Up for sale I've got a Carvin V3 4x12 300 watt Speaker Cabinet, in new condition. Its a closed back cab, mono 16 ohms, stereo 8 ohms left and right, and is loaded with Celestion G12 T75 speakers. I got the cabinet new from the factory, I've had it for about a year, and it has been used sparingly only at home. It comes with the upgrade casters/wheels, as well as the upgrade cover, which keeps the dust out, and a free gold plated Monster speaker cable. My price is $250 firm, you won't find a better deal.


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more pics upon request
I'm getting about $127 shipping to Springfield with UPS... It would probably cost a little less, you could calculate shipping if you wanted. Zipcode 92708 dimensions 35 height x 30 length x 16 width, a little over 100 lbs.
If only shipping shipping to australia was cheap... i'd be all over this. Free bump
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