Orange
7. Time for People
8. Aliens
9. Whitfield
10. Friends
11. Plastic People

Day of Daze
The album just jumps right up to speed, opening guitar and drums, and then when Culver?s voice jumps in with almost eerie lyrics:

Proven in theory your heart can be lost by the brain.
Staring hard the devil is just out of frame.
Mother where are you?
I love you I?m right here.
Twisting and turning and loving and braiding your hair.
It was a good day she died.

It was a good day to die and run from the night.
It was a good day to die, she died.

Right from the start Culver?s voice is very distinct from other bands, just like to Maynard James Keenan, Billy Corgan, and Chris Cornell.

This song is the most instrumental of all the other songs, and from my perspective, one of the best. The beginning is a long drum and guitar intro, over a minute long, slow, eerie; it is almost a completely different feel from the previous song. The intro ends when the guitar comes in louder and faster, just a simple riff, then Culver?s voice again. When Culver sings the second time, it breaks loose into heavier music, satisfying after the eerie beginning. Not long into the song, there is a long guitar interlude that just gives goose bumps. During the interlude, it?s easy to see how well the Slade and Kent are able to work together, their parts fit perfectly. The interlude ends with Culver yelling... Mothraaaaaa. Afterwards, the nearly spine-chilling guitar and vocals kicks in again. Mothra grabs hold of you and doesn?t let go, a great song. There is no exaggerating when people say that Mothra is a masterpiece.

At the beginning of this song it is as if this song is about an alien abduction, but then it seems to turn into a love song. Its lyrics are perplexing, but it is a great song nonetheless. It?s a song that reminds me of the miniseries Taken and the movie Dragonfly, just because of the name actually. Dark and spooky is this band?s style, and it?s great, a lot of their songs remind me of horror and sci-fi movies. The lyrics to parts of this song are almost angsty:

You?ll come crashing round, bleeding me, holding me down, I think I like it.
You?ll come crashing round, around, around.

Angst just adds more to the song, and even though the song is acoustic-based, it?s still not the lightest song on the track.

Pencil Fight
Ah...Pencil Fight, great music to listen to if you don?t like school. Probably one of the more popular songs off this album, you can see the music video here It?s really a wonderful music video. Along with Day of Daze, this song is one of the shorter songs on the album. The guitar throughout the song, the riff with the bending at the top, it sends shivers down your spine. The guitar and lyrics are well written, and the drums are simply amazing.

This song is nearly completely acoustic, but it doesn?t take away from the album?s energy. The lyrics are almost such to make someone cry:

If you?d let me go.
Then I?d walk myself into the room, yes I will.
Then I?d lay right down and daydream of you, yes I will.
With this soul tell smile I?ll blow a kiss to you, yes I will.
Then I?d lay right down and daydream of you.

But they also have that dark, mysterious, almost creepy edge:

It seems the sun is still sleeping and I?m feeling so lonely.
There?s a girl in my bedroom but don?t you worry she?s not breathing.

Its also a good song to play, its not that difficult of a chord progression, and the picking is simple.

Agent Orange
Agent Orange is a politically-charged, angst-ridden song. It has been described as a guitar and drum ?battlefield? on the band?s website, that couldn?t be more correct. The song seems to end, but, it just builds up to an almost heavier part. The song?s sound just paints a warlike scene, and it has lyrics almost reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine:
This is how you hold your American flag.
This is how you hold your American flag.
So this is how you hold your patri-****ing-otic flag.
We?re all a bunch of ****ing disgraces!

It?s a great song, and one of the heaviest on the album.
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Time for People

Time for People will be recognizable to those who picked up The Punisher Soundtrack. The song almost has a perky intro, which quickly turns into a flurry of dark riffs and beats. The most striking thing about this song is the brilliant lyrics:

I found people for killing time,
So I found time for killing people.

Its blatant, but well written, and creepy. It is also very appropriate for the movie. Another good thing about this song are the wailing backing vocals, and then Culver echoing, I?ll be free one day. It?s just very well written.

After the odd, pulsating intro, and after the building, anthemic guitar, Culver comes in, almost moaning, after which he states: I am the alien. It?s a good song, paints a picture of Aliens sitting on an old run-down porch in rocking chairs, holding their shotguns like hill-billies. It seems like the intention was to paint be that classic front porch alien scene where the UFO flies over the lonely Arizona farm at night and abducts cows. It proves the band?s interest in extraterrestrial and unexplained things. But it still leaves one question unanswered?Is Joey Culver an alien?


This song?s opening riffs and drums are pure genius, and they leave you wanting more. And they deliver, well. The song?s lyrics and title has always been confusing, however. This song?s title and Culver?s lyrics:

Whitfield was my home, today.

So, maybe, there is a town in Missouri called Whitfield, and perhaps this is where Culver grew up? No, in Missouri there was a murder, a man named Joseph Whitfield was convicted and put on death row. He is still alive, but he says he is innocent, and due to apparent lack of investigation, he is looking for money for forensics and ballistics experts to prove his innocence. Is this what the song is about? Who?s to say. There is also a school in Missouri called Whitfield School. Whether either of these things have anything to do with the band, it is just speculation,


Friends is a very odd song, its different from everything song in the respect that the beginning sounds, unfortunately, like a Limp Bizkit song. Listen to the song, and you?ll here what I mean, but it doesn?t remain like that, so you can rest easy. This isn?t one of the better songs on the album, unfortunately, but no debut album is going to be completely flawless. This band has a lot of potential, and as it is shown here, it isn?t used. The lyrics seem a bit weak and clichéd, but it still is a nice listen.

