ok, just a quick question. Will just learning songs I enjoy listening to and playing them help me get better at playing guitar through just practicing? As in technique wise, or is it necessary to get a tutor and learn 'the proper way' IE: music theory, scales and chords and stuff? because I don't plan on taking any exams or getting like 'grade 6 guitar.' I just want to play for a hobby. Is just playing songs, and maybe looking at online lessons on new techniques I'm struggling with. I will admit I'm a total beginner, and at the moment I really, REALLY suck...
hey man...how long have ya been practicing?

to answer ur question...yeah, its definietly gonna help...i mean its gotta be something u enjoy doing at the same time...and u learn all this stuff in the end to play a song right? lol....the way i began was learning chords, techniques and stuff for the first half and when i'm thru with that i'll try to practice playing little snippets of songs i can already play....

its just a good way to build up ur skills and confidence...n then start learning another part of the song...and u could progress that way....

i started off learning country songs which had plenty of strumming and enough shifts for moving your fingers around the neck. I then went on to heavy metal and started learning various riffs n started working on my picking technique, timing and speed.

so keep working at it...right now pretty much the only way i learn now is by learning new songs haha

P.S: I've never gone to a guitar teacher or anything like that...purely self-taught
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the way i learnt how to play was just picking out my favorite riffs and learning them. then eventually learning whole songs. then playing harder songs as i go a long. i looked up the occasional scale or two but nothing crazy.

theory does help with creating music though, helps a lot in my opinion. just knowing the notes your playing and knowing what will sound good without even playing helps A LOT. i mean it is certainly possible to create songs without theory, but it just helps.
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wow, thanks. and to answer your question - i've been playing for a few months, although not seriously. (I learnt like one song properly... although admittedly one with lots of alternate picking, so i'm fairly ok at that XD) I will start to this summer though, as I have all the time I want to just sit down and play I got guitar pro 6, and i'm currently learning Old Man by Ensiferum. The amount I play per day varies... I mean.. today, I've played about 2 or so hours, but some days it may only be half an hour. I'm more worried about slipping into bad habits that will permenantly cripple my playing!

and as for knowing what sounds good when creating, that's what improv is for
i started just playing songs i liked and by the time i decided i wanted to start learnign theory and such i had a good technique which is good casue by then i could focus on understanding the music instead of struggling with the intrument

now id like to say im fairly profient at the thing