Heya! A few days ago i created my profile for the sole purpose to submit a few tabs i got that i've spend an eternity making. It's of the kind that shows every single bar of the whole song, making it extremely easy to read, understand and play the songs even tho they are advanced.
The tabs could've looked like this
25| Ebm / | Ebm / |Db / |Ab/C Ab |1st Chorus
29| Ebm/Bb / | Ebm/Bb / |Gb / |Ab / |

in that way, i mapped the whole song (actually two songs), tested them, corrected the wrongs, etc, spent LOTS of hours doing that.
Now why does my humble donation to the world of music get denied? At least their status was marked with a big gray D... guess that's not good news :s
That is actually extremely hard to read. Maybe think of changing the layout; go look at how other people have done it and do it in a similar style? I don't know. That's the only thing I can think of, but I'm not a mod or anything
hmm yeah the lines got ****ed up, looked better in word perhaps... but it really isn't hard. You just count, and don't have to worry about figuring out when each change is. At least everyone i played with agreed that this was a perfect way of tabbing... only problem was it took forever to make it :P
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Did you check to see if there is already a version or versions of the song on the site? Sometimes they'll reject a song because there are already enough copies of it, or because one of the existing copies is better than the one they're reviewing.
One of them was the very first thing on the internet (except the lyrics) - badly needed by those interested. Spent about 10 hours chording/tabbing that song.
The other song had lots of mistakes and didn't show more than about half of it. I chorded the really advanced parts (with the help of a professor in music, actually) - if that's not an improvement then nothing is :P
My contributions are of the kind that would've made me jump of joy if i saw them before i started working on the songs