Plastic People

Another rather slow, dark song on the album, and it adds intensity. The opening riff and vocals just set the mood, and it feels very cold. It?s the kind of song you would listen to in a blinding snowstorm. Since most of us don?t drive cars or walk around with CD players during blinding snowstorms, any other time will do. The vocals of this song are like the rest, the same, distinct voice, it can be slow and wailing, and also sharp and intense, bringing the song out of a black and white. This song?s lyrics are also enigmatic,

Time entails the sun to hesitate, clinging on and off again.
Picture all the children as they walk on by clean into the front yard.
Falling in and out of sync with him in the ground, I see.
Promises I have broken, shadows creep along the window.

It seems to paint the world as a superficial place, and, no one is going to argue with them.

Overall, this is an amazing album, it has its weaknesses, but it is a strong debut. Atomship is a band with amazing potential, and if they continue in this way, their follow-up should be extraordinary.


You can listen to the album in its entirety here
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On September 21, 1999, Trent Reznor made his return to the music scene after a temporary period of nothingness. Before that day people weren't sure if they'd ever get another album from Trent and his Nine Inch Nails, seeing as how the last full length album was The Downward Spiral, which was released in 1994. Obviously perfection takes time, and Trent being the perfectionist he is didn't rush the release of what would later be known as his greatest masterpiece. On September 21, 1999 Trent released a double LP on his label Nothing Records intitled The Fragile.
The fans were first given a taste on the single for The Day The Whole World Went Away, after that single hit the airwaves, the buzz for the new album was in full swing. After playing the song "The Fragile" at the MTV VMA's the fans were really waiting to tear the wrapper off the new cd. Finally after alot of promoting and interviews "The Fragile" was finally released and the world of NIN has never been the same. The tracklisting goes as follows...

*=high point

Disc 1:Left
*1.Somewhat Damaged-the guitar in this song is so simple, but i can think of no better song he could've chosen to open up the experience that is "The Fragile". Catchy chorus, angry lyrics, lots of layers, everything you'd expect from a NIN song.

2.The Day The Whole World Went Away-The first single off the album, yet again simple but powerful guitar.

3.The Frail-a calm piano intro type track to the next song, sets the mood perfectly.

*4.The Wretched-A high point on the album for sure, this is just an all around amazing song, catchy chorus, decent lyrics, very powerful music the entire song.

5.We're In This Together-one of the longer songs on the album at over seven minutes, overall a good song, just not good enough to be as long as it is.

6.The Fragile-Average song on the album, good lyrics, the drumming in the beginning is not like any others in a NIN song, gives the first cd a good bit of diversity.

*7.Just Like You Imagined-A very high point on the album, one of the most beautiful and well thought out instrumentals i've ever heard, theres so much going on at one time that every time you listen you find something new.

8.Even Deeper-Lyrically its one of the strongest songs on the album, musically it's just a chilled out song, overall good song.

9.Pilgrimage-a real mood swing from the songs before it, its a decent instrumental, nothing really stands out on this one.

10.No You Don't-this is where Trent shows that there's still alot of anger in that mind of his, great song, classic NIN ending to it as so many layers and distortion are added to where its all static by the end of it.

*11.La Mer-beautiful instrumental, as far as melody goes its the best instrumental Trent's ever put out, definately a high point on the album.

12.The Great Below-Good lyrics, good music, really slow but powerful song, sets up for the second disc perfectly

now for the second disc

1.The Way Out Is Through-Great introduction to the mood the second disc sets, powerful near the end, great buildup.

*2.Into The Void-Catchy song, you'll recognize the bassline from the line in La Mer, decent lyrics, overall a high point, but just barely.

3.Where Is Everybody-pretty good song, can get a little annoying if listened to a whole lot.

4.The Mark Has Been Made-another great instrumental, lots of layers, trippy song.

5.Please-very catchy bassline in this song, a great song but still not a high point.

*6.Star****ers-released as a single, a high point on the secod disc, overall just a great song with good lyrics that aren't what they seem on the first listen.

7.Complication-A decent instrumental, nothing really special about this one at all.

8.I'm Looking Forward To Joining You Finally-your either gonna love it or hate it, kinda has the same vibe as Even Deeper, indian drumming part in the middle, very experimental song but good nonetheless.

*9.The Big Come Down-High point on the second disc for sure, one of the most unique sounding songs youll hear from any band, nothing sounds like this one at all.

10.Underneath It All-Average song, very artistic, cool layers throughout the whole song.

11.Ripe(with decay)-a ****ty instrumental that didnt seem like it even belonged, the only real fault on both discs.

The moods of both discs are so diverse, the first disc has more of an artistic aproach, as the secod disc kinda returns to the old stylings, but not completely. It's overally a great album and worthy of being in anyones music library. If you want to just get a taste of what it has to offer, then download all the high points i listed with a *.
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I'd have to say that three days grace have the best lyrics by far
they help all the kids with problems relate to something and bring them back to the real world
dying is fine
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Alright I?m sorry about the delay on this, I?m lazy lol.

Silvertide- Show & Tell

Famous perhaps before their full length LP was released, Silvertide are not an uncommon name in their home town Philadelphia, and indeed, the whole of the USA. Their EP, released in August 2004 was warmly welcomed by many rock music fans across America. It featured 4 songs which later appeared on the album, Show & Tell, released September 28 2004.

?We may be approaching a moment in rock and roll when a band has finally come along to transform the scene and shift what fans want and expect. Their name is Silvertide. Bubbling up from the teenage wasteland of Northeast Philadelphia, Silvertide seem beamed straight off the pages of Cream magazine, sent to revive the live action music show and reintroduce classic rock for their generation.?

The sound of Silvertide sounds twenty or thirty years too late. The album involves heavy guitar riffs, staggering solos and screeching vocals, and already the band is receiving comparisons to the likes of Zeppelin, Aerosmith and AC/DC. And it?s not hard to see why. The band?s frontman Walt Lafty is energetic, enthusiastic, music-loving and, perhaps, simply reliving the seventies. Along with lead guitarist Nick perri they have the charismatic tandem similar to perhaps Axl & Slash, Tyler & Perry, or dare I say, Page & Plant.

Since January 2001, singer Lafty and rhythm guitarist Mark Melchiorre played at a local studio?s open mic night, with the aid of Perri and drummer Kevin Frank. After only a few months a bassist, Brian Weaver, completed the five-piece line-up. Months were spent in Perri?s basement writing, rehearsing, and recording. When they emerged into Philadelphia in late 2001, they had nothing: no gigs, no deals going for them, nothing. They began to play local mic nights, which eventually lead to a steady weekly gig at a South Street Club. The buzz spread. Everyone around began talking about this incredible band; in a few months people were lined up each week outside the door trying to get in. But by this time Silvertide were moving onto to bigger things: opening for their heroes Aerosmith in the city of Philadelphia is a huge achievement for a small rock n? roll pub band.

A record deal soon became a reality. After a spirited courtship, and shortly after the band's one-year anniversary, Silvertide signed a recording agreement with music legend Clive Davis' J Records.

Show & Tell

Track 1- Ain?t Coming Home
Something so reminiscent of a song perhaps AC/DC could have written. The heavy drums and distorted guitar riffs make this a perfect anthem, and it also makes a great way to open the album. I think it?s the fast pace of it throughout, it honestly just gets you in the mood to go out and have a great time: it?s bursting with raw energy.

Track 2- Devil?s Daughter
This song is often stated as perhaps the greatest song on the album. It?s not my personal favourite, but it?s again very catchy. The lyrics aren?t as shower-singable as the previous track is, but it?s incredibly sexually charged, all in all just a fun track.

Track 3- SFC
?So fuckin? crazy?. It's another hard rocker, but it's less heavy vocally. With an angry and, after one or two listens, unmistakable guitar riff, it just accents the vocals well. "They should lock you up in a padded room, you're so fucking crazy." You can tell he's not on good terms with this girl. The music and vocals just fit together incredibly well IMO. There?s tight work between both guitarists and bassists as they pull off the slick rhythmic work, topped off by a efficient and nifty little solo in the middle.

Track 4- California Rain
This has the sound of something you'd play loud at a backyard barbecue in the dead of summer. The chorus is excellent, although the verses seem like they're a bit much for the band to handle. It's a decent song vocally, although I think that perhaps Lafty at times feels a bit stretched on his lyrics, and the instrument work is just top. It reminds me a little of the Beach Boys, not lyrically or musically, but in the spirit that Silvertide is trying to convey.

Track 5- Blue Jeans
If you could think of a song to exemplify a sexually-charged, love-struck guy, this is probably it. While the lyrics are by no means their best on the album, the sheer rhythm and emotion behind this push it to the forefront of the album.

Track 6- Mary Jayne
Again this is sounding very much like AC/DC or perhaps Aerosmith. It?s also, again, all about sex. This is a rock n? roll band. No emo boys crying about broken hearts, just sex. However, this can be a little overbearing: the song is good, but not a stand-out of the album.

Track 7- Heartstrong
The first slow, emotional track from the boys.
?And I?m still standing here/Awkward and unaware/As you scream the topic?s closed/And slam down the telephone?
A very different approach to songwriting to those previously. Perhaps hardcore-emo? I?m not sure, I get confused about genres. The band also doesn't show as intense of a sound as they did earlier in the album. I feel this song doesn?t stretch them, emotionally.

Track 8- To See Where I Hide
It grows on you. On first listen it?s passable, but nothing special, but after a while it just builds and builds into something incredible. The riffs are slick, but I can?t help but feel frustration as I think the guitar tones and sounds should be cleaner and tighter, without the distortion or effects.

Track 9- You Want It All
This track relates probably more to the guys than girls. Ever had a girlfriend who was clingy and demanding? This song is for you. It's a screechy bit of raunchy-sounding rock but unfortunately, this song is a bit weak in comparison to the earlier tracks on the album. It has a Van Halen-ish sound to it, but sounds a little over-polished and like something that not enough time has been given to.

Track 10- Nothing Stays
Another slow, emotion-filled track. It has a smooth sound, both of fleeting happiness as well as musically. One of the key lines of the song is the insistent "nothing gold ever stays," which is fitting to the band's outlook. This song just shows the other side of Silvertide the rock n? roll band. The production is well-worked and gives this song a great finishing sound to it. The lyrics are heartfelt and full of raw emotion. I love this song.

Track 11- Foxhole Jesus Christ
A solid end to the album, this song is almost an anthem for unisons: ?Brothers, sisters, the water?s coming so you better stand stromg?. Some lyrics are a bit lacking though, the post-chorus in particular. However, the music behind the words is a fine example of Silvertide at their best, musically. The guitars fit together naturally and this just sounds amazing IMO. Halfway through, the song matures and sings a melancholic and almost haunting chorus of ?War, war, what is it for??. An excellent way to end the album.

So... there you have it. Silvertide already have million of fans across not just the USA but the world as well: for many young classic rock fans they provide that link between the classics such as Zeppelin, AC/DC and Aerosmith, and the gap today where those bands would fit in. While the album isn?t perhaps the most incredible LP you?ll ever hear, it?s worth a listen just to see what all the fuss is about this band. I?ve yet to see them live, but I?ve heard only good things about the live performances too.

Thanks for reading.
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Nine Inch Nails
Pretty Hate Machine
On November 9th 1989 the world got its first LP from a band that would in a way define the 90's, the album was Pretty Hate Machine, while the band that released it was Nine Inch Nails, the man behind nearly every instrument on every track of the song was a young and aspiring artist by the name of Trent Reznor. Trent used synths for everything on this album, synth guitar, a drum machine, synth bass, everything, that didn't mean he couldn't play the instruments. Trent played piano since he was a very small child. The whole synth played into the fact that this album was made under the influence of the entire underground Industrial scene, the album does sound very industrial, but it also has alot of Pop influence with catchy chorus's that you wouldnt find in an industrial band like Skinny Puppy. The tracklisting goes as follows.

*=indicates a highlight for the album

*1.Head Like A Hole-The first single off the album and still one of the most well known NIN songs to date, released as a single before PHM was released. A great song to open up the album. With it's catchy chorus and addictive bassline its definately a highlight, nowadays Trent closes every NIN show with this song.

*2.Terrible Lie-Flows perfectly from HLAH. Overall its one of the most industrial sounding songs on the CD but the chrous is still very addictive, really pop based setup of the verse, the last few lines Trent sings are a highlight at every NIN show. Definately a stronger song on the album.

3.Down In It-This is the first song Trent ever wrote for NIN, it's definately not a high point on the album but does have a couple cool parts for a few instruments. This song is often accused of being a rip off of the skinny puppy song "Dig I", i don't see too much of a resemblance though, nothing purposely.

4.Sanctified-The first slow jam on the album, gives you a taste of a structure that Trent later makes his signature for most of his slow songs. Catchy bassline.

5.Something I Can Never Have-The only piano dominative track on the album, the lyrics could have been alot better but trent was very unexperienced with lyrics at the time, not a bad song, not a favorite though.

6.Kinda I Want To-Trent and his band joke about this song these days, its very 80's sounding, nothing really cool about this one, kind of annoying after more than one listen.

*7.Sin-Still played today at most NIN shows, a just all around very solid song, definately a highlight on the album.

8.Thats What I Get-A better song on the album, the first chorus is just a joy to hear because its one synth and trents voice, its just a great song but not great enough to be a highlight.

*9.The Only Time-Trent sometimes plays this live still, the lyrics for this song are some of the strongest on the album, very abstract at times, a great bassline in this one, a highlight for sure.

10.Ringfinger-A great closing track for the cd, its a solid song with decent lyrics, almost a highlight but not quite, still a great song.

The album is good overall, a couple of weak points but the highlights make up for it. After this album trent went to real guitars for Broken because everyone was telling him how much better the songs on PHM sounded live, if kinda like any of the songs on this album i highly suggest downloading a live version of them or buying the "And all that could have been" dvd, because they really do sound Amazing live. Not the best NIN album but a solid first release.
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I'd have to say that three days grace have the best lyrics by far
they help all the kids with problems relate to something and bring them back to the real world
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Origin Of Symmetry

Muse Members:

Matthew Bellamy: Lead vocals, guitar, keyboards.

Christopher Wolstenholme: Bass, backing vocals.

Dominic Howard: Drums and percussion.

(l-r): Dominic, Matt and Chris

Muse are a three-piece rock band hailing from Teignmouth, Devon, United Kingdom. Signed by Maverick records on Christmas Eve 1998, they released their debut album Showbiz in October 1999. This and the 2001 follow-up, Origin Of Symmetry, were both produced by John Leckie (who produced Radiohead's The Bends). Showbiz was not very sucessful at first, and Muse were dubbed by critics as Radiohead imitaters. However, Origin Of Symmetry established Muse as one of the most innovative and creative rock bands in the world today, putting Muse's album sales up to 1.3 million copies.

The Album:
Muse are my favourite band of all time, and Origin Of Symmetry is my favourite album of all time. It was the first rock album I ever bought, and Muse has influenced my musical listening and playing tastes ever since. Origin Of Symmetry is immense, it's crushingly heavy and beautifully melodic at the same time. Despite Muse being a three-piece band, bassist Chris Wolstenholme more than compensates for this void with usually overdriven or synthesized basslines which do not follow the root notes. The album is sprawling, full of unorthodox instrumentation; church organs, expanded drumkits, wind chimes and even bubblewrap. Bellamy's intense falsetto vocals and piano and guitar virtuosity are a focal point of the album; Bellamy cites Sergei Rachmoninov, Jimi Hendrix and Tom Morello (of Rage Against The Machine) as his influences in piano and guitar playing. The explosive, pitch-shifting effects in his solos demonstrate this. Songwriting-wise Origin Of Symmetry is grandiose, ambiguous and eccentric. Bellamy has cited Freddie Mercury (of Queen) as a songwriting influence.

*=indicates an especially kickass song

*1. New Born
Softly opens the album with a gentle piano riff and Matt softly crooning. A speedy bassline soon joins in before the song explodes with a loud, distorted bass riff and a chorus that sends shivers tingling down the spine. An excellent song, perfect for anyone interested in getting into Muse to listen to.

2. Bliss
A single from OOS, like track 1. A lot softer in comparison to New Born, but with a strong guitar riff running throughout. A beautiful keyboard loop runs throughout the song, giving it an almost cosmic, out-of-this-world quality.

3. Space Dementia
A very gothic, dark song, it opens with some powerful guitar riffery before entering and odd techno-esque interlude in the middle. This song has some of my favourite Muse lyrics in it, very melodramatic and over-the-top.

*4. Hyper Music
Another single. This song is absolutely anarchic and insane, with a superb overdriven bassline that keeps the listener sitting on the edge of their seat and dosen't let go.

*5. Plug In Baby
The first single off OOS, it's astounding guitar intro and solo have won this song awards. The chorus is amazingly poppy and catchy despite the heavy, jangling guitar and bass riffage.

*6. Citizen Erased
Probably my favourite Muse song, this is simply Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody x1000. It's an epic song, which builds up to one of the best guitar solos ever written again, recedes to a quiet interlude and then explodes once more before the beautiful , melodic outro. The lyrics are poetic and cryptic; I don't really understand what their about on a concious level, but for some reason it feels as though I really know what Matt is singing about here.

7.Micro Cuts
Not as memorable as other songs, nonetheless a superb tune. Matt's vocal cords must really be stretched here; he reaches very high notes, distorted in the angst-filled chorus.

8. Screenager
A very melodic and relaxing song. Opens with gentle wind chimes and slow guitar playing from Matt. The chorus is very vocally impressive.

9. Darkshines
A great song with singalong-able lyrics that are nonetheless dark and emotional. The mood of the song shifts from quiet melodiscism to raging angst-rock several times. Has a quite strange guitar solo, which was produced using a synthesized trumpet effect.

*10. Feeling Good
Another single, the first Muse song I fell in love with and made me buy this album. It's a cover of the Nina Simone jazz classic. It's reproduced with an amazing combination of organs, pounding bass, crushing drums and Matt's ridiculously high-pitched vocals. One of the best covers ever recorded.

*11. Megalomania
A perfect end to a perfect album. Dark gothic lyrics and the cathedral organ make this song especially incredible. The verses are quietly dark and brooding, and the chorus is vast and stadium-filling. The organ solo at the very end is sheer bliss.

And that's the classic Muse album Origin Of Symmetry. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Thanks.
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Naivety Play
Champagne and Nakedness
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The Wildhearts
Earth Vs The Wildhearts

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If you?ve never heard of The Wildhearts before then I believe a short introduction is required.

Quote by I don?t really know
The Wildhearts were the kind of band that the British rock press has wet dreams about: creatively brilliant, completely out-of-control, and utterly doomed from day one. Led by charismatic lunatic Ginger, the group's turbulent career lived up to the highest (or lowest, as it were) expectations, with all the ups and downs of a roller-coaster ride, which, after numerous frightening twists and turns, finally derailed in spectacular fashion.

Earth Vs? is The Wildhearts? debut album, and as far as debut albums go it?s damn near impeccable. The style is hard rock but what makes this album truly outstanding is the brilliant riffs, almost annoyingly catchy choruses (In the sense that it?s annoying how catchy they are, not that the choruses are annoying), superb lyrics and just how down to Earth the whole thing is. And the sense of humour it?s delivered with. Clocking in at just over 50 minutes and with a total of 12 tracks this is really a masterpiece of Modern Rock.

Ginger - lead vocals, guitar (songwriting, as well).
CJ - guitar, backing vocals.
Danny McCormack - bass, backing vocals.
Stidi - drums.

1) Greetings From Shitsville:
The opener for the album kicks off with a trademark sounding heavy riff before heading off into more catchy territory. The structure of the song isn?t really complicated, indeed none of their structures are, but with a brilliant shout-along chorus and great riffage throughout this song remains one of my favourites on the album. It also features great lyrics about living in a run down area of London. 4/5 Recommended

2) TV Tan:
The second track doesn?t disappoint. Opening with a simple, yet loveable solo guitar riff, the song quickly heads into the main body featuring relatively simple work from the guitars but wonderfully addictive vocal lines which really make the track. The Subject of the track: being a lazy bastard, which I?m sure many people will find very easy to relate to :p 4/5

3) Everlone:
This is the standout track of the album being a piece of utter ingenuity. In my mind it also earns the title of ?Best Song Ever Written? but I perhaps I?m letting my fangirlism get carried away there. The track starts off with a massively epic riff before picking up the pace and kicking out the jams.
A track ?aboot people pretending to be miserable in order to seem 'deep', or fit into a current musical trend of cultivating misery for profit, while some people have legitimate mental health problems, that they would gladly exchange for a normal, happy life? , this is slightly more serious than most other tracks on the album. Another wonderfully catchy chorus boosts this song until about ¾ of the way through when the bridge makes an appearance. The song slows down massively before building up into a monster of an epic outro. Heavy, and amazing riffage, abide until the song finishes. 5/5 Recommended

4) Shame on Me:
This track starts pretty fast and a jilting on-off the beat rhythm gives it a unique sound. Other than that it?s not that memorable a track, the vocal melodies again being one of the highlights of the song. Well, I?m not so sure actually. It?s a great track it just pales slightly in comparison to Everlone. It has another Classic Wildhearts breakdown in the middle and an extended heavy outro as well. 3/5

5) Caffeine Bomb:
This song is stupidly fast and so much fun for it. A live favourite of the band and the fans, the amount of energy in this song is simply amazing . Being about having a caffeine bomb (?The Caffeine Bomb must be made with strong coffee, no instant. Jack Daniels, no substitute. And lots of sugar for extra buzz value. Mix to taste. And if it don't taste good, have a beer.?) to pick yourself up in the morning I?m sure any uni students or people with full time jobs can appreciate this song. The staccato chant of ?ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-caffeine bomb? in the chorus is so much fun. A short song as well, but you don?t really tend to notice that 4/5

6) Loveshit:
This track probably comes in as my second favourite on the album. Being about the pressure and stupidity of, almost madly, seeking love this track has a refreshing out look. It starts with an upbeat riff before heading out into classic Rock ?n Roll territory mixing in elements of 12 bar. The thing I love most about this track is the party atmosphere it generates coming complete with female backing singers, bluesy piano and upbeat sing-along lyrics. Another classic. 4.5/5 Recommended

7) The Miles Away Girl:
This track is pretty laid back. Well, at least pretty laid back to compared to the majority of other tracks. The lyrics are about The Girl you can never have and feature many little gems. It?s nothing overly special, just generally an enjoyable track to listen to. 4/5

8) My Baby Is A Headfuck:
Despite what I said about Loveshit this may possibly be my second favourite track on the album, it?s hard to decide. Another classic Rock ?n Roll track featuring wonderful solos and a brilliant chorus. The most notable assets of this track are the rather excellent solo done by Mick Ronson (Of David Bowie?s Ziggy Stardust fame) and the fact that he also produced this track. A song similar in vein to Loveshit due to the big R?nR feel to it as well as the piano featuring towards the end. 4.5/5 Recommended

9) Suckerpunch:
This song carries straight on from the outro of My baby? and builds up with a fast, pounding drum intro. This song is also rather fast and features lyrics about your ego taking lumps from a girl?awwwww. The middle section is one of my favourite part of a Wildhearts song dues to the rather natty use of harmonics and the beautiful halftime bridge. The song then returns to the uppity pace it possessed at the beginning before calling it a day. 4/5

10) News of the World:
Another of the slower tracks on the album, this time about the state of world and things that perhaps be done about it. Despite being slow this song doesn?t plod and features some of Ginger?s best vocal work, in my opinion. A real pretty track with touching lyrics. It has a pretty dark middle section with some spectacular riffs included. 4/5 Recommended

11) Drinking About Life:
A song about being in control of your lifestyle choices (be it drinking, drugs, or whatever) because it?s your body - which is another theme that I?m sure at least a few of you can relate to.
A pretty little intro with pretty little harmonies starts us off before launching into the heavy riffage which is the main body of the song. A pretty short song as well. 3.5/5

12) Love U Till I Don?t:
Starts off with another epic intro riff before progressing into the harder main riff. This song has an adorable chorus which can so easily get stuck in your head. The ending is great with the repeated chant of ?now honey please? seeing us out into another extended outro as only The Wildhearts can provide. A really great note on which to finish the album. 4/5

So there we go; a Modern Rock Masterpiece. I honestly feel that this is one of the best albums to have ever been created and the fact that it barely receives any recognition upsets me. Hence me typing this bloody thing out. If anyone thinks they?d be interested in listening to this stuff just lemme know and I will quite happily put together a sampler for you.

Reasons to listen: Brilliant song writing combing heavy riffs with wonderfully catchy poppy choruses, a band with a great sense of humour, you?re missing out on one of the best Modern Rock albums ever, The Wildhearts deserve so much credit than they?ve ever received.

For Fans of: The Backyard Babies, The Hellacoptors, Turbo Negro, Therapy?, Honeycrack, The Yo-Yos

If you actively enjoy this album then try: Anything else by The Wildhearts, SilverGinger 5, Super $hit 666, The Backyard Babies, Honeycrack

If you managed to read this entire thing then thanks and sorry if I bored you :-/ I?d also like to apologise for the amount of typos in here. At the time of writing I was slightly drunk on a train.
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I'd like to thank you all for reading this, my first AOTW for the modern rock forum I hope you enjoy.

AOTW : Radiohead - Kid A

Released : October 2nd, 2000

Radiohead are :

Thom Yorke : Vocals, Laptop.
Johnny Greenwood : Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Ondes Martenot.
Ed O'Brien : Supllemental Guitar, Backing Vocals, Auxiliary Percussion.
Colin Greenwood : Bass Guitar, Sampler.
Phil Selway : Drums, Percussion.

Record Label :
Parlophone / Capitol

Radiohead - Some background info leading to Kid A:

Radiohead was born in the early 90's - previously all band members had played in a band called On A Friday - , in the grunge oriented early 90's scene a the young Radiohead flourished, they were booked for gigs frequently with various record labels showing intrest, the group finally signed a 6 album record deal with EMI.

The band spent a long time trying to break into the mainstream, finally doing so with there well know single "Creep" , the band subsequently released there first album Pablo Honey and over the following six years they released The Bends and OK Computer, both of which are critically acclaimed and have appeared on countless "Greatest Albums of All Time" lists.

The next few years were difficult ones for Radiohead - perhaps explaining some of Kid A's bleak feel - with the band near breaking point, they struggled on and this is the end result.

Kid A - Radiohead Redefined

Kid A was released on October 2nd, 2000 and debuted at number 1 on the US Billboard 200, in spite of the bands continued refusal to release any singles for the album, indeed the album had little to no marketing scheme at all, instead it gained its success through constant file sharing on p2p network systems - encouraged by the band - and word-of-mouth the album continued to sell. It can also be a fair suggestion that the albums widespread acclaim garnered it a fair few sales as well.

The album itself is a strange breed, it is indeed Radiohead Redefined, gone is guitar work you would find on there first three albums - even Yorke's voice is placed lower than usual in the mix -, in it's place is a melange of modern and experimental music.

Kid A is said to be an account of the first child born after the apocolypse, in this sense it is a concept album, it tells the tail of the first child rediscovering music, and re-inventing it to suit his own needs. This is supported by : the lyric "Kid A" spoken in the song "Everything in Its Right Place";the music box motif and infantile squeal of the song "Kid A"; and the lyric "The first of the children" spoken in the song "Idioteque";the song "Motion Picture Soundtrack" and the ensuing hidden track are often believed to represent Kid A's funeral and its entering into the afterlife.

In conclusion, Kid A is not only a wonderfull rehash of what mainstream music is, it's also a top notch album in it's own right. Many people will not like this album, but those who do "get it" will be left with one of the most musically challenging albums in this new millenium.

Anyone wishing to experience clips from this album can add me on msn at

EDIT : Seeing as this is a tab website, there is an excellent full album tab here">Kid A

No 2.
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Ok, so I checked the archives and couldn't see this album anywhere, which is good for me because it's a great album in my opinion and there best up till now.

AOTW : Muse - Origin Of Symmetry

Released : 17th July, 2001.

Muse are :

Matt Bellamy - Guitar Vocals
Dominic Howard - drums
Chris Wolstenholme - bass guitar

Background :

Muse formed in 1994, consisting of three members ; Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard they have released three albums up till now but there second - Origin Of Symmetry - is the crux of this article.

They attracted the attention of music journalist Steve Lamacq and therefore NME with there second E.P Muscle Museum, this led to Dennis Smith co-founding Taste Media especcially for them this gave them the ability to preserve there artistic integrity and the individuality of there sound in the early days.

Before OoS, Muse had released one other full length album, Showbiz, which itself had garnered great reviews for a debut album and had succesfully sown the seeds for OoS, the album was released in 1999 and led to Muse being given supporting slots with the Foo Fighters , and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, something which they later said helped them craft there recognisable onstage persona.

Origin Of Symmetry :

Origin Of Symmetry was released on July 17, 2001 for UK audiences, unfortunately there American label felt that Matt Bellamy's voice was not radio friendly and asked them to re-record the album, insulted the band left the label and only recently has the album been revealed to American audiences.

The album quickly found Muse there own cult following, it also served to quash many critics, saying they were a pale imitation of Radiohead. It saw a more experienced Muse exploring there style and innovating, resulting in a darker and more bombastic sound than was previously possible. There was a depth rarely seen in sophomore albums, it took its inspiration from pianists from the romantic movement such as Sergei Rachmaninov, and also from guitarists such as Tom Morrello also the high pitched fallsetto vocals of Matt where back in force, songs such as "Citizen Erased" and "Space Dementia" providing a perfect spring board for Bellamy's voice.

All in all the album strikes as a "hyper rock" masterpiece, it flows perfectly from the opening synth in New Born, to Plug In Baby's infectious guitar riff, and finally there excellent cover of Feeling Good and the surrealism of Micro Cuts.

For anyone intrested in this album I suggest the following tracks for a taster :

Citizen Erased
New Born
Plug In Baby
Feeling Good

Anyone wishing to experience clips from this album can add me on msn at

FUN FACT: Space Dementia is partly based on Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No.2(Matt has added a lot) and at the end of SD, you can hear Matt's fly

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And now for something completely different. I didn't even bother checking the archives for this one because I knew it wouldn't have been done. Anyway ... Read On.

AOTW : The Shizit - Soundtrack For The Revolution.

Released : 17th, Oct 2001.

Label : E115 Records.

The Shizit are :

J.P. Anderson - Vocals.
Brian Shrader - Guitar / Everything else.

Background :

The Shizit formed in 1999, and lasted untill 2002, during there career they released three cd's, the third "Soundtrack For The Revolution " is what this article will be focusing on .

The Shizit where an industrial hardcore band hailing from Seattle, there music focused mainly on political themes, namely, revolution.
Although they were offered recording contracts from large publishers such as Sony Music and Warner (which would have undoubtedly have brung them fame and money), they refused as the large multinational corparations did not fit with there morals.

Although information on the band is skant - as they were mainly an underground band and never achieved mainstream success -, it is said that they had an electrifying live act, bristling with angst and energy that is prevelant throughout there releases.

Today The Shizit are no more, and unfortunately this album as well as there two other releases - Skript Kiddie and Evil Inside - are rare and hard to find. The Shizits former member J.P Anderson is now working with a new band Rabbit Junk, and little information is known about Brian Shrader.

Soundtrack For The Revolution (SoFTeR) :

The Shizit's only full length album SoFTer, is an industrial masterpiece - think Nine Inch Nails only heavier -, it is also the first Shizit album to be carried by major stores such as HMV.

The album consists of almost entirely new material from the brooding digital grooves of Pain Compliance and Firewall through the industrial madness that is Spit AK and Econobeing to the demanding and stand out track Dear Goverment even the two re-recorded tracks - Point Click Kill, Herdcore - are sound new, reworked with new guitars and a new mastering.

Overall the album is a great find, and one that will be remembered in underground circles for years to come. If you can get your hands on it snap it up quickly as its fast becoming a collecters item .

"We're not about flags - We're not about parties - We're not about left and right - We're not even about leaders - We were born in a country founded on a dream - that dream has yet to be achieved - that dream is to truly self govern - to determin our own destiny - to break the cycle of oppression - freedom and equality are not mutually exclusive - individuals havea greater destiny - than to rule or be ruled - it is time to decide what that destiny will be."

Track Listing :

1. Pain Compliance
2. Audio Jihad 2
3. Cold Naked Protest
4. Spit AK
5. Soundtrack For The Revolution.
6. AntiCulture
7. Econobeing
8. I Walk Thru Walls
9. Herdcore
10. Dear Goverment
11. Point Click Kill
12. Firewall

Anyone wanting tracks from this album can add me at

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Ok, so a lot of you will think this needs to go in the Pop punk and emo forum, and if I were doing the bands first release, I would be inclined to agree. But I'm not ... or am I?

Now that you're intrigued, read on .

AOTW : Brand New - Deja Entendu.

Released : June 17, 2003

Band :
Jesse Lacey ? vocals, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Vinnie Accardi ? lead guitar
Garrett Tierney ? bass
Brian Lane ? drums, percussion

Label : Triple Crown Records

Background :

Brand New hail from Merrick, New York, they formed in 2001, and quickly became known in Long Islands rock scene. There first album was called "Your Favourite Weapon" it was pretty standard fare for a pop punk band, although it did have some favourable reviews and is still thought to be one of the better examples of pop punk. The success of this album gave Brand New a leg to stand on, they siezed it fully and whilst touring they improved both there skills as musicians, and as intertainers .

Deja Entendu "We've heard it all before " :

On June 17th, 2003 Brand New released there new album, Deja Entendu, it was a big risk for the band then known for being an atypical pop punk outfit, the album showcases Brand New's newfound skills as proffessional musicians, it connotes a band battle weary from constant touring, but all better and confident because of it.

The album is different in almost every way from "Your Favourite Weapon ", it succesfully takes the energy from there previous release and reinvigorates it, relying much more on Jesse Lacey's distinctive voice and deals with subjects other than the usual " My girlfriend dumped me so im gonna get ****ed up and die" fare that Brand New had become known for in there first album, the album deals with feelings such as paranoia, loneliness and loss of control .

The albums high points are "Sic Transit Gloria ... Glory Fades" , a song about near non-consensual sex, and the reversal of archetypal roles in modern day relationships, "Okay I believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't ", a song that can be viewed from two points of view, a self indulgent song about the band, or a satire on most ten a penny emo bands ( the latter of which being most likely considering the albums name means "Heard Before " when translated) and "Play Crack The Sky", the albums mandatory acoustic song.

The albums only stand out low point is in my humble onion, "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows", this song doesn't really flow with the rest of the album and at times feels like a pinned on radio/mtv friendly track .

Overall, the album is a marked improvement over there already decent debut, it brings Brand New to a fork in there musical career, whether they go countinue through the easier, less challenging pop punk sound of "Your Favourite Weapon", or continue with developing there own individual sound ala "Deja Entendu" .

Track Listing:

1. "Tautou"
2. "Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades"*
3. "I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light"
4. "Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't"*
5. "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows"
6. "The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot"*
7. "Jaws Theme Swimming"
8. "Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis"*
9. "Guernica"
10. "Good To Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have To Do Is Die"*
11. "Play Crack The Sky"*

Usual Gumf :

Anyone wanting tracks from this album can add me at

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Songs with * next to it have been given the Busby award and are recomended listening.
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Hey, thanks again for reading this, even if you people don't like to post in my AOTW's

So, I chose this album because I think it represents a more mellow side to modern rock, and also because I grew up with this album being played in the background and just rediscovered it a week or two ago .

EDIT : PM me with suggestions for the next AOTW.

AOTW : The Verve - Urban Hymns.

Released : September 29th, 1997

Background :

The Verve where a British rock band formed 1989 in Wigan England. Success eluded them for most of there carreer and they only fully broke the mainstream with this, there third and final full length release, the album was a breath of fresh air back in the late nineties, it was different from the staple Britpop bands such as Oasis and Blur, it boasted deeper, more emotional songs and complex, immersive sonic textures thanks to the partnersip of front man Ashcroft and Guitarist Mcabe.

Urban Hymns :

The Verve's career was a troubled one, they had split up once already thanks to growing tensions between Ashcroft and Mcabe, and where still struggling to break the mainstream although they had gained a strong cult following thanks to there previous two records. The band released Urban Hymns in 1997 and suddenly found themselves breaking the mainstream in not only Britain but going someway to breaking America as well, thanks in part to the controversial song "Bitter Sweet Symphony "

The album itself, is the album that The Verve were always striving to make during there carreer, its an evolution from there previous two release's, and switches between the anthemic nature of songs like "Bitter Sweet Symphony" and "The Rolling People" whilst keeping a slower, more sentimental theme prevelant in songs such as "The Drugs Don't Work", "Sonnet" and "Lucky Man" add to this some of the psychadelic imagery in "Catching The Butterfly" a song that harkens back to days of Pink Floyd's " Dark Side Of The Moon" . The LP succeeds in doing this without seeming at all overindulgent, arrogant or self centered. ( Read : Nothing like "Be Here Now")

Overall, the album speaks for itself, it's one that will be remembered and put with the likes of Bowie's "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" and Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side Of The Moon" in years to come. One for any self proffessed Modern Rock fan.

Track Listing :

1. "Bitter Sweet Symphony"
2. "Sonnet"
3. "The Rolling People"
4. "The Drugs Don't Work"
5. "Catching the Butterfly"
6. "Neon Wilderness"
7. "Space and Time"
8. "Weeping Willow"
9. "Lucky Man"
10. "One Day"
11. "This Time"
12. "Velvet Morning"
13. "Come On"

Tabs : Urban Hymns Tab

Where to Buy / Hear Sample's : Amazon Linkage, Phwoar.

Anyone wanting to chat about the album / hear tracks can add me at

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EDIT : I'v resorted to an attention grabbing sensationalist headline to get the punters in ... Le sigh.
